new yorkers against gun violence

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nonprofits for gun control

I have been doing a little searching for nonprofits that do the opposite of what the NRA does and I found a few.  There not as big as the NRA but they all have similar goals of keeping existing gun laws on the books and for common sense gun laws like background checks. 

1 . Coalition to Stop Gun Violence 

2. Everytown for Gun Safety

3. The Brady Campaign

4. New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

5. Newtown Action Alliance


Victims of gun violence get a yearbook of their own

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is honoring the teens and children who never made it to graduation with a yearbook for students lost to gun violence. According to a press release, over 30,000 students in the U.S. fall into this category. By signing the yearbook online, you’ll also by signing a petition to Congress for a new gun control law.