Real recognize real. 

idk why but I really want to see some nhl teams go into a haunted house. can you imagine how funny that would be. nhl make it happen.

EXCLUSIVE Behind the scenes look at what goes into deciding goalie interference calls!!!!!

The best parts of Ovi being mic’d for the All Star Skills:

  • Brian Boyle clearly trying to diplomatically figure out if Ovi’s had a kid when Ovi brought out Jonas.
  • Ovi telling Jonas to “pass it to Sid!” and Crosby bemusedly passing it back.
  • Ovi giggling and telling Hank and Greenie that he’s nervous, and comparing it to a playoffs game.
  • PK telling Ovi everyone broke 100mph at the Nashville competition because they let them skate in on the red line, then asking if Trotz was a good coach, Ovi saying yes, then general mutual encouragement of each other.
  • Ovi reacting to his first shot, saying “Holts, I’m shaking!” and Holtby being utterly unimpressed.
  • PK giving Ovi the mock “what for?” gesture after he won.
  • Ovi responding to Tarik El-Bashir asking if he took his second shot to see if he could break 100: “Yeah, why not? And I did.”



A true fan isn’t determined by how long you’ve been following the team. It’s determined by if you’re still watching and supporting when they’re losing.