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Trump Tower security is costing the US taxpayer $400,000 every single day
The New York Mayor is going to send the White House a bill for $35m to cover the cost of the enormous security operation around Trump Tower. Bill De Blasio has said he is going to write to the Obama administration setting out the daily $400,000 bill from November 8 too January 20 - the day of Donald Trump's inauguration. The letter reads: "Municipal or state resources should not be subsidizing the President-Elect's decision to maintain multiple permanent residences.

Hey; it’s only money! Screw the taxpayers!

Yes, the article is from December, but a more recent article reports Melania Trump isn’t moving to Washington, DC, so they’ll still be using heavy security around the building.

How the states can make President Trump’s taxes public  - Vox

For nearly a half century, presidents have abided by a norm of tax transparency without needing a law to force them. In theory, Congress could obtain and release the president’s returns if the president won’t release them himself. But if the Republican-controlled Congress refuses to act, our system of federalism allows states to intervene. As James Madison wrote in Federalist No. 51, the whole point of having distinct federal and state governments is to achieve a “double security”: If the federal government won’t stand up for the rights and interests of the people, the states can and should.

New York has an additional reason to release the president’s state returns: New Yorkers will spend as much as $60 million a year protecting President Trump’s wife and son while he is in the White House. New Yorkers deserve to know whether the president is paying a portion of these costs through New York state and city taxes.
Donald Trump: America's Marie Antoinette
Instead of spending money on those Americans most in need, Donald Trump is wasting taxpayer money on maintaining his family's lavish lifestyle in Mar-a-Lago and New York, writes Dean Obeidallah.
By Dean Obeidallah

@WGAEast Diversity Tax Credit aiming to “tangibly” increase number of women and people of color in writing and directing roles faces opposition: Thede urges public support


The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore writer and performer Robin Thede is using her platform to support the Writers Guild of America, East’s proposed amendment to the Empire State Film Production Credit. The diversity tax credit is facing opposition, despite aiming to “tangibly increase the number of women and people of color in writing and directing positions” by allotting around $5 million of New York’s $420 million credit for film and TV production to projects that hire qualified women and people of color in writing and directing roles.

She is urging people to voice their support for the WGAE’s amendment — which passed the New York State Assembly but still needs to pass through the Senate — by emailing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and two key state senators by June 16.

“I know it requires more than a retweet or just pressing the ‘like’ button, but aren’t we all craving a little more sophisticated communication these days? Your small effort can literally make TV and film better and help provide opportunities to countless qualified writers and directors. And it’s free!”

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Fuck you. Every country makes revenue by taxing in some form. If you don't want pay for anything, go live in the woods by yourself you asshole. Taxes are what keep a country running; you're not talking about lowering taxes, you're shoving your ignorance in people's faces and spewing bs about no taxes. Good luck surviving in your made up lala land.

As you can see, this is a picture of “lala land” also known as New York City in 1915, prior to any state or federal income tax. You can see it’s all woods. No roads, no bridges, no infrastructure, no government to save the day.

Obviously this isn’t the case, the government was funded by in large by a tax on liquor. Yet over the years, economic growth slowed due to rising taxes over the 20th century. 

Taxes don’t keep a country running, markets do. If you genuinely believe that taxation runs a country, please speak to Art Laffer about a 100% tax rate.

The federal government could easily fund itself if it sold the rights to our vast reserves and resources.


March 5, 1981: Passengers on the New York subway, which was projecting a $369 million deficit that year. A brief story in The Times explained that a tax on oil companies passed by New York lawmakers was intended to narrow that deficit, but that a Federal appeals court effectively abolished the tax, “which had been counted on to produce more than $235 million a year, most of it earmarked for the cash-starved Metropolitan Transportation Authority.” Photo: The New York Times

Leaving the content of the article aside, I love the “ironic” use of the tax return background. Oh, those WACKY “sex workers” like wouldn’t it be WILD if the TOTALLY UNIMAGINABLE circumstance arose whereby people who were not protected by, and indeed actively persecuted by the government were forced to pay for its upkeep (from the very funds which they are criminalized for obtaining)? You know, like every other marginalized population? What a topsy-turvy world that would be!

13 Ways of Looking at Melania

1. One night she finds the fur. Melania steps out of her shoes, her dress,

slips the pelt over naked skin. The next morning,

news outlets report on a fox spotted leaving Trump Tower.

2. Melania stirs the pot; a child’s bones are in it.

She models herself on the moon: white and cold and empty,

she reminds her sisters of what’s rightfully theirs.

On November 8th it rains blood; Melania licks her fingertips.

3. As a young painter, she studied Cassatt and Cezanne,

copying their great works onto napkins.

When times grew leaner she sold her hair to buy brushes,

passed up meals to paint peaches and bread;

she copied Ivana and Marla, painted her face,

became a forgery for men who don’t ask questions of gilt surfaces.

In a penthouse closet, behind rows of silk rustle,

she has filled canvas after canvas.

4. Donald fumes, “Stop filling my wife’s head with garbage!”

The engineers remind him that he wanted her to be as lifelike as possible;

Donald scoffs, “So why does she keep disagreeing with me?

Real women don’t do that.” When he storms off,

the engineers gently unscrew the cap in Melania’s skull

and start deleting files.

5. Melanija Knavs was never baptized. Her father was an atheist,

a communist, and she’s come to understand that communists worship money

the way her model friends worship food:

covetously, from a distance, in secret.

6. The press is aglow over Melania’s inauguration gown: 

alt-white, flowing and voluminous as our great nation. 

With approval, fashionistas note the dress’ 

daring peaked hood.

7. Melania is the newest model: sleek chrome, a classic

that’s less about history and more what men think they deserve.

They say she’s a joy to drive, this year.

8. When the prenup kicks in she’ll take the old bag for all he’s got,

but until then don’t drop the accent, give the press some blah blah

about visas and universities to keep them from guessing

she comes from Ohio. One day she will unpeel Melania

like a weekend at the spa and jet away;

until then, she has to settle for the spotlight.

9. “Disgusting.” “Sad!” Melania hashtags savagely, thick sock

stuffed down the front of her Provocateur panties.

Donald keeps the burlesque a secret.

10. In a black trench coat and swooping hat, Melania

strides to the mailbox. The envelope in her gloved hand reads:


11. Melania teaches her son Slovene: “Hvala,” thank you;

“Rad te imam,” I love you; giggled over dinner and here,

it’s almost like a secret language—except no one

ever wants to know what they’re talking about.

12. Melanija has never enjoyed talking about herself.

At soirees, she has a tendency to find the bookcase or the cat.

When they come prying for Melania Trump,

she slits her eyes like battlements and smiles.

13. Lake Melania has frozen over for the season.

You can try fishing there, but you won’t catch anything.


New York City Doesn’t Love You

Are you okay? Is New York getting to you? Are things not going according to plan?

Stop whining. For fuck’s sake. 

The plan you don’t plan for isn’t the plan you planned but it’s usually more original. Isn’t that why you moved to New York? To be original?

God, you didn’t move to play make-believe, did you?

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so i live in new york where our taxes are pretty high. almost everyone knows. i had this grown man yell at me until his face was red because beforehand he asked how much a certain pack of cigarettes were. they were a little over $9. so after i ring him up completely, it was $10something. he called me a liar and asked why it wasn't $9. i literally just said "taxes" and he flipped out even more saying he never heard of that. he bought them anyway. but the funny part? he had a new york license.