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Calling all artists and writers! 

I’m pulling together a (last-minute) running themed fanzine to raise money for my Boston Marathon charity, Team For Kids! TFK supports New York Road Runners Youth Programs, which provide running and fitness programs and equipment to kids across the United States. 

Signups are open NOW!

This zine will be digital only.

I’m expecting that most art/fic will be from sports anime (based on the circles I /run in/), but any fandom is ok!

Final drafts will be due March 12th.

The zine will go on sale March 19th.

Thank you for everyone’s support so far, I know this is a tight schedule. Unfortunately we do have a fundraising deadline, but I know we can do it! Happy drawing/writing/running!

Sign up here!

Dylan O’brienfor better quality; screen shot, don’t save!


If this doesn’t remind you of Dylan O'brien then I don’t know what would do 😂

long suffering Mets fan

thank you buzzfeed

a New York scumbag Yankees mother fucking opener in my house

where my wife sleeps

where my children come to play with their toys

I am laughing so hard at this

can you imagine Dylan’s face if this happen to him?


Imagine:Dylan(your crush) has decided to move to New York and you never get to say goodbye, he unexpectedly turns up at your house and says that you don’t need to say goodbye because he wants you to go with him 💕💕💕