new york pizza suprema


Sean and I went into the city last week to see Chiodos at Irving Plaza. Yeah, it’s 2004 again, get with the times. Sean mentioned he had visited New York Pizza Suprema on another recent trip to the city and thoroughly enjoyed it. Seeing as it was right outside of Penn Station, I figured it only made sense that I should check it out for myself.

Now I didn’t know this, but apparently Pizza Suprema is considered one of the best pizzerias in New York City by a number of people, including the guy who went to every pizzeria in Manhattan. They have signs on all the tables to remind you of this too, just in case you forget, which makes for a hell of a lot of pre-slice anticipation. When we walked in, they had an interesting (if not overwhelming) selection, out of which I chose a pepperoni and a chicken parm. Sean got a pepperoni. Before I go any further, let me just say that this place is EXPENSIVE. Two slices cost $7.50. Sean had to pay $3.75 for just a pepperoni which seemed just as ridiculous. At this point you must be like wow this place must have insane pizza!

…It did not. I opened with the chicken parm and will say I was pleasantly surprised by it. Chicken parm isn’t my favorite slice, but this place did a pretty bang-up job. Those sauce spots came in clutch and the chicken had that nice light colored breading on it, which I absolutely love. Right now you’re probably saying, “wtf this guy said it wasn’t good.” Well, the chicken parm was pretty solid, but the pepperoni was unbelievably lackluster. It tasted old and the cheese was bland and the pepperoni couldn’t even cover up the lack of taste. What a disappointment, especially for the price. I may have just gotten a bad slice, but overall I wasn’t impressed by “New York City’s Best Pizzeria.” I guess I’ll have to go back and try a plain slice, but until then I’m skeptical about this place.

Rating: 3/5