new york steaks


Keto groceries!
5 lbs of chicken breasts
2 New York Strip steaks
1 lb of bacon
18 eggs
Iceberg Lettuce
Bell Peppers
Yellow Onions
Italian salad dressing
String cheese
Canned tuna
Green tea
1 gallon of whole milk
3 bags of pork rinds

Grand Total: $85

It’s amazing how well you can eat when you aren’t drinking $20 worth of beer every day. And on that note, today is day 4 of no alcohol. My pistol looks might tasty, but I don’t think that’s keto friendly.

fuzzymiz  asked:

Neno. Did u notice the steak connection?? I'm not sure which interview comes first(Billboard or iheartradio) but Jin mentioned eating steak alone in Billboard and Yoongi mentioned wanting to eat New York steak in iheartradio. my heart... can they just have another eatjin ep already.

I SAW!! but idk either which one’s first but hhhhhhhh anyway roommates got the same taste i suppose hmm.. we’ll just wait for them to have a date in new york then i’ll be ready


Like Mr. Rogers Sliding Into Your DM’s

I’m pretty sure the easiest way to get me to lose all interest in a restaurant is the phrase “health conscious eatery.” This is some serious fuccboi verbiage. I mean even fresh after making New Years resolutions that PBS language gets me so fired up. Feels like Mr. Rogers is sliding into my DM’s and whispering in my ear, “learn something and taste this broccolii.” FUCK OUT OF HERE MR. ROGERS I GOT NO TIME FOR YOU THO YOUR CARDIGAN GAME IS THE BEST I’VE EVER SEEN. Anyway, Cafe Clover is a dooooope restaurant and you can find some weight watchers appropriate items there. Brb I need to go get some cardigans in a wide variety of colors

Cafe Clover

Tip: I think this is one of the best restaurant openings in a while. Cauliflower STEAK????

Tip: Can you get a healthy meal here? YES. But what’s more important is how amazing it will be. It’s healthy in the how they sub butter for coconut oil, or use whipped olive oil for steak.

Tip: This is the ultimate please everyone spot, as their burger is super fire, and the veggie options are incredible.

Pricing: Crudite Bowl $12; Pasture Raised Striploin $21/39, Cauliflower Steak $17.

When to come here: DATES, this place is sexy and what girl won’t be impressed with a cauliflower steak??? I really can’t get over this.

Where: 10 Downing Street New York

Times: Monday-Wednesday 5:30-11pm Thursday-Saturday 5:30-12am Sunday 5-10pm

Phn: 212 675 4350

Fired up the grill last night. :)

Garlic butter asparagus, guac, queso flameado, tiny baby bit of grilled onion, new york steak (i think?) and a few jalapeño poppers I ended up not eating (cheese was old).

Work, Zelda, courses… The day needs more hours!

iHeartRadio: What food are you excited to have in America?
  • Jimin: Hamburger
  • Suga: New York Steak
  • Jungkook: Churros
  • V: Pizza
  • Jin: Lobster
  • J-Hope: SPRITE!!
  • Namjoon: Chipotle

The sheer amount stuff- the proliferation of newer and different things. The supermarket is full of things no one wants. Entire aisles devoted to every variation on a theme. Tiny tina of dog food labeled - New York rib eye, Sirloin Steak, filet mignon, grilled chicken in sauce, grilled turkey in sauce, baked salmon and lamb. And now in plastic and then in boxes. And on. We have pets who eat better than people.