new zealand horses

Lest we forget… Today is ANZAC day where we acknowledge and remember the servicemen and women who fought for Australia and New Zealand.
Many Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori men and women served in combat yet were not recognised for their contributions due to the colour of their skin.
I’ve never really understood or been involved in Anzac Day activities. I’ve never been to a dawn service or even a march, but today I want to recognise the Indigenous men and women who fought along side their non Indigenous servicemen and women for this nation. Today I salute you. Lest we forget! To the Indigenous ANZAC you are not forgotten. We will remember you!

You probably can’t tell because the human’s camera is still broken, but today is my first day with the ‘mouthing bit’ on.
Apparently it’s to get me used to 'the bit’ and it has dangling keys on it to encourage me to play with it.
So I’ve spent the last 20 minutes gobbing on this piece of metal, waiting for the stupid human to take it off me.
She really is stupid. I have my work cut out breaking her out of her silly human ways.

(Sol did really well. Was easy to bridle and adjust the bit and worked up a good lather by playing with it. No pressure applied at this time. Just getting her used to the feel.
She’ll be two 1st August, when all New Zealand horses have their birthday 😊.)