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i don’t usually make things about ships on this blog, despite the fact gryles is the blood in my veins, but i decided since this blog isn’t actually a daily news blog, or an update blog for nick, it’s just a blog that is only all about nick so i can post what i want. so here’s forty-two (42) gryles fics you should read.

picked undone, and again by biggerthanthesun
words: 37,389 / side: daisy/harry

“I need you to know that I… I want you all the time. Me wanting you and us doing this,” Nick says. “We’ve been weirdly steady for two people who aren’t even dating and I still want you more than ever, you know? I’m not even tired of it, I’m not even tired of you. You’re like a constant thing for me, I’m afraid I’m a bit mad about you.”

The one where they’re not boyfriends. Where Nick’s mad for Harry. And Harry was mad for Nick. Until he wasn’t anymore. (Canon-compliant).

at the gates by ymorton
words: 33,707 / side: omc/omc

“I feel I already know you,” he says, laughing.

Harry looks at him, surprised. Nick feels it too?

(gryles, reincarnated)

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Hiowdy!!! I have a challenge for all of you, everywhere…

See if you can turn cities all over the world into food…here are a few that I came up with in the last few minutes…

Seafoodttle, Washington

Portobellomushroomland, Oregon

New Yorkshire Pudding City, New York

Londonuts, England

Pitaburg, Pennsylvania

Toronto, Oniontario

Liverandonionspool, England

Nanaimobar, British Columbia

Campbellsoup River, British Columbia

Los Angelhairpastaos, California

Alpinenuts, California

Hamsterdam, Netherlands

Anchovyrage, Alaska

The more ridiculous, the better!!! Cheers!!! Tyrone…

Hey lovelies!! So me ( ehlipses ) and Arielle ( ophcelia ) have decided to create a favourites page. We are very excited to meet and check out all of your beautiful blogs, and we wish you the best of luck!! <3



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Disgusting Display Of Anti-Gay Sentiment

Nigel Owens, The Welsh, Openly-Gay Referee Of Last Weekend’s Match Between England And New Zealand Was Subject To Anti-Gay Taunts From Some Of England’s Supporters At Twickenham.

Thanks To A 60 Year-Old Yorkshire Man, Keith Wilson, Who Wrote A Letter To The Guardian, This Incident Has Been Brought To Light!

Leave It To A Yorkshire Man To Stand UP Against Homophobia, Bullying, Racism, And All Forms Of Bigotry!

Keith Wilson, You Are A True Sports Stud!


The Herondale family is an old Shadowhunter family.They have lived in a variety of places, notably in Wales, Yorkshire, New York and Idris. They are known to be born with star shaped marks.

Nephilim Challenge: Three Shadowhunter Families: [1/3] The Herondales