new zealand tui


So just recently I went on a cruise to New Zealand with family. I really love visiting new countries and New Zealand was no exception. What really stood out to me was the natural environment, vegetation and wildlife, mainly birds. I love the New Zealand birds! Such unique and beautiful species. I decided to draw some of my favourite species. The ones I saw live were the Takahe, Kaka and Tui. (Although the Tui was only a glimpse.) Unfortunately because we were on a cruise we could only stop at each destination for only a day so no chance to see live Kiwis and Kakapos. The closest was the taxidermy of them in Dunedin museum, I loved the Moa skeletons there too. Such impressive and majestic birds. Man, there’s just so much to see in New Zealand, I could definitely go there again.

I thought of including a Kea since I love those parrots too despite how naughty they are XD but I thought they are similar to the Kaka. When I looked at pics of both of them I realised they are actually pretty different. I might draw one on its own in that case. That said, my favourite NZ bird has gotta be the Kakapo, their face is so budgie-like! So adorable. XD

The cruise was nice too, though generally geared to the older generation, haha. I must say I do miss the food, especially desserts. XD


Embroidery Artist:

Amy Jones

“New Zealand Tui Bird Mask Embroidery”

inch Hoop Art by Cheese Before Bedtime

“I have a thing for birds. Especially these shimmering beauties, the New Zealand native ‘Tui’. Its call is sweet and they are known for their fluffy tuft of feathers on their neck.

This is an original Cheese Before Bedtime piece. The mask only is hand stitched with attention to realistic details.

- 4 inch size hoop
- Outlines printed onto fabric in Charcoal
- Natural Seeded background fabric in Cream
- Mask hand stitched in Greens, Black, Brown and Cream
- Signed on back
- Lightweight
- Ready to hang from thread and wooden bead
- Great gift for New Zealand fans or bird lovers.”