new zealand photoshoot

Amazing Photography taken below Larnachs Castle in Dunedin, New Zealand.                   Disused farm buildings and hints of a volcanic past.                                                              shot by  David Steer

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“You really expect me to spend my summer doing farm work?”

“Oh come on Kibum, it’ll be fun. Minho is coming with me and you can bring Jonghyun. My brother Jinki already said it was okay!”

Kibum frowned. “I hardly wanna spend a summer near your boyfriend let alone find out what happens to mine when he’s subject to doing anything with his hands other than strumming his guitar.”

“B-but, hyung, please. My mum won’t let Minho go with me unless someone else is there. Who better than you and Jonghyun? She trusts you to keep my ‘handsy’ boyfriend off me for two months.” Taemin complained with a roll of his eyes.

“Minho is handsy…”

“Shut up.” Taemin pouted. “But there will be horse riding and there’s a small town nearby with a movie theatre. Please, hyung. Please.”

Kibum sighed, rubbing a thumb and finger against his temples. “Alright, fine.” He chocked suddenly as the younger gripped arms around his waist, forcing air out of his lungs. “But you owe me, got it?”

Joyous laughter was his only response.

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Conto de Fadas

Essa é a Mell, uma fotógrafa incrível que conheci em Wellington, que além de talentosa, é linda. Ela é uma pessoa muito ligada à natureza, ama o folk e de ser chamada de elfie. Resolvi a convidar para um ensaio e o local escolhido foi Kaitoke Regional Park, reserva na qual foi filmado Rivendell (Valfenda em português), cidade dos elfos em O Senhor dos Aneis. Um lugar maravilhoso e místico, cheio de rios, árvores e uma iluminação mágica. 




This is Mell, an incredible photographer I’d met in Wellington who is both talented and gorgeous. She is very conected to nature, love being folk and called ‘elfie’. I invited her to do a photoshoot and the chosen place was Kaitoke Regional Park, where gave life to Rivendell, elven city of The Lord of the Rings. An amazing and mistic place, full of rivers, trees and a magic lighting.