new york port authority

NY/NJ Port Authority Police Officers Michael Wholey left and David LeMagne right last seen in this picture assisting in the evacuation on 9/11/01. They immediately ran back in to assist in further rescue, never to be seen alive again.

The Lincoln Tunnel 50th Anniversary

The Port Authority of NY & NJ General Services Department,New York, New York, 1987

#Onthisday in 1859, Nathan Ames from Michigan patented an invention he called “Revolving Stairs,” generally acknowledged as the world’s first escalator. However, Ames was unable to put his invention into practical use; and when he died in 1860 his revolving stairs had never been built. The earliest working escalator was patented in 1892 by Jesse W. Reno, and was actually introduced in 1896 as a novelty ride at Coney Island. #OnlyinNY
Photograph Information:
Port of New York Authority
[Commuters on escalators at Port Authority Bus Terminal.]
DATE: ca. 1955