New Zealand, 2015 proposal

Sorry but I just cannot resist going back to the New Zealand flag contest. This one caught my eye, even though I don’t think it’s quite right for the country. You can get the symbolism right away. Blue for the ocean, black for New Zealand, and two stars for the two islands. It’s attractive and quite unlike any other national flag out there.

Heck I don’t know maybe I’m talking myself into it. New Zealand: You could do a whole lot worse than this one. 

(designer: Matthew Hanley)

  • Guy Williams:What should we change the flag to?
  • Person:Nothing. Just nothing.
  • Guy:Nothing?
  • Person:No flag. That would be our thing. At the olympics they're like 'We just won gold in rowing, time to raise the flag'
  • Person:But we don't got one. We're New Zealand. We're elusive. You can't find us. Not on the map, not in real life, we got no flag.