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Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who defeated Joe Crowley in tonight’s primary. Not only will Queens–and the Bronx–have an opportunity to elect a youthful woman who reflects her diverse community, but also a self-described democratic socialist with a bold policy platform.

Exciting news!

George Salazar means the WORLD to me, the emotions he puts into Michael never fails to make me sob for a long time. I love him so much and my biggest regret will always be not buying a plane ticket to NYC to see BMC live


Blacksad: Under the Skin first screenshots. The game will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mac in 2019.


Blacksad: Under the Skin is based on the world of the comic book series Blacksad, created by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido and published by Dargaud.

For the first time, players will be able to see their hero John Blacksad in 3D, along with some of the game’s settings: the boxing club where his investigation begins or an alley in the city of New York, as imagined by Pendulo Studios and YS Interactive.

As part of this novelesque exclusive adventure, players will play the private detective John Blacksad, a cynical, seductive and nonchalant anthropomorphic cat.

“We want the player to discover all sides of John Blacksad’s complex personality and choose the one he wants to be,” said Pendulo Studios game designer Josue Monchan in a press release.


In 1950s New York, Joe Dunn, the owner of a humble boxing club is found hanged. At the same time, Robert Yale, his protege and greatest hope, is reported missing. Although overwhelmed by these terrible events, Joe Dunn’s daughter, Sonia, decides to continue working towards her father’s dreams: she takes over the boxing club and calls on John Blacksad to investigate this mysterious disappearance. It’s the eve of the fight of the year and the club, which is in serious financial difficulties, will not survive Robert’s withdrawal. The investigation will lead John Blacksad to the very heart of a world in which corruption reigns supreme.


I wanna preemptively have a talk about the Off-Broadway premiere of BMC, because some of y'all are crazy. You can think I’m mean, but I’m an NYC-based actor and I know how NYC theatre works.

Please, please, PLEASE be respectful when you are in the theatre. There will be people coming from different states, probably even different countries, to see this show. Some people will probably have spent more that $500, with tickets, planes, and hotels. Not only that, but there will - not might, WILL - be industry people coming to the shows. Press people, casting executives, and Broadway producers know how popular this show is, and will be in attendance to see if its worth putting money behind. Remember that, when you see any show, you are representing the type of people who will see that show. No producer is going to put hundreds of thousands of dollars behind a production where everyone is screaming at the boyf riends stuff, and they can’t hear half of the show because the audience was singing along. Now, this is not to say that you can’t have a good time and show your support for the show, but be respectful and mindful of others in attendance.

Second: Do NOT give Will Roland shit for being cast as Jeremy. Most of you guys are very supportive, but there is a frankly troubling number of people in this group that are quite honestly just fat-shaming Will for being “too big to play a lanky teenager”. Jeremy, like everyone else in Be More Chill, does not have a set body type, and that was intentional. Body-casting and look-casting are notorious problems in NYC theatre, and it leads to a lot of actors developing eating disorders. NEVER bully or shame an actor, or any other human being for that matter, for their size or the way they look. It’s cruel, and if you truly believe that Will can’t play Jeremy solely because of whatever number his scale hits when he stand on it, you don’t belong in this community. On another note, don’t give any of the other new actors crap, or any of the original actors crap for not being a part of this production.

Three, and I feel like this really needs to be said to some of you, actors are never required to stage door, or sign anything for you, or take pictures with you. I know that you spent a lot of money to go see them, but they signed away MONTHS, sometimes even YEARS of their life away to this job, sacrificed early mornings and late nights, and battled through illness and mental weakness to put on an amazing show for you. You do not inherently deserve to make them write their name on a playbill. They could be sick, or really sad about any number of things, and might not have the energy to talk to people. If an actor is trying to sneak out, don’t draw attention to them. They’re sneaking for a reason. And if you have gifts or fanart, or hell, REALLY want a playbill signed, just give them to the security guard at the stage door. They personally make sure that everyone gets their presents. If you want something signed, write a little note with your address on it and they’ll mail it to you. Actors love their fans, but don’t always have the energy to say hi to them.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, DO NOT FILM THIS SHOW FOR A BOOTLEG. NYC is a much different city than Red Bank or Lakewood. In NYC, there are LAWS in place that prohibit unauthorized filming in theatres. If you’re caught, they won’t just make you delete the video. You could get charged with fines of copyright infringement for each member of the cast, and the totals would make your head spin. Yes, I agree that theatre should be accessible for everyone, but don’t risk legal action against you for it. Instead, I feel like we should petition Joe, or the Signature Theatre, or whatever producer is attached to this show for them to film the show one night and let those wonderful fans who couldn’t make it see it. Even if they wanted to charge $20 for the DVD or something, that would sure as hell be a lot easier for a large chunk of the people in this group.

TL;DR: Don’t be crazy little shits at the show, stop bullying Will Roland and other actors, actors don’t owe you anything beyond their performance, and don’t film bootlegs of this production.

Love you guys, be good to each other.