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Massimo Banzi’s 13 Rules for Open Source Projects

Adapted from a talk by Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino, presented at World Maker Faire 2011 in New York.

1. Don’t make something you don’t use yourself.

2. Know who you are making it for.

3. Know what you want out of it.

4. Make projects, not platforms.

5. Respect the intelligence of the beginner.

6. Experts are not the best advisors when you want to make tools for beginners.

7. If nobody complains you’re doing something wrong.

8. Including people is hard (but necessary)

9. Good hardware, good software, good explanations, and generous users make a great project

10. If you’re not prepared to have someone adapt, improve, clone, or trash your work, don’t share it.

11. Open source software doesn’t necessarily translate into a business model… open source hardware must.

12. Expect resistance… and conspiracy theories.

13. Don’t let the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing stop you.


Meet Race: The Rockstar Maker

Meet Race. Race loves comics. He also loves rocket science and rock music.

We first noticed Race in DIY Courses where his passion for the topics always exuded throughout all of his projects.

“When I took the Filmmaking camp, I learned how to use special effects without using special effects apps. In the Musical Mayhem camp, I learned to make unique musical instruments and desktop soundtracks. In the Inventor camp, I learned how to use everyday objects and turn them into cool creations.”

Race has a particular interest in Rocket Science, commenting on how since he was 3, he was drawn to exploring the mysteries of space. “I always wanted to know new things about it. Plus, for a couple of years now I’ve wanted to build a rocket. So as I was browsing camps I saw Rocket Science Camp and thought I could do a lot of stuff I’ve always wanted to do.”

Aside from being a rockstar maker, he’s well, an actual rockstar.

“…since I was a baby I’ve loved rock music. I’ve lived it, dreamed it and played it, which continue to do. I play drums at the School of Rock and want to become a drummer for a 70’s classic rock band, an 80’s arena rock band, and a 50’s, 60’s du wop rock band. I also want to use my music to make peace in the world.”

If you’re thinking that Race is a sort of Renaissance Man of his day, we totally think so too! Race is now 11-years-old and is a staple in the DIY and maker community. He attends the New York Maker Faire each year where he likes to dive into the year’s latest gadgets, inventions, and participates in creating his own gadgets at home.

“I have a workstation in my basement where I constantly invent, make, circuit bend and more.” When asked what he wants to do with his skills, he replies “I also want to be an inventor when I grow up and create the flying car.”

In his spare time, Race liked to hang out in his garage which he’s converted into a comic book store. “I have about 120 comics and about 20 toys. I open it every year, each year opening it more and more. I’m also a super 80’s guy. I love the 80’s. I watch 80’s movies, play 80’s video games, collect and play with 80’s toys, listen to 80’s music and more.”

Be sure to check out Race’s DIY portfolio!