new yorkers

New York Speak

by New York Explorer

Repeat After Me…

1. What to say when you get in a taxi: “I’m going to 76th and 5th,” give your cross streets, not the actual address of your destination.

2. It’s called “the Met” not the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

3. You’re from “the city,” because New York City is the only relevant place to you now.

4. You don’t take the “train” anymore. You take the “subway.”

5. That little corner shop that sells food, flowers and gum is called a “bodega” or a “deli.”

6. Houston is pronounced like “How-ston,” not “Hue-ston.”

7. There is only “uptown” and “downtown.” Specifics not needed unless otherwise asked.

8. Most things outside the city we call “the country” or, if you’re lucky enough to have a house outside N.Y.C., we call it a “country house.”

9. The term “Bridge-and-Tunnel” refers to people who migrate to the city from outside certain suburban areas for a night out.

10. Williamsburg is a place in Brooklyn, not Virginia.

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Attention, New Yorkers! Book lovers! Fairy Tale enthusiasts! People of Tumblr! You all need to hear about this amazing place in New York City called Books of Wonder.
It’s a children’s bookstore in Chelsea that has an amazing collection of Children’s literature from the Wizard of Oz to new releases. I was most obsessed with their Classics and Fairy Tale sections which are absolutely phenomenal! If you are in the city, planning a trip, or even halfway around the world, I highly recommend that you check this place out.

Just a small town girl … with big city dreams, fashion lust and style the Olsens would be jealous of.

You know how the song goes. Hannah Riley Henderson may be from the small town of Rainsville, Alabama but that hasn’t stopped her blog, Style by Hannah Riles, from being noticed by prominent publications and boutiques such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Urban Outfitters, Pinkyotto, and Aoko NY. Forced to think outside the box her whole life, Hannah perfects her dreamy bohemian look with charming thrift pieces, cascading gypsy-inspired skirts and daring statement jewelry.

Take note of this rustic-urban fashionista, she’s getting ready to pounce on New York City and we’re following her every step of the way.

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