new york skate

burning money at the soho grand hotel, 2016

back in november my best friends and i snuck into an “exclusive” party at the soho grand hotel in new york city, met a bunch of cool industry people, drank rosé and got dosed with adderall by a very pretty artist, burned money and danced around the fire, stole a couple of bottles of wine, met a very sweet victoria’s secret model and later saw her fall and crack her head on the sidewalk (i have the photos, but i won’t post or tell you who out of respect), played the piano before we got kicked out, ran around chinatown, stuffed 8 people in a car and drove to crown heights to hang out at a big drug dealer’s house (another friends, of course), and talked about our dreams while we watched the sun rise as we went home. i slept for all of 30 minutes before i had to meet up and shoot for a clothing brand all day.

this is just one story from one of many, many nights. these nights happen so often that i forget that this isn’t something that happens to regular people. god, i’m so fucking lucky to have such amazing friends