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i don’t usually make things about ships on this blog, despite the fact gryles is the blood in my veins, but i decided since this blog isn’t actually a daily news blog, or an update blog for nick, it’s just a blog that is only all about nick so i can post what i want. so here’s forty-two (42) gryles fics you should read.

picked undone, and again by biggerthanthesun
words: 37,389 / side: daisy/harry

“I need you to know that I… I want you all the time. Me wanting you and us doing this,” Nick says. “We’ve been weirdly steady for two people who aren’t even dating and I still want you more than ever, you know? I’m not even tired of it, I’m not even tired of you. You’re like a constant thing for me, I’m afraid I’m a bit mad about you.”

The one where they’re not boyfriends. Where Nick’s mad for Harry. And Harry was mad for Nick. Until he wasn’t anymore. (Canon-compliant).

at the gates by ymorton
words: 33,707 / side: omc/omc

“I feel I already know you,” he says, laughing.

Harry looks at him, surprised. Nick feels it too?

(gryles, reincarnated)

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Hey lovelies!! So me ( ehlipses ) and Arielle ( ophcelia ) have decided to create a favourites page. We are very excited to meet and check out all of your beautiful blogs, and we wish you the best of luck!! <3



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anonymous asked:

Looking for an opinion: I've always hc'd cheadle as a trans woman (mostly because I'm trans myself but I have some vague canon justifications) and since you're a fellow Big Cheadle Fan I want to hear how you think that would look from a story perspective or a leodle perspective or anything else you can think of? All I can think of is her reacting to the trick tower b.s. (wrt leodle) but I feel like there's more possibilities. What do you think?

First off, thanks for sending me this, I adore this headcanon! And you considering me a fellow Big Cheadle Fan… *wipes tears*.

Also, vague canon justifications are my favorite thing, so if you want, please feel free to elaborate on that in another ask or message, I’d love to know them.

So, I feel it’s important to preface this by telling you that I’m not trans myself, and that you as a trans person definitely have better ideas than mine when it comes to this subject, so your input is more valuable than mine here. That said, I did think of some things! I put it under a cut because it became a tiny bit long and I hate dash clogging.

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Disgusting Display Of Anti-Gay Sentiment

Nigel Owens, The Welsh, Openly-Gay Referee Of Last Weekend’s Match Between England And New Zealand Was Subject To Anti-Gay Taunts From Some Of England’s Supporters At Twickenham.

Thanks To A 60 Year-Old Yorkshire Man, Keith Wilson, Who Wrote A Letter To The Guardian, This Incident Has Been Brought To Light!

Leave It To A Yorkshire Man To Stand UP Against Homophobia, Bullying, Racism, And All Forms Of Bigotry!

Keith Wilson, You Are A True Sports Stud!


A little bit achey today after screenprinting a new edition of my ‘Yorkshire Ruins’ illustration!

Two-colour screenprint with the second colour layer mixed on the screen during printing to create some cosmic gradient effects with different amounts of magenta, cyan and green blends.

30 x 30cm / 12 x 12" - £10 each here:

plumpcatspls  asked:

How do you practice Chaotic Witchcraft? This is the first I've heard of it

I have mixed feelings on chaos magic and how its practiced. In the right hands it is a primal and beautiful thing that is the paintbrush to the artist. In others it a handgun for a child.

Chaotic witchcraft is practiced by doing what you want whenever you want and how you want to do it. You let the deepest most amorphous form of magic draw through you.

It has its roots in West Yorkshire New England in the 1970′s and it was created by two men (Peter J.Carroll and Ray Sherwin). It was heavily influenced by their near worship of occult magician Aleister Crowley. If you are interested in learning more I would suggest looking into their work.

Wicca was the most heavily practiced for of alternate spirituality at the time. The two gentleman did not approve of its practice because of the rules and the steps that it took to learn. They felt that magic, witchcraft, and spirituality was more open than that. Though strangely enough they infused their own practice with mathematics and sigils but the way that they did so shows wisdom if you take the time to look into their work.

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” is the mantra. This means you can do whatever you want whenever you want no matter whom it might hurt. You don’t have to study the meanings or associations of herbs, crystals, or the elements. A chaos magician holds to no theory, no magical spirituality, and they can (and are encouraged to) change their ideas at will.

Now, I said I had mixed feelings about it. I do. For someone who truly believes that the spirit of the world, the creative power on which everything presides, is something they can tap into, for someone who wants to draw upon their own intuition and craft from the very depths of not only their own spirit but the universes’…it’s a powerful thing.

But…and here’s my problem…there are a lot of people out there who claim to be Chaos Witches…when what they are is lazy. They don’t want to learn rules, or traditions, or take the time to learn that other paths have. They want to be able to do whatever they want and not have to worry about the Rule of Three, or Karma, or spiritual retribution. They don’t want to have to study or read books. They don’t want to be burdened with rules so they just take the Chaos Magic moniker and consider themselves awesome.

A real Chaos Witch will take the time to study many rules and traditions to find the truth beneath the construct. They get very in touch with their own intuition and then offer it the form that they create. They don’t refuse to study. They just understand that there is a deeper meaning for it.

Here are a few links to good articles I have found on the matter:
-Link 1
-Link 2
-Link 3