The Daily Mail: A Podcast About Radiohead. Episode 51: Letters to the Editors.

We’re doing some housekeeping this week after a few months away, reconnecting to discuss the end of Radiohead’s latest tour, Thom’s newly announced North American dates (yes, your hosts will be in attendance), and the impending release of the Suspiria soundtrack, and to catch up on listener emails. Also, Thom wore a dope suit on the red carpet and we talk about that a little bit too.

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Marinette and Adrien are meant to be

Ok can we talk about the fact that Adrien is just as gooey romantic as Marinette and that he gets lost in his fantasies until someone calls his name just like Marinette does in this episode and stormy weather, and how they both looked shocked when coming back to reality










Bonus: they both love hamsters

SPOILERS: Scrooge FINALLY tells Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby about what happened to their mother, Della Duck.

This is what the DuckTales fandom have been waiting for…

From the episode, “The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!” (2018)

Can we all just appreciate Amethyst for being the real OG gem to say that she wasn’t gonna drop a thousand year old bomb shell onto Steven. Saying she knows he’s under a lot of pressure and putting aside her own feels to focus on him. REALIZING THAT HE’S A FRICKING KID AND NEEDS THE LOVE HE HAS SO BEEN DEPRIVED OF THAT THE FANDOM HAS BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO GIVE TO HIM SINCE DAY ONE

Steven was right, she really is the most mature gem now. 


you know your boi had to draw these

This episode was amazing ! i really loved it, and can’t wait for more.