new otp

Just thinking about how Andrew and Neil would go to a shelter to adopt cats: They get two because although Andrew isn’t keen on the idea; he pauses when they pass a kennel in the back where a cat is huddle and looking away. As if it realized there’s no point in looking outside its cage anymore. The paperwork  states it’s fearful and distrustful and suddenly he is memorizing it’s cage number before turning away to locate Neil.

Neil honestly just picked the one that catches his eye first. It’s black and orange swirled around in random patterns that are occasionally broken up with snippets of white. As he stares at it, its wide green eyes stare back. Almost in defiance.

When Andrew catches up Neil points out the one he wants. When they flag down a employee Andrew waits until Neil is done telling her which cat he picks before calmly adding the other cats number.

It took months for Andrew’s pick to warm up to them but once it does it is almost aggressively cuddly. If one of them sits on the couch or chair, it will demand a lap. Neil’s pick is younger and a sassy little devious shit. It was a new slant of patience they had to learn when it knocked full (or empty) cups over, steal bread from the counters, and generally harassing them all before passing out in a cuddly purr ball.


whats this! Flaming Gays on video! I LOVE GHOST RIDER!

Comic by @le-poofe (who was also awesome enough to draw my adlibs)

I find my self enjoying this ship more. its cute.