new york roof tops


Soaring over New York City.  One of the best experiences of my life.

(huge thanks to the folks at NY ON AIR for making it possible)

Photography by:  J.N. Silva || Instagram:  @jnsilva

stop, my sweet. I whisper to myself. stop. please. I plead at times. I’m growing, and yet I’m in the same place. Like a houseplant in perfect sun. 

I don't love you. I don’t want to. I won’t settle.

I’d rather sleep with all the windows open in 19 degree weather than keep them all closed and suffocate in the lukewarm stagnant air. 

10 years ago, I struggled to understand my place in a catholic high school with too many people who didn’t care about me because they were too busy caring about themselves. 5 years ago, I was fresh out of college with a beautiful sort of depth, that found me in New York on roof tops being admired and admiring, and in the back of cabs that felt like the first roller coaster I ever rode. 

I’ve never truly understood the concept of a partner, but my seemingly never ending craving for one has educated me in a way that seems fitting. 

Hold on. my sweet. We may be too young. I’ve whispered to myself. I’ve loved across distance. The distance disappears when the person on the other end leaves. 

Push, please. 

What if. It’s the most damaging start to an end I’ve ever known. I put too much stock in the initial touch of my hands to someone who I find a feeling towards. 

I have to survive. And I’m nearly sure I have to shed a part of me that houses more fear than strength. I’m sure. 

Life Of The Party

Pairing: Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: Swearing!!
Summary: Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?
A/N: I refuse to believe Pietro is dead so here you go this is for all my homegirls who are still in denial like me

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Finders Keepers (Raphael x Reader) Pt.2

I made a part two :3 and i figured out how to tag people! if no one has guessed it yet i obviously have a difficult time with technology so thank you all for your patience! (Tags: @pitrymcbride)

You’d known Raphael for about a month now and you were right the first time, he was certainly a handful (both figuratively and literally). He’d come by on Saturday nights when he could sneak out, if he could sneak out at all but really he came whenever he needed to vent.

“I swear, Leo’s just tryin to piss me off this time. He’s actually tryin to get me to screw up just ta make him look like the hero! Hero my shell, i could lead us better then him!”
“I feel like you have a lot of pent up anger that could be derived from a traumatic childhood, i think you need to talk to someone”
“Cut the crap will ya? your sarcasm is worse then mike’s constant buggin”
“Watch your tongue kiddo, i’m not afraid to kick your butt…if you have one? do turtles have an ass or am i just sensing your personality?”
“Ah shell…*chuckles*”

Raphael had to admit that you knew him pretty well for not knowing him for long, your sarcasm nearly matched his an well he was finding it very attractive.
Covering the floor in only a few long strides he shifted the curtain to peer out the window. Lucky him that his brothers patrol route went right past your apartment block, not wanting him to get caught you always closed the blinds. Though even you had your doubts about how long Raph could keep this up, keeping you secret was for your protection but lying to his brothers was different. Deep down you knew it was kinda wrong but for some reason you couldn’t bring yourself to kick the turtle to the curb. Sometimes you thought it was because he didn’t have anyone to vent to but you knew it wasn’t pity you felt towards him, it was utterly earth shattering, glass breaking, bleeding heart love.

“listen Raphie…We gotta talk”
“We’ve doin that the whole night ya know Doll”
“Smart ass, you know what i mean. Look i don’t mean to step on your toes but i think its time you told your brothers what you were up to. Considering the fact they jump on my roof every single night wondering where the heck you go off to in your path of wrath”
“Ah Shell Y/n, they don’t need ta know about ya”
“Raphael…You gotta take a step back, i’m serious-”
“I know your serious, Y/n you didn’t even take the opportunity to make fun of me only havin three damn toes, you always make fun of me with that stuff! dammit i don’t want to admit your right, cause ya know if i do its just gonna go to your head and that’s already big enough”

That big green brat winked at you as you rolled your eyes, thinking to yourself that this was going better then you thought. but then again Raph always surprised you, you took a deep breath and got out of your chair to lean beside him near the window. Looking up at the remains of your antique chandelier that the block head had crashed into the first night. Reminiscing about it just brought a smile to your face, as you looked him in the eyes and let out a soft sigh.

“you know you promised me you’d fix that damn thing”
“Huh? oh ya, i guess i did *chuckle* i think I’ve got to big of fingers to try and but those beads back up there”
“You’re probably right…Damn i cant remember what was going threw my head that night but i can tell ya i wasn’t expecting all this to happen”
“All what? your apartment in shambles and a giant turtle with forks in your living room?”
“Don’t forget you hog the couch mister, its something else…”

Looking up and just pulling out all the stops on your way up, wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him down just a bit and pressed your lips softly to his cheek. That didn’t stop there though, no Raphael always liked to one up you. Clutching your waist and pulling you a little ways off the ground, capturing your lips in a full kiss which seemed to last forever but only was a few moments before that dammed phone started ringing. Pulling apart and gasping for the air that you both needed he grumbled and quickly picked it up.

‘WHAT?!…Oh, uh ya…Be there in a sec…No, i ain’t messing around Donnie…Dragons?…oh ya you bet i’m there!”
“Lemme guess darlin you need to go kick some ass?”

He swooped you into his arms pressing  swift kiss to your cheek and smiled at you in his own flirtatious way.
“I ain’t done with ya doll! i’ll be back!”
“Raph we didn’t even finish our Conversation!- Ah damn he’s already gone, damned mutants”

You shook your head at your friends retreating figure as he faded into the darkness of the new York city roof tops, t think it had only been a short while ago that same ninja had sat on your couch covered in hello kitty band aids and watching the Housewives of new York with you, Then seconds later he’d be fighting the mobs and gangs that plagued the city. You really dug yourself a deep hole by getting yourself involved with him but who could say no to that face?!

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center Building 93

Kings Park, Long Island, New York

The view from up top on the roof of building 7 is incredible. You can see for miles and miles and you can even see Connecticut in the distance across the Long Island Sound. It never ceases to amaze me.

The entire PLL Mystery

I have been re-watching random Pretty Little Liars episodes and came up with a wonderful theory that ties together everything including A’s motive. This theory is incredibly satisfying to me and I hope it will be to whomever reads it. However, I have read other theories that are equally satisfying to read and we won’t know what the truth is until the finale.

Bethany and Charles

With that said, let me first start by saying Bethany and Charles are brother and sister. Bethany is both Mary Drake’s daughter and Spencer’s twin sister. Charles however is Bethany’s older brother and Mary’s biological son. Charles and Ezra are the same people.

Everything started with Radley. Mary Drake gave birth to her first child, a boy she named Charles who was later named Ezra Fitzgerald by his adoptive parents. Due to Mary’s mental state, she was deemed unfit to mother her own child. Jessica then adopts Charles. However this was not a sincere gesture. Jessica only adopted Charles for the monetary benefits she would receive (whether its inheritance or state adoptive benefits). A few years later, Mary has an affair with Peter to spite her sister Jessica for taking away her child. This affair led to the birth of Spencer and her twin Bethany. Spencer was then taken in by the Hastings, however Mary tried her best to keep her other child Bethany. She had two child taken away from her, she wasn’t about to let a third get taken.

Around the same time, Charles was admitted to Radley. Charles and Bethany found comfort in each other. Jessica continued to befriend both Charles and Bethany while secretly taking Charles out for ‘family’ outings. Charles never returned to his sister after his last outing and was then pronounced dead. Jessica’s position on the Radley committee helped her illegally orchestrate Charles’ adoption to a wealthy family who paid a hefty sum of money, taking away Mary’s child and Bethany’s best friend/brother. Shortly after this, Marion finds out about what Jessica did. Jessica pushed Marion off the building to cover up the whole thing and blamed Bethany for the crime. Bethany who was already considered unstable had very little chance to defend herself. She then begins to hate Jessica, as shown by her drawings below:

Fast forward a few years, Ezra tries desperately to find the truth about his real family while despising his current family. He finds Alison and hired Cece to befriend her so he can get close to her without her knowing anything. Meanwhile Alison’s mean teen ways had a lot of people wanting her dead. Mona AND Aria plans to frighten Alison and scare her straight sending all the cryptic A messages.

That Night

Alison did everything she could do to ensure that whoever was after her would not be able to fulfil their threats. Prior to that night Ezra sent a letter to Bethany disguised as Alison fearing that he could never fully reveal his self as Charles while Jessica is still around. He breaks off the relationship with Alison. Mona &/or Alison attacks Bethany mistaking her for Alison then flees the scene. Melissa buries Bethany after which Mary saves her by pulling her from the grave. She then attacks Alison thinking she was the one who invited her out from Radley and then attacked her. Mary witnesses the attack and agrees to bury Alison.

Mrs Grunwald then rescues Alison by pulling her out of the grave. 

If everyone who were buried got rescued then who is in the grave? Sara Harvey, that’s who. The real Sara Harvey who went missing on the same night. Sara may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I haven’t fully figured out who killed Sara and buried her but my bet is on Alison. After she escaped, she flees the hospital, finds Sara attacks her and buried her in the same place she was buried. Putting her bracelet on Sara as well. She then meets Mona who convinces her to run away. Aria goes throw a melt down over what she was involved in because Alison wasn’t supposed to ‘disappear’, it was only to scare her straight. Everyone continued their life.

Pilot and Mona’s reveal

At this point both Bethany and Alison disappears. Ezra returns to town to investigate what happened to his family that night. A body was discovered and is said to be Alison, Mona starts the game with the help of Ezra whom she doesn’t know is the real A. Ezra lets Mona get revealed then send Cece, his first helper, to further investigate. He learns that Alison is alive and is desperately trying to find her and Bethany. Bethany is hiding with Mary Drake who is supporting her. Alison is on her own.

After Mona’s reveal to Cece’s reveal

Cece distracted the girl with Red coat while A continues to find answers as to what happened to his family. A (Ezra) who is a writer and English teacher then comes up with a cover because he realises the girls are very close to discovering him. Alison is then discovered alive. He wins back their trust by orchestrating the whole stunt on the roof top in New York. The purpose of the dollhouse was the share his story while jogging the girl’s memory of ‘that night’.

Ezra (Charles) agreed to meet Jason because of his childhood connection to him. Until the cops showed up and A fled. 

It is revealed that Bethany is the dead girl in the grave. However, unbeknownst to Ezra and all the girls, Bethany is alive and well. Charles thinks Bethany is dead. Cece takes the fall for A.

After the 5-year time jump

Cece is institutionalised, Aria has moved on to someone else and there are still unknowns as to what happened that night. Ezra knows that Aria will return to attend Cece’s hearing. He devises a plan to get back with her (he truly fell in love with her). Ezra then kills Cece because she did not want to keep this secret anymore. Bethany then thinks Charles is dead.

Bethany investigates the girls by pretending to be Spencer at certain occasions. I believe she was the A-moji since it’s more typical of a young girl to use emojis than an older guy. After which I believe A.D. who is Charles took over the game again. AD (Charles/Ezra) is the one blackmailing Aria to test her love for him. Aria suspects it is Ezra but goes along with it as to not expose the fact that she knows. She secretly gets the help from Mona to uncover more dirt to prove/disprove it is him.

There are many more finer details I would like to include but this post is already lengthy. I may add to this in a subsequent post.

Hope you like it. Please comment your thoughts. :-)


i went to new york in February and realized i never posted any pictures from that trip on my tumblr. so here you go world.

i went to a lot of rooftops, climbed some fences and fire escapes, jumped in a boob jumpy castle, drank wayyyy too much coffee, and saw a lot of pretty places. it was great.


Portraits of myself by Krystal Pinto | 2014 | Acid Trip 

Heres a toast to the blunt that lasted 9 hours and the 

hypnotic movements of the clouds

The way the sun danced on our skin 

The way our hands danced on the canvas 

Sticky with Paint I looked down and saw the world form in the drying cracks of folding palms 

Your eyes glowed golden in the black light 

The way you made love left me speechless. 

Heres to the neon paint you finally got to use

Heres to you finally using it on me

Thank you for being my canvas 

Thank you for making me your muse

Most of all thank you for taking this Tripwith me.