Rep Tour New Orleans!!

Hi, here’s my attempt at a tour post! My name’s Josie, and my best friend and I are going to the show in New Orleans on September 22. This is gonna be my fourth Taylor show, which is crazy to even think about! Taylor and her music has been with me for my whole life growing up. I can still remember the first time I ever heard a taylor swift song. I was listening to music on my mom’s old ipod in third grade, and back to december started to play. Immediately I was hooked, and from then on, I started listening to all of her songs on repeat! Now, I’m going into high school, and I still love her and all of her music with my whole heart.

if i’m being honest, i don’t think i would be able to imagine my life without taylor. she’s just such a postitive role model in my life, and her lyrics and poetry has helped me through so much. her poem, “Why She Dissapeared” speaks to me the most. it helped me see that your past doesn’t define you, and without going through what you’ve been through, you would have never ended up where you are now. when i was younger, my insomnia and anxiety was so bad. when i say it was bad, i mean i would stay up until 3am as a 10 year old because my brain wouldn’t let me rest. in the past years, i’ve gotten a lot better at learning how to control my problems surrounding sleep and anxiety, but it still does play a huge role in my life. when taylor came out with “why she dissapeared”, I was able to relate and felt better about my situation overall. it made me realize that every single person has their own battles, and that fighting your way through them makes you stronger.

i also want to thank taylor for writing long live and clean! i think that it’s so amazing how much love she has for us, and long live honestly makes me cry every single time. clean is important to me, because it showed me that even when you fall, you’ll be able to get back up again. it reminded me that i am strong, and i’m forever greatful for that.

i also have a request for the surprise song that night ;) i loveee the song innocent, i think it really reminds people that your mistakes don’t define you, and that was such an important lesson that i had to learn.

It’s still so hard to believe that soon i’ll be seeing her in person again!! I‘ll be sitting in section N, row 20, dancing and singing along to every word. I can’t wait, and I’m so excited to see the person I’ve been looking up to for years in concert again💓💓

here’s a wonderful picture of my best friend and i freaking out at gillette night 2, which was incredible btw

and here’s a picture from our outfits at the 1989 tour!! (we look so little omg)

we’re so unbelievably excited to see you again!!!

@taylorswift @taylornation 💓💓💓