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Mock up the courage

Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, just pure fluff. 

A/N: Bucky is tired and needy and just wants to cuddle. (who. fuckin’. wouldn’t?!)

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If there was ever something more adorable than Bucky being tired or in any way not feeling well, you’d never seen it. Now, the serum made sure he was never not feeling well, but it didn’t help exhaustion after a week long mission with only 2 hours of sleep a day.

This is why he came stumbling into your floor, somehow overriding every security protocol with his left over spy-skills, calling out your name at two in the morning.

Actually, it was more like a drawn out whine.

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I’ve got the full lineup of dolls that’ll be available this weekend at the New York Faerie Festival ready and we are on the road to the land of Fae! If you’re in the area, definitely come check out this great event–I’d love to meet you guys! Find out more about Faerie Fest if you haven’t already!

I’ll be there with my work from 11-7 Friday, 6/23, through Sunday, 6/25

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