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००Yo! Steppin’ out in the New York streets is, (Your First and Last name)! Word ‘round here is shortie came straight from (WHERE YOU’RE FROM) and is (AGE)! You ain’t gone believe it but they sayin’ he/she is (YOUR ASSOCIATION TO BLACK OR DOMINICAN FAMILY IF YOU’RE NEUTRAL AND NOT APART OF EITHER FAMILY, JEST CREATE A SHORT TAG LINE).


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  • 1-3 Paragraphs about character
  • 1-3 Paragraphs about character
  • 1-3 Paragraphs about character

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∞ –Lemme take ya back…like I do so well…





“If you wanna see me naked, just ask for it"Damon said.

"Uhhh no thanks"you said bluntly as you flipped through the pages of your book.

"And I mean you can ask any-Wait did you just say no?"Damon asked bewildered.

"Mmmmhmm"you nodded your head.

"I think your slightly confused y/n"Damon sat down next to you.

"I don’t think I am"you smiled as you got up and left the room.

"You will want me y/n"Damon shouted after you slightly offended and upset.

Happy One Week!

With the role play being open for a week, we decided to do our first event.  It’s going to be centered around getting to know each other!

Part I - The Mixer:  With all the new tenants, the building has decided to do a mixer/bbq in the buildings yard.  There will be food, music, and drinks.  You can bring things if you want, but most of all, bring yourselves!  Have fun and get to know the people of the building!

While this event is technically happening over the course of a day, starters for this even can be posted until Sun, May 7th.  Everyone’s interactions and starters for this even should be face to face as this is an event with everyone together.  Participation is not mandatory, but encouraged!

Part II - The Get to Know Me Meme:  We’ll be posting an ask meme with questions about your muses.  You may send people questions anon or not, but please include everyone!  We’d like everyone to send at least one ask to each person so no one feels left out. You can find the meme here!  Happy RP-ing!

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Extended Plot

For centuries, man has been struggling for power and influence.  For respect and reverence.  For wealth and control.  Throughout this time, mankind has also been abusing one of the greatest mysteries ever: Dark magic.  With the ability to be controlled and unnoticed, this power has been able to take lives, change thoughts, bend time and even control human beings.

These abilities have shaped the development of cultures around the world.  The pyramids were created in line with the stars, believed by early Egyptian scholars to increase supernatural power.  Stonehenge was forged using dark powers, to create a means of attracting and studying natural magic.  Royal families and political parties, aided by advisors, coveted the secrets of magic, using them to stay in power and prevent uprisings.  When ‘outsiders’ came too close to their secrets, or royals and politicians themselves sought to expose magic, they could easily be destroyed.

In 1884, a young man arrived in New York city.  He had been taught everything civilized man had recorded about alchemy, and was determined to prove and reveal the government’s secret magic use.  It was also his ambition to discover a way to harness another kind of power: natural magic.

In 1885, this brilliant young man was found dead in an alleyway.  There were no marks on his body or signs of a fight.  However, there was a low hanging fog, and, in the man’s hand, a piece of paper with four simple words on them: Don’t trust the shadows.

Now, the entire city is filled with talk of magic.  Is it true?  What are the shadows?  How can we stop it?  What’s natural magic?  Unfortunately, the government has found ways of limiting this talk to whispers in alleyways.  They’ve used the power of influence to damage the psyche of those interested in rebellion, or killed those who have openly spoke of supernatural methods.

Unexplained shadows and low hanging, wispy fog manifest where magic is used; the shadows inducing feelings of tranquility in the soon-to-be-victims, and the fog appearing after the deed.

Although it is not possible to harness and control natural magic, which is benevolent in comparison to dark, it is possible to understand and connect with it.  If the citizens of New York can decipher the secrets of natural magic, they may be able to use it to overrule the government.


NYC W// MY LOVE 🏙🗽🚇🖤 

Dominic & I finally made it to NY, we had a private lunch date at one of his new upcoming bars “THE GLASS LOUNGE”. We are too stoked to be out here, although we are missing our girls 👩🏻👧🏻💗tremendously I know they are in safe hands with my Bestfriend Brook. In between the little dates Me & Dominic have, comes BUSINESS MEETINGS! 💰💸 later im going to be meeting up with a Fashion Photographer due to a photoshoot I have coming . . 📸✨gotta get to the money one way or another


Hii!!! It’s me again , i have been jet lagged because i got back to NYC Last week and havent posted much but anyway!. 

About 2 days after me and my mom and dad got home and resettled back in. My Aunt Mina-si and my little baby adorable cousin little Seokjin came around for a bbq and we spent time together! 

I go back to school soon and study again it will be good seeing my school friends but i’ve enjoyed my vacation so so much and once again @zekepakka thank you for having us big bro and you should come visit us once again in NY and come and claim back your old room ;) and bring @dangsayuri with you because mom and dad want to meet her. 

Anyway please stay safe , eat healthy and just be yourself . Enjoy life to the fullest! 

(Appreciate how adorable my baby cousin is!!!)

Bonjour Tumblr  🌸

It’s been a long time since I used a social media, but Tumblr really attract me, so hey !

Anyway, let’s me introduce myself : My name is Eve De Gurk, i’m 22 years old and I just moved to NY. I’m born in Bordeaux, France. I’m mixed, my mother is from Cap Vert and my father as some Austrian blood. I love take pictures (so don’t be surprised if I always post pictures of the city) and my dreams would be to live of that but for now i’m just a waitress in a bar. I have a son, Jared, is the love of my life and I can hardly live without him. He is in France with my mother for now but when I will have enough money I will bring him here. I’m not anymore with his dad, and for now I really appreciate to be single (but who know what will happen in New York ?). I LOVE to get out and meet new friends, so if you are looking for someone to spend good time with, call me!

Oh, and by the way, i’m not as good in english, so if I do some mistake please let me apologize for your eyes lmao  😄


Is that the Queen B of the Upper East Side we see before us? Oh wait no, it’s just her lackey. Or should we say ‘second in command’? This girl has always had eye on the prize– the invisible crown that sits upon Blair Waldorf’s hairbanded head. There’s nothing wrong with a little backstabbing if it’ll get you on top. She wants it all. The fame, the adoration, the teenage power– the boyfriend. All Blair’s. At least former, Nate Archibald is technically single. Penelope has been playing her cards right for years. Maybe now’s the time to start playing a little dirtier, huh P?



Grocery Shopping!

We didn’t really have anything on our agenda for the weekend so we just took time to relax which was nice. But Sunday has always been our grocery day so today I brought Kayson and Arianna with me since Ava was sleeping. Arianna is usually the one who gives me the most trouble while we’re out but not since we bought her this Ariel doll when we were in Disney! I think it has become something like a security blanket for her. She does everything with that doll. I caught these photos as we were playing “peek-a-boo” which Kay thought was so funny. 😂💕

We stocked up the house for the next few weeks. With Little Man coming any time soon (and he is certainly making his way…at our doctor’s visit I was 2cm already and he has dropped!) I wanted to make sure that we had plenty to last us for a while. Or at least enough that Mekhi won’t have to make a huge trip and only have to run out for a few things.

I’m hoping the baby won’t come before Easter, but everyone else seems to think otherwise. I’ve been having false labor for the past few weeks now, but with the twins, I had it for months before they came so we’ll see lol. Either way, we’re all so excited to meet this little guy! (And finally give him a name!!)

Reincarnation AU, Closed RP

New York at night was still a sight to behold. Looking down on it Nina was reminded of stars that twinkled in the sky above, but much livelier. The sight has not changed in the decades she was away, and that made her throat clog up with grief. 45 years ago in this very city she died. The one Nina loved so much. 

Lillya noticed the look on Nina’s face and pushed her to the edge of the skyscraper. “Not the time to open old wounds hun, I know it stil hurts but lets get this over with.”

Nina nodded, knowing everything she could say would come out tearful. She took a deep breath to calm down and focused on the mission. Go in, try to negotiate with the angels, and if it didn’t work. ‘banish’ them. No lingering, no hesitation, no thinking of Meeka.

And then she jumped, falling 70 stories and spreading her magic to land save and unnoticed on the sidewalk. Lets just get it over with.

New York : New Man (closed)


Anthony was sitting down on a bench a book in hand. He was waiting for his Parents to finish a meeting in the building behind him. Normally he would allowed to attend but this was a personal matter. He watched as his three god fathers talk and make jokes. Their eyes on him at all times, not that he minded. He paused from his book to stretch and look at the busy streets of York Town.