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Glimpses Into What 2018 Has In Store for the Signs

Aries: The scent of pine trees, mist-shrouded mountains, a night kiss under a street lamp, ducking into a bookshop to get out of the rain, crying in the bathtub, butterscotch lattes.

Tauros: Wild honeysuckle, a love letter delivered too late, lavender tea, lilac candles, meeting your Rosaline, a white cat brings you luck, a canopied bed.

Gemini: Jazz music floating through the evening air, crashing waves, rooftop bars, city skylines, a ripe plum, forgetting a day you swore you’d never forget.

Cancer: Sunday brunch, oversized sun hats, a garden party, white dresses, watching the sunrise, raspberry lemonade, catching yourself smiling when you think of him.

Leo: A road trip, blueberry pies at a diner, a desert, a storm, a family mystery you must solve, a German shepherd, insomnia, sunflowers.

Virgo: Airports, an old friend, a secret sorrow, rosemary bread, eucalyptus trees, swearing off men, a drive-in movie theater, planting a garden.

Libra: An unmade bed, a silent museum, champagne popped, heartfelt apologies, umbrellas, a car full of friends, fire escapes, chocolate milkshakes, a new nickname, a piano, a cousin, the elephant in the room.

Scorpio: A hurricane-style romance, a kite, a baby’s cry, silver sandals, speakeasies, the song that used to mean everything, red roses, a meteor shower.

Sagittarius: Chinese takeout, a 3am phone call, hushed voices, that hallway, a swan, a joke told at the right time, crushed violets, meeting Othello, sitting on the doorstep, an unanswered text.

Capricorn: A war brewing, a crisp September apple, someone returning, someone leaving, a red scarf, muffled laughter, a dare, a wound, watch out for foxes.

Aquarius: Snow covered overcoats, a Valentine, a hero met, a villain vanquished, dancing until the sun comes up, a hot air ballon, a child’s smile, a job offer, a full moon rising.

Pisces: A lakeside cabin, a dog lost, a fish caught, mango sorbet, that loveliest of voices, a hidden cove, sailing away, eyes meeting from across a room, a getaway town, a mourning dove.

Being two weeks into the new year I just want to say, if you made a resolution to do x everyday or stop doing y and already broke it, don’t stop! There’s still 50 weeks, what do the other 2 matter? It’s super easy to get into that “I already messed up so I’m gonna give up” mentality but it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress. Keep going!

Pretty girlfriends for @lesbowatch 💙💛 She was the winner of my St Valentine’s day giveaway and this is her price!
It took me too much time to finish it, thank you for your patience, you are the kindest! 😘.

For all my followers: Sorry for not posting art lately, I’m not at my best, the art block is killing me and I am a bit depressed about it but I’m trying my best to get over it.

As of October 9

ALERT IT IS October 🕸🦇

22 days until Halloween 🎃👻

23 days until November 🥀

44 days until Thanksgiving 🦃🍗

45 days until Black Friday 🛒

53 days until December ❄️⛄️

77 days until Christmas Eve 🎅🍪

78 days until Christmas 🎄🎁🤶 ——————-Less than 80 days!!!!!

84 days until 2019 🎉🎊