new york yankees hate

sorry for being corny, but what a fun and wild ride this season was. honestly, thank you to everyone on here who made content this season! whether it be videos, gifs, edits, liveblogs, even some regular ass text posts; yall helped make this season unforgettable. (and trust me, there are things i wish i could forget, lmao.) until next spring ✌

stop hating on aaron judge

im sorry, but i DO NOT appreciate how people are hating on aaron judge. like please lmk why people are doing this. if it wasn’t for him, the yankees would not even be in the spot they’re in rn. going into the 2017 season, the yankees had barely any expectations. aaron judge surprised everyone. before the all star break he was the leading candidate for AL MVP&ROY. hes in a slump. yes we all are aware of that but he does not deserve all this hate. hes only 25 years old, hes a rookie, and its only his first full year. he comes back from the all star game and strikes out then gets all this hate. maybe all this hate he’s getting is going to his head and making him preform like this. who knows. what i do know is that im damn sure that if that’s the case, he would never come out publicly and say it bc hes not that type of person. again do i need to remind you. this is HIS FIRST YEAR. he should not be responsible for carrying the team on his back. baseball is a team sport, if one player does bad, there’s other players behind you to back you up. people are making it seem like no ones behind aaron and hes the ONLY player. aaron judge should not and will not be responsible when the team looses bc people do not say “aaron judge lost” you say “the YANKEES lost”. so please tell people that are hating on aaron judge to stfu bc im so done.