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@WGAEast Diversity Tax Credit aiming to “tangibly” increase number of women and people of color in writing and directing roles faces opposition: Thede urges public support


The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore writer and performer Robin Thede is using her platform to support the Writers Guild of America, East’s proposed amendment to the Empire State Film Production Credit. The diversity tax credit is facing opposition, despite aiming to “tangibly increase the number of women and people of color in writing and directing positions” by allotting around $5 million of New York’s $420 million credit for film and TV production to projects that hire qualified women and people of color in writing and directing roles.

She is urging people to voice their support for the WGAE’s amendment — which passed the New York State Assembly but still needs to pass through the Senate — by emailing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and two key state senators by June 16.

“I know it requires more than a retweet or just pressing the ‘like’ button, but aren’t we all craving a little more sophisticated communication these days? Your small effort can literally make TV and film better and help provide opportunities to countless qualified writers and directors. And it’s free!”


New York legislators are fighting to change the name of Donald J. Trump State Park

Two New York legislators, Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Charles Lavine, have brought a bill the table in an attempt change the name of the Donald J. Trump State Park, which straddles the New York City suburban counties of Putnam and Westchester. The name of the bill spells out what would be a better title for the park.


While certainly a politically fluid opportunist compared to partisan hardliners Hamilton and Jefferson - I think it is worth noting that the man did have views he strongly stood by, some of which were radically ahead of Jefferson and Hamilton.

- Burr was a proto-socialist who created land co-opts so more people could vote (threatening the land owning elite who liked being the only ones who could vote).

- He created the Manhattan Company, which while debatable in terms of the practices of said bank, did threaten Hamilton’s monopoly on banking in the North.

- He was one of the era’s most vehement abolitionists (though I’d be remiss not to stress he did own a slave for a time), sponsoring the legislation that ended slavery in New York state.  Compared to Jefferson who was a known hypocrite on the issue in his own day, Burr was feared by the South because they knew he actually would stop the spread of slavery westward if he got to be President.

- Most remarkably for his era, he’s essentially alone among the Founding Fathers for his unequivocal support for THE EQUALITY OF THE SEXES and supported the full legal equality and enfranchisement of women.

These issues were in the subtext of why the banking class that were the power behind the Federalist Party and Hamilton’s close allies, and the slaver-class that were the same for the Democratic-Republicans and Jefferson, hated Burr as much as they did.

I kind of want him to get his own musical now…

Regarding this douchebaggery…

“Knowing that marriage equality was likely to pass, I thought it important to force the issue of religious protections. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the distinct opportunity of listening to literally thousands of residents, on both sides of this issue, by holding an undecided stance. I thought it was important to listen to all of my constituents and hold an undecided position until the actual bill language was written and everyones voice had been heard. Now that the final text is public, I am proud that I have secured some strong protections for religious institutions and basic protections for religious organizations. The bill still lacks many of the basic religious protections I thought were vital, and for this reason, and as I did in the Assembly, I will be voting no.(Senator Greg Ball)
New York makes it much harder to access anti-LGBT conversion therapy for minors
New York is taking steps to stop therapists from trying to change young people’s sexual orientation, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday.

For several years, legislators in the state of New York have been trying to ban anti-LGBT conversion therapy for youth. Unfortunately, those bills keep stalling.

As a way to block access to conversion therapy in the meantime, Gov. Andrew Cuomo took executive action. Now, conversion therapy will no longer be covered by public or private health insurance, and New York mental health facilities will not be allowed to give the therapy to minors. 

“Conversion therapy is a hateful and fundamentally flawed practice” that punishes people “for simply being who they are,” Cuomo said in a statement.

It’s unclear how prevalent the practice is in New York. Cuomo’s office didn’t immediately respond to inquiries Saturday; nor did a handful of New York mental health organizations. A spokeswoman for the New York Health Plan Association, an insurers’ group, was unsure.

This is a good interim solution, but my fingers are still crossed for legislative action that protects LGBT youth from conversion therapy once and for all.
Chicago Removes Sales Tax on Tampons, Sanitary Napkins
The Chicago City Council has rescinded a city sales tax on tampons and sanitary napkins.
By ABC News

Wednesday’s vote followed a recommendation that was made without opposition by the City Council’s finance committee last week. The items are taxed 10.25 percent in Chicago. The vote will remove Chicago’s portion of that tax, or 1.25 percent. Supporters say the measure corrects an unfairness to women.

Tampons and sanitary napkins are now characterized as medical necessities to be exempted.

The tax on the feminine products has become a national issue, with at least seven states now considering legislation. Also, five women in New York recently filed a lawsuit arguing that the tax is unconstitutional.

In Illinois, lawmakers recently advanced a measure to exempt feminine hygiene and incontinence products from the state sales tax.
Push To Rename Trump State Park Gathers Force
Rename it after a Muslim who fought in the American Revolution, he says.
By Andrew Kaczynski, Christopher Massie

A Long Island Democrat will introduce legislation in the New York State Assembly to strip the name of Donald J. Trump State Park, moving the measure a step closer to reality.

Assemblyman Charles Lavine of Long Island said in a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo he thought the park should be renamed for Muslim Revolutionary War veteran named Peter Salem.

“It is time the State of New York sends a message to Donald Trump that his hate speech is not welcome in our great state,” said Lavine in a statement on Thursday. “I am confident that the governor will take our letters into consideration. If he is unable to act, then we are prepared to move forward with this legislation.”