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Hercules Mulligan Modern AU: Coffee Shop Part 1

Words: 1272

Warnings: I used the word ‘hell’

Request: Hercules Mulligan x reader with 97 (Wow, you’re hot.) and 73 (You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!)

A/N: I decided to do this as a Modern AU guys !! This is my first time writing an au, so I really hope you like it, let me know what you think !  Also I don’t really know how coffee shops work in the US so I went with what happens in New Zealand.  Just note this is only the first part (it doesn’t have either of the prompts in it), second part will be up some time soon !!!

P.S: I got no idea how tipping works.

The coffee shop you worked in never stopped playing jazz music.  The soft chords and saxophone harmonies constantly flooding your hearing.  The flowing tunes calming you as you took the orders of the few people that came in while you worked.  You waitressed the first shift, 5am to 9am, and business only really started to pick up in your last few minutes.  You went to the college just down the road as an undeclared student.  Deciding on what you wanted to do for the rest of your life was daunting and overwhelming.  So for now, you were happy with your waitressing job.  

The scent of espresso and the sweet aromas of the home baking that the café sold filled your nostrils.  The warmth of the shop provided refuge from the cool winter mornings, the fireplace exuding waves of heat that seemed to wrap themselves around you like a comforter.  On summer days it was a welcome respite from the rays of the New York sun, you often spent more than just your working hours in the air conditioned shop.  

Today was no different.  The sun was rising over the city, as you desperately tried to wake yourself up.  You had been at the coffee shop for half an hour, cleaning it and getting it ready for it’s opening at 6 am.  The reds and blues of the sunlight mixing together in the sky to create a blend of colour.  The stars fading into the background, not to be seen for another 12 hours or so.  You never wanted the sunset to end, mentally capturing images of it in your mind, sometimes even bringing in one of your cameras to take some photos, some of which you would post online, others you just kept on your computer.  

Photography was a hobby of yours, you had a blog where you posted some of the pictures you took.  It put things into perspective for you, you fell in love with the world around you and saw everything as an opportunity for a shot.  You loved it, but you didn’t think you were good at it, it was just something you enjoyed.  It was one of the reasons you had chosen New York as the city you would go to college in.  It had always interested you, not the tourist attractions or the busy streets, but the real New York.  The burrows and backstreets, alleyways and unknown corners.  You had always had an urge to truly understand the inner workings of the bustling city.  You liked being able to blend into the crowd of faces, practically invisible.  You liked that, hardly ever having to put yourself out there.  It may have been cowardly, but it was how you liked it.

You opened the door to the café a few minutes late, turning to head back to your place behind the counter.  After all, it was usually just you and your fellow waitress Maria until around 8 o’clock in the morning.  This lead to the two of you having some sing alongs to the jazz music that reverberated through the shop.  However on this day, there was a large man in a black beanie standing outside.  He stumbled inside grumbling, heading to the counter, glaring at you as you laughed and sung.  You shut your mouth quickly, staring at the man in confusion.  “One minute please,” you said before rushing into the kitchen to talk to your colleague and one of few friends, Maria.  “I can’t serve that guy!” you whispered yelled.  She laughed, “Yeah well Angelica asked me to do some baking, I’d hate to disappoint the boss.  Besides, I’m sure he’ll be alright, all you gotta do is take his order.  So what if he heard your terrible singing! You don’t need to be embarrassed,” she finished.  You closed your eyes taking a deep, groaning breath.  “Ok…” you agreed, still groaning.  You stepped out of the kitchen, a largely, mostly false, smile on your face.

“Hi there! You’re in here quite early,” you started your voice half heartedly cheery.

“Am I early, or did you open up late?” He countered, his voice heavy with annoyance.  You took it that he was not happy about having to wait for his early morning coffee, his face was stern.  “I’m so sorry about that, we don’t usually get anyone in here this early,” you said, apologetically.  “So what can I get ‘ya?” you asked, voice picking up a cheerful tone once again.  

“Just a long black thanks,”  he replied curtly, paying for his order and heading for a table on the opposite side of the room.  

He was shockingly large, especially up close.  Tall and broad, though his face was sweet when he wasn’t glaring at you.  He was cute, in a giant teddy bear kind of way.  It was too bad about his seemingly horrible personality.  You made his coffee, internally arguing with yourself over whether you liked or hated him.  In fact you became so caught up in your own thoughts that you almost burnt your hand under the scalding water.  Shaking your head at your own stupidity, you rushed your way - carefully - over to the only customer in the shop.  

Placing his coffee down, you turned to leave, but he called out to you.  Twisting around, you smiled at him quizzically.  “Yes…” you prompted, one eyebrow delicately raised.

“I just wanted to apologise for my attitude earlier.  I’m tired and stressed, I’ve actually got a big assignment due today.  But still, it doesn’t justify my rudeness,” he said taking a sip of his coffee, which was almost visibly waking him up.  You were shocked, and glad, maybe he wasn’t just another total asshole?  “An assignment? What are you studying?” you asked, genuinely curious.

“Fashion design, at the college down the street,” he answered, apparently unashamed.  You grinned, you could certainly respect unabashed confidence in one’s self.  You were excited that you went to the same college, maybe you would see each other around.  “Oh that’s so cool! I go there too, but I’m undeclared,” you responded, the conversation taking off from there.  You couldn’t help but think of how strange this was, this guy who you had ‘hated’ just a few minutes ago had now captured your full attention.  Your smile and cheery tone no longer false.  Your job, the shop, all of your worries over your own future drifting away.  You were, however, conscious that you looked a mess.  Face bare and uniform very unflattering.  You continued to talk to him instead of working, although business wasn’t exactly booming.  You definitely felt drawn to him, and you could only hope he felt the same.

Regretfully you said “I really should get back to my job, and I should let you get back to your studies.  It was so nice talking to you,”  you swear you saw his face drop, your heart skipped a beat.  “I never got your name,” he responded, with a cheeky grin.  Your breathing stopped, how could he have such an effect on you? “Y/N. My name is Y/N,” you answered with a closed lip smile.  “Y/N,” he repeated.  “Do you work this shift daily?” he asked, still grinning.  You cocked your head, confused.  “Yes?”

“Good, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He stood up, placed a ten dollar bill on the table and shot you a wink.  He walked out of the shop, leaving you a bright red colour, your mouth slightly open as you stared after him.  You were only pulled out of your trance when you heard Maria laugh joyfully, “What the hell was that?”

I really hope you like it

- T. Jeffz

Are We There Yet? (Kylo Ren x Reader, Road Trip AU) -btw pictures aren’t mine

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader 

Warnings: A swear word

A/N: Here’s a little teaser of the road trip, modern AU of Kylo Ren and reader. You’re a social justice activist who hates the major oil company run by Snoke. The twist? Your childhood best friend happens to be the CEO, Kylo Ren. When a protest goes wrong, you find yourself in prison, but if that couldn’t be any worse, the only way home is a cross-country road trip with Kylo Ren himself. Will you two be able to work things out, or will you end up killing each other before the trip is over? Will you finally be able to use the AUX cord? Are we there yet?

(Like it? Wanna read more? Here’s Chapter 1)


Kylo Ren stared out the massive window of his apartment, the flickering lights of New York City danced below him under the setting sun. He sighed, working at the office late made him exceedingly tired, but with competition like his co-woker Hux, the late nights were necessary. Both battling for succession of Snoke when he retired, Kylo was CEO, but Hux was always close behind, battling to take his place. The promotion was close, he could feel it, but his boss, Snoke, was ruthless and whatever Mr. Snoke was expecting of him wouldn’t be easy. Turning away from the window and padding his way down the shining black tile floor, Kylo was just about to turn the light off and get some much needed rest when he heard his phone ring. Letting out a loud groan at the name on the caller ID, Kylo answered,

“Can I help you, Han.”

“That’s dad to you, kiddo.” Kylo rolled his eyes.

“I’m actually in the middle of some very important business, so if you could cut to the point, that’d be great.” Kylo lied, eager to get the phone call over with.

“I’ve been good, thanks for asking. Anyway, I have a favour to ask you.” Han paused before continuing, “You remember [Y/N]?”

The name caused a sickening turn of emotion in Kylo. Of course he remembered her, how could he forget? They were childhood friends, inseparable since birth. Throughout their entire childhood, Kylo always had a crush on her, maybe even loved her, but they broke each other’s hearts. When Kylo left to go to his uncle’s private school, he promised he’d talk to her as much as he could, and he did. For awhile that is. That’s when his name was Ben, Ben Solo, son of the greatest environmental activists this side of the hemisphere. Their company constantly fought for land rights to forests and protection of the ocean, or whatever it was his parents did before they divorced. At his uncle’s private school, Kylo eventually ran away, a professor there named Mr. Snoke seeing his potential immediately began teaching him. Eventually bringing him onto the company. A huge international oil company, bigger than any company before it. A multibillion dollar business with offices around the world. [Y/N] hated it, he knew, and so he never talked to her again, but he thought about her. She never reached out either, probably long forgetting him, or at least wanting to.

“Ben? Can you hear me?” Han’s voice came over the other side of the phone, startling Kylo out of his thoughts.

“It’s Kylo, dad, I can’t be taken seriously here at work with a name like Solo.”

“Oooh, okay, son, okay, Kylo is way better than Solo.” Kylo could almost hear the face Han was making on the other side, “Anyway, look I need you to pick [Y/N] up tomorrow.”

“I’m in New York City, dad, I’m no where close to California.”

“That’s… kind of the thing. [Y/N] was actually in a protest in New York… and um, she got a little violent. She sort of got detained and she doesn’t know anyone in the city… Look, I know you haven’t come to any of the family reunions since… well I don’t even know when, but it’s next week and maybe could you just pick her up? Her parents already covered her bail, but they’re going to be here next week and maybe you could just come and bring her down?”

“Even if I wanted to help, I don’t have time to book a plane ticket and I’m 100% sure she hates me.” Kylo said groggily, damn he was tired.

“Well, you could drive?”

“A road trip?” Kylo sighed, “No absolutely not.”

Yet here he was, parked outside a minimum-security prison the next day, checking the locks on the doors every time someone who wasn’t [Y/N] walked out. That’s when he saw her, butterflies exploded in his chest, she was even more beautiful than he remembered. She was strutting her way out of the gates, a backpack slung over red flannel, ripped jeans tucked into black boots. Her [Y/H/C] blew a little in the wind, tousled from a night spent in prison he could only guess. [Y/N] flung his car door wide open and plopped herself down, she still smelled the same, but a little mix of prison soap also hung in the air.

“Ben fucking Solo, long time no see.” She said, tossing her backpack in the back of the car, “Ready for an adventure?”