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Ok guys here’s the deal, the New Zealand Government is trying to pass this  disgusting new law where any puppy/dog that LOOKS like a Pitbull isn't allowed to be re homed by the SPCA and instead has to be put down. Please Sign this to save them. And share!!

The Cambridges Most Iconic Moments 10/15: Tour of Australia and New Zealand (2014)

In April 2014, The Cambridges undertook their first tour of Australia and New Zealand as a married couple and a family of three. It was also George’s first royal tour. The little prince accompanied his parents on two outings during the tour, one of which was a play date with other children at New Zealand’s Government House. Simon Woolf, the official NZ photographer, was lucky enough to capture a sweet moment between Kate and George, where he can be seen resting his head on his mother’s shoulder. It is said that George had just woken up from a nap before the picture was taken. Kate reportedly said ‘it was her favourite picture of the the tour,’ and Woolf gave her a black and white version of the shot when the family left New Zealand.  

 "He just raised his head, smiled and dropped his head back on Princess Catherine’s shoulder. And I just got that shot. It was only one shot. That photo represented the lovely closeness of the family. I was so totally reassured that it is a great relationship.“ - Simon Woolf

Matamata - New Zealand

Matamata is a rural town on New Zealands North Island, Famous for being the location of Hobbiton in the Lord of the Rings franchise. After filming at the location ended, the New Zealand government decided they would keep the fictional Hobbit village in tact, as a tourist attraction. This was partly owed to the way the Hobbit homes blended seamlessly into the natural environment. 

Via the Guardian:

Several female MPs were ordered to leave the New Zealand parliament on Wednesday after their declarations that they had been victims of sexual assault were ruled out of order by the Speaker.

The women’s intervention came after prime minister John Key on Tuesday accused opposition Labour and Green MPs of “backing the rapists” in a row over the detention of New Zealanders by the Australian government.

Opposition politicians had raised concerns in parliament over the detention of New Zealand citizens awaiting deportation after the Canberra government cancelled visas for those convicted of certain crimes.

Key went on a tirade after being questioned by Labour leader Andrew Little, telling Little “you back the rapists”, before being cut off by the Speaker, David Carter.

On Wednesday, Green party co-leader Metiria Turei told the Speaker that as a survivor of sexual violence she was deeply offended by Key’s remarks: “As the victim of a sexual assault, I take personal offence at the prime minister’s comments, and ask that you require him to withdraw and apologise.”

are you fucking kidding me

So: CYF (the state foster system) has just had a huge report come out showing that the system is fundamentally letting these kids down, that 90% of them move to a benefit, that 80% of them don’t graduate Level 2 NCEA, that six out of ten children in care are Maori. It’s horrific. It’s an indictment on how our government treats the most vulnerable.

Instead of more funding, the response so far has been: 1) let our privatised prison contractor start sniffing around despite the fact that this contractor has had a prison put back under state control thanks to prisoners dying in custody, 2) start talking about NGO charity organisations and public-private partnerships, 3) eugenics. 

Tolley acknowledged it would be a “huge step” for the state to start telling people that they could not have another child, but said it was “a conversation that New Zealanders, perhaps, need to have”. Tolley did not rule out limiting or preventing some families from having another child, but said she would wait to see what the panel recommended in December. 

This is just… it’s heartbreaking. It’s an absolute failure of my government to help these children. It’s racist as shit. The children are kicked out of the foster system when they turn 17 and can’t access benefits or other social assistance until they hit 18. And everyone can see the writing on the wall, and yet this feels inevitable. This Minister’s going to privatise foster care and institute horrific eugenics policies in the name of “helping children", and I just, I cannot.

the new zealand government says that for $4 million we could feed the children in poverty for a year, and then spent $26 million on a new flag refferendum. if that doesnt define politics accurately then i dont know what does

This is to give a voice to the otherwise silent New Zealand Government and subsequent Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse. They have been stubbornly quiet about the terrible conditions in Australia’s offshore detention centres, which is home to thousands of refugees. This month, a UN report cited conditions on Nauru and Manus Island as contravening the Conventions on Torture. No-one deserves to be subjected to these conditions, especially after they’ve been forced to flee their homes. #WeAreBetterThanThat #WagePeaceNZ