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yeah canon divergence, sorry for not being clear! Thanks btw!

The nonnie asked for canon first time smut stories. Took me a while, but okay, here’s what I got (and anyone please feel free to add fics here, and if you rec your own, all the better):

Another New York City Serenade (7 chapters) by @unfolded73fics (set after 4x11)

Coffee For Two by @elaine-spades

Eyes Wide Open by @the-captains-ayebrows (post-Underworld)

Leaving Neverland (6 intense chapters) by @onceuponsomechaos (set on the journey home)

Hollow Beginnings (21 chapters) by @emeraldromance (set after 3x07)

Her True Love by @emeraldromance (set after 3x20)

You Can Wrap Your Arms Around Me by @amagicalship (post-Underworld)

All Roads Lead Me Back To You (WIP) by @morelikeaghost (set in 3x22 when the return through Rumple’s portal doesn’t work)

Kill, kill by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh​ (set after 3x05)

A few gems by the one and only @startswithhope:

Come In For A While… (set after 4x13)

More Powerful Than Magic (set in Camelot)

I Told You So (set mid season 4)

In Dreams (set in Camelot)

And here are mine:

Smooth Sailing (12 chapters), set after 3x22

Black As The Devil, Hot As Hell, set after 4x10

All Of The Hell I Had To Walk Through, set after 4x11

Consider Living A Life, set between 4A and 4B

Exit Light, Enter Night, Take My Hand, very dark, set in the middle of the Dark Swan arc, before we knew that Killian was a Dark One, too

Where We Belong, set after Killian’s return from the Underworld

I've decided to rename all the CS-centric episodes with appropriate titles

The Doctor - You Bested Me
Tallahassee - I Was Hoping It’d Be You
Into the Deep - I Think He May Care For You
Queen of Hearts - When I Jab You with My Sword, You’ll Feel it
In the Name of the Brother - I’d Pick You
And Straight on Til Morning - You and I, We Understand Each Other
Heart of the Truest Believer - I Quite Fancy You, From Time to Time
Lost Girl - Perhaps I Would
Quite A Common Fairy - My Boyfriend? Hook?
Good Form - As You Wish
Ariel - Until I Met You
Dark Hollow - When I Win Your Heart
The New Neverland - The Long Haul
Going Home - Good
New York City Serenade - I Came Back to Save You
The Tower - It Means it Still Works
The Jolly Roger - I Swear on Emma Swan
Bleeding Through - Boom!
Kansas - Hook, Come Back to Me
Snow Drifts - Oh Now That’s Much Better
There’s No Place Like Home - So Are You

"It's midnight in Manhattan. This is no time to be cute"

When I was living in Boston in 1974 a friend brought home Bruce’s second album, “The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle”. He said he had heard this guy was pretty good and we should go see him ‘cause he was playing in a bar in Cambridge that week. Well, we did and I swear that night I heard rock n roll like I had never heard it before. I immediately called my promoter friend, who’s acts I photographed,  and said you got to book this guy because he is incredible and if anything else I just got to hear him again. He borrowed my album and decided he should give him a try. Well to make a long story short, he went and saw Bruce at Charlie’s Place and asked if wanted to open for Bonnie Raitt at the Harvard Square Theater. To which Bruce simply replied, “Yeah, sure.”

Jon Landau was in the audience that night covering the show for the Phoenix and following the show wrote that famous line in his review where he said, “ I have seen the future of Rock n Roll and his name is Bruce Springsteen.” And dear friends, you know the rest is history.