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His Dream

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 6886

Author’s Note: This is long and full of fluff. I really hope you guys like this. I put the Met’s game he had pitched in it, along with a tiny bit of the premiere he had the next day. I like it, a lot. Thanks to @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me and giving me some ideas and @dumbass-stilinski for her Met’s knowledge and helping me with some of the names of the players! Enjoy!

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I walked out of our building’s elevator, groceries in hand as I went on the weekly shopping since Dylan eats a lot of food throughout the week. You’d think he’d be fat by now, but nope. Still skinny and I couldn’t be anymore jealous.

I attempted to unlock the door without putting the bags down. I hate having to make more work for myself as I groan, dropping the keys to the floor. As I was about to bend down and attempt to pick them up, the door opened, Dylan standing on the other side of it. 

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Ever Since New York

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After his junior year, Jughead goes to New York for a writing internship.  

Warnings: some swearing, you might cry

Word count: 4,574

A/N: umm first of all thank you for 7000 followers?? holy crap. anywho wowowow this is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written. It’s based off of the song “Ever Since New York” from Harry Styles’s album (which I love btw).  This is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever written tbh. Hope you all enjoy!

Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do

After years of saving the money he earned at the Twilight Drive-In and other odd jobs, Jughead finally had enough to buy a plane ticket to New York.  He had discovered a writing internship there that he knew he had to do. It didn’t take much effort to convince his dad to allow him to go; in fact, FP even offered to pitch in some money. Jughead refused, claiming that he wanted to do this all on his own.  He wanted to deserve this internship as much as possible.

He started talking to Veronica frequently, asking her about her time in New York.  She, of course, gladly answered all of Jughead’s questions.  She was glad to finally bond with her boyfriend’s best friend.  

Jughead also pestered Betty with questions, seeing as she had done an internship similar to his two summers ago.  It was a bit awkward at first, since the two of them used to date.  However, they both got over their awkwardness for the sake of preparing Jughead for his internship.

“It’s really amazing,” Betty told him.  “It’s a great experience, and you’ll learn so much.”

“What are other people like?” Jughead inquired.  “Are they pricks?”

“Sometimes,” Betty laughed. “It depends.  Do you know how many other people are participating in the internship?”

“Just one,” he answered, shrugging.  “I don’t know who it is though.”

“Well, if they’re a jerk then that’s gonna suck,” she offered.  “But if they’re nice, they may become one of the closest friends you’ll ever have.”


“Yeah,” Betty replied and nodded.  “You’re gonna spend all summer with this other person.  They’re either gonna drive you up the wall or become your new best friend.”

I need something, tell me something new
Choose your words, ‘cause there’s no antidote
For this curse, oh, what’s it waiting for?
Must this hurt you just before you go?

“Have fun in New York, Jug.” FP patted his son on the back as they stood at the airport gate.  Betty, Veronica, Archie, Fred Andrews, and Kevin stood behind FP, all wearing supportive smiles.  Jughead glanced around at the group who followed him to the airport, filled with admiration of his friends and family.

“Thank you guys,” he said, fighting back a giant grin.  “You didn’t all have to come, though.”

“Of course we did,” Fred Andrews argued.  “We’re not gonna see you all summer, Jughead.  We have to give you a proper send-off.”

“Well, proper send-off achieved,” Jughead laughed.  He watched as others in the line began to move.  “I guess I should go now.  Thanks for this.  See you all in August.”  As he turned on his heel and walked away, the group of six gleefully waved at Jughead’s retreating figure.

“You aren’t worried about Jughead all alone in a giant city?” Fred asked FP as they exited the airport.

“Nah,” FP responded, waving his hand.  “He’s a smart kid, he’ll find his way.”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

“Hi, I’m Jughead Jones,” he introduced himself at the front desk.  “I’m here for the writing internship.”

The lady sitting behind the desk glanced up at Jughead.  “Ah, yes! We’ve been expecting you, Mr. Jones!” she exclaimed, standing from her chair.

“Oh, am I late?” Jughead inquired.  

The lady shook her head. “Oh no, not at all.  Your counterpart just got here early, so we’ve been waiting for you to start.”

“My counterpart?”

“Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” she gestured to a girl sitting on a chair against the wall, flipping through a magazine.  The girl perked up when she heard her name, and saw Jughead and the receptionist staring at her.

“Is this him?” (Y/N) questioned, standing up and setting the magazine down.  Jughead noticed it was a TIME magazine.  

“Yes,” the receptionist answered.  “(Y/N), this is Jughead Jones.”  Jughead stuck his hand out to shake, and (Y/N) firmly shook his hand.

“I hope you’re not an asshole,” she blatantly said as they released hands, “because we’re gonna be stuck with each other all summer.”

“I was thinking the same thing about you,” he quipped.  

(Y/N) raised her eyebrow in interest.  “Quick-witted,” she noted with a smirk forming on her face.  “I like it.”

“You better,” Jughead fired back, biting back a grin.  “Like you said, we’ll be around each other all summer.”

“If we were together any longer, I’d worry about you falling in love with me,” she jokingly warned. “So be careful.”

Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news
There’s no water inside this swimming pool

“When’d you get here?” (Y/N) asked as she and Jughead exited the building, their first day of the internship finished.

“Two days ago,” Jughead answered with his hands in his pockets.  “What about you?”

“Last week.”  Her pace was quick, and she seemed determined to get somewhere.  “Are you hungry?  Because I’m starving.”

“I would love some food,” Jughead almost moaned at the thought of food.  He was only able to scarf down a small lunch in the midst of the business.

“I know this great burger place,” (Y/N) explained as she led the way to the restaurant.  “It’ll make every other burger you’ve ever eaten seem like a pile of shit on a bun.”

“I doubt that,” Jughead scoffed.  “There’s a diner where I’m from that makes the best burgers you’ll ever eat.”

“Where are you from?”

“Riverdale,” he said. “Pop’s diner, that’s what it’s called. If you ever find yourself in Riverdale, stop by Pop’s.  Trust me, you’ll thank me.”

“Well we’re not in Riverdale right now, Jughead Jones,” (Y/N) reminded him.  “So you should thank your lucky stars that I am your counterpart, because I’ve been here for the past week. You know what I’ve been doing for that week?  Exploring, Jones.  I have tried and evaluated twenty-one restaurants, and I know where to go for whatever you’re craving.”

“What if I’m craving Korean food?” he quizzed.

“32nd street, there’s a great Korean grill,” she immediately responded.


“There’s a quaint little place on 135th street.”

“What if I want to get wasted?” Jughead smirked.

“There’s a club a couple of blocks away with shitty security,” (Y/N) answered with a smirk equally as wide.  “Or maybe I was just an exception, seeing as how attractive I am.”

“I think you overestimate yourself,” he scoffed, playfully rolling his eyes.  

(Y/N) lightly slapped him on the arm.  “I do not!” she retaliated.  

“Whatever, keep lying to yourself.”  Jughead quickened his pace, leaving (Y/N) behind him.

“Hey!” she called out, rushing to catch up to him.  “You better not leave me!  You don’t even know where you’re going.”

“You’re still here,” he noted, casually wrapping his arm around her shoulders.  “Lead the way, (Y/N).”

Almost over, had enough from you
And I’ve been praying, I never did before

“God, this food sucks,” (Y/N) whispered, gesturing towards the plates of Japanese food sitting in front of her and Jughead.  “That place we ate at last week was so much better.”

“True,” Jughead agreed with a mouthful of food.  “But this place is cheaper.”

“Rightfully so!” she exclaimed, jabbing at her tofu with a chopstick.  Jughead silently laughed and shook his head, continuing to eat his fried rice.  He watched as (Y/N) picked at her dish, examining each aspect of the meal.  

It had been three weeks since their internship had begun, and Jughead and (Y/N) quickly became close friends.  They bonded over the overwhelming amount of work at their internship and their food-discovering adventures.  Jughead didn’t know how he would’ve survived an entire summer in New York without (Y/N) by his side.  They even stayed at the same hotel, so during a sleepless night, one would wake the other and stay up all night talking.  On those nights, they would drink hot chocolate.

“I’ve got the check tonight, Jug,” (Y/N) said, snapping Jughead out of his thoughts as she took the bill from the waitress.  Jughead furiously shook his head.

“No, (Y/N), you got dinner yesterday,” he protested, reaching out towards the bill.  “I’ll cover it tonight.”

“You got lunch!” she exasperatedly exclaimed.  “I can handle it.  Dinner wasn’t even expensive last night or tonight.”  

Jughead huffed as the waitress returned and took (Y/N)’s money.  “Fine,” he pouted, “but we’re gonna go out for desert, and I’m paying for it.”


“Ice cream?” Jughead offered, standing from his chair.  (Y/N) followed suit, and they exited the diner.  She slowly grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers.

“I’m feeling frozen yogurt tonight,” she countered his offer, grinning up at him.

“What’s the difference?” Jughead playfully scoffed, trying not to blush at their hand-holding.  They had started doing it last week after he almost lost (Y/N) in a giant mass of people.

“I swear to God, Jug, you said the same thing last week, and I explicitly explained it to you.”  (Y/N) rolled her eyes.  “Ice cream is-”

“Made with cream, whereas frozen yogurt is a yogurt-based treat,” Jughead quoted what (Y/N) had told him last week.

“I knew you paid attention to me.”

Understand I’m talking to the walls
I’ve been praying ever since New York

In the middle of the night, the phone started ringing.  Jughead, still half-asleep, answered it with his eyes remaining shut.  

“You can come over,” he said, not waiting for the caller to initiate the conversation.

“Okay,” (Y/N)’s quiet voice responded, and she hung up.  A few moments later, a soft knock resonated through Jughead’s hotel room.  He rolled off of his bed, throwing on a t-shirt, and opened the door.  (Y/N) stood in the doorway, slightly shaking.  

“You cold?” Jughead murmured.  (Y/N) wordlessly nodded.  He gently grabbed her arm and led her inside, shutting the door behind them.  He stripped the blanket off from his bed and draped it over her shoulders, wrapping (Y/N) in the soft white material.  (Y/N) smiled up at him.

“Why do you put up with me?” she asked, sitting on his bed.  Jughead mimicked her actions and sat next to her.

“What do you mean?” he questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

“How are you not sick of me?” she elaborated.  “I mean, we’ve been constantly hanging out for, what, a month and a half now?  You know if I’m annoying you, you can just tell me. I’ll back off.”

“Why would you annoy me?” he asked, slowly wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her into his lap. “You’re the best part about this internship.”

“You’re full of shit.”

“I’m not,” Jughead lightly laughed, slightly nudging her.  “I’m serious, (Y/N).  Before I came, I was asking my friend Betty about internships.  She did one two years ago, so she knew what she was talking about. She told me that the people I’ll meet during this internship will either drive me up the wall or become one of my closest friends.”

“So I haven’t driven you up the wall?” (Y/N) inquired with a tentative smile.

“Of course not,” Jughead laughed loudly this time.  A moment of silence ensued, both (Y/N) and Jughead overwhelmed by sleepiness.

“Is Betty your girlfriend?” (Y/N) broke the silence, staring up at Jughead.

“No,” he muttered, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.  “She was,” he admitted, “but not anymore.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing bad,” he shrugged. “Sometimes things just don’t work out, you know?”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) muttered. “I had a boyfriend.”

“Really?  That’s shocking.”

“Shut up!” she whined, elbowing him.  “Yes, I had a boyfriend.  He was actually a total dickhead.”

“How?” Jughead asked, growing concerned.  

(Y/N) looked up at him and giggled.  “Oh, you’re worried,” she cooed, placing a hand on his chin.  Jughead swatted it away.

“Sue me,” he retorted, but then grew serious.  “But really, what happened?”

“Nothing bad,” she replied, facing away from Jughead.  “We were dating for a while, and… I don’t know.  He never really supported me in anything.  He wasn’t nice to any of my friends, and I didn’t notice for so long because I was so fucking smitten.  Eventually it hit me one day, and I realized that he was horrible.  So, naturally, I dumped him.”

“As one does,” Jughead nodded, nonchalantly tracing patterns on (Y/N)’s right arm with his thumb.  

(Y/N) slumped and sighed. “What time is it?”

Jughead glanced at the clock with its blaring, bright red numbers.  “Three o’clock.”

“Jesus,” she muttered, rubbing her eyes.  “I should… I should get back to my room.”  She jumped off the bed and trekked towards the door, her bare feet dragging on the carpet.

“Wait,” Jughead commanded, grabbing her arm.  “Don’t go, it’s too late.”

“You say that as if I have to walk across New York City,” (Y/N) joked.  “It’s fine, Jug, my room is down the hall.  I’m not gonna get mugged.”

“No, but you may fall over before you reach your room,” he countered with a lighthearted smirk. “Just stay here tonight, okay?” (Y/N), too tired to argue, needed no more convincing as she turned around and climbed into Jughead’s bed. He laid down, patting the space next to him.  (Y/N) tentatively settled next to him, slowly resting her head on the neighboring pillow. “You can get closer than that, you know,” he told her, amused by her unusually timid nature.  She hesitantly scooted closer to him, until she was near enough for Jughead to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her against his chest.  “That’s better,” he whispered into her hair.  She draped one arm around his torso, the other arm tucked under their now-shared pillow.

“Night, Jug,” she murmured, eyes already closed.  He smiled at her.

“Goodnight, (Y/N).”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

“Oh, Jughead, how is it?” Betty eagerly asked, her face displayed on his laptop screen.  

“It’s been great,” Jughead answered.  

“What restaurants have you tried?” Veronica questioned from her spot next to Betty.

“A bunch,” he vaguely replied.  “(Y/N) is attempting to try every restaurant in New York City.  I think it’s impossible, but she’s determined.”

“Who is (Y/N)?” Archie inquired, popping his head into the camera’s view.  

Jughead laughed, “Where do I begin?  She’s my ‘counterpart’ for the internship.  We’ve become very close.”

“I told you,” Betty grinned. Jughead nodded.

“You were right,” he admitted.  “Right when I met her, I… I don’t know, it just felt like something clicked between us. We’re inseparable.”  Betty’s expression slightly darkened, but Jughead waved it off as a bit off jealousy.

“Ah, you’ve got it bad, bro,” Archie laughed at his best friend.  Jughead rolled his eyes.

“It’s not like that, Arch,” he explained.  “It’s like Betty said, you grow really close to people when you spend so much time together.”

“But you don’t blush when you talk about them,” Veronica noted, pointing out Jughead’s dusty pink cheeks.

“You’re imagining things,” Jughead scoffed.  Betty, Archie, and Veronica shared a knowing glance.

“If you say so,” Veronica sing-songed.  Before Jughead could respond, there was a knock on his door.  A smile subconsciously grew on his face.

“Speaking of (Y/N),” he said, standing up and walking towards the door.  He opened it, and, as expected, (Y/N) stood there.

“Are we going or not, Jug?” she pressed, grabbing his hand.  “I told you the line for the rainbow bagels is super long.  I don’t want to spend all of Saturday waiting for one, even though they’re so fucking pretty.”

“I’m video chatting with my friends right now,” Jughead told her, gesturing towards his open laptop. “Can you wait like five more minutes?”

“Fine,” (Y/N) huffed, crossing her arms.  She stepped into his room, allowing him to close the door behind her.  She followed him as he sat back down in front of his laptop, resting her chin on his shoulder as she peered at the screen. “These are your friends?”

“Yeah,” he confirmed. “That’s Archie,” he gestured towards the redhead, “the blonde one is Betty, and that one is Veronica.”  (Y/N) smiled at Jughead’s Riverdale friends.

“You must be (Y/N),” Betty smiled.  “Jughead was just talking about you.”

“Of course he was,” (Y/N) joked, nudging his arm.  Jughead playfully shoved her back.

“So how’s it been? Three months with the infamous Jughead Jones?” Veronica inquired with a smirk dancing on her lips.  

“Well it hasn’t been three months quite yet,” (Y/N) corrected her.  “I’ve only gotta deal with this guy for two more weeks.” Jughead’s face slightly deflated as this realization hit him.  “Let me tell you, he’s quite the handful.”

“We know,” Archie laughed. Jughead opened his mouth to say something, but (Y/N) interrupted him.

“Shit, I left my phone in my room!” she exclaimed, standing up.  “I’ll be right back, Jug.”  She turned and faced the laptop.  “It was great talking to you guys.  I hope we can meet sometime!”  She quickly exited Jughead’s room.  Immediately, Veronica, Archie, and Betty bombarded him about (Y/N)

“She’s perfect,” Veronica cooed.  “She’s actually flawless, Jughead.”

“You lucked out, bro,” Archie told him.  “She’s a keeper.”

“She’s absolutely amazing, Jughead,” Betty smiled.  Jughead grinned and shook his head.

“You guys, I told you-”

“Don’t even go there,” Veronica interrupted him.  “That girl is absolutely perfect for you.  The way you two look at each other is… it seems like it’s from a fairytale. You two are soulmates, Jughead.

“She does seem great, Jug,” Archie agreed with her.  “I mean, I’ve never seen you like that with anyone.  No offense, Betty.”

“None taken, Archie,” she waved his comment off.  “They’re right though, Jug.  You never looked at me the way you look at (Y/N).”  Jughead couldn’t think of a clever retort.  “But be careful, Jughead.  Like (Y/N) said earlier, you two only have two more weeks together. If you haven’t done anything up to this point, you might want to consider whether or not it’s worth it to start something now.  Just ask yourself, is it worth the heartbreak that’ll happen when you have to leave her?” She pursed her lips as she watched Jughead’s face darken on her screen.

“Thanks guys,” he said halfheartedly.  “Really, thank you.  I’ll see you all in two weeks.”

Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do
Tell me something just before you go

“Our last day!” (Y/N) exclaimed, prancing into Jughead’s hotel room.  After the video call he had two weeks ago ended, he decided to give her a key to his room.  “Our internship is over, and we have one last night to spend together, Jug.  Out of every place in all of New York City, where do you want to go, Jughead Jones?” she asked seductively, a coy smirk growing on her face.

“I’m feeling burgers tonight,” Jughead answered, trying to stop his expression from deflating.  “And then maybe we can get some cupcakes?”

“I like it!” she grinned. She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the room, beginning the trek to their favorite restaurant.  “Jesus, I can’t believe it’s been three months already.”

“I know,” he agreed.  “It seems like my plane landed just yesterday.”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) breathed. They spent the rest of their walk in silence, choosing to listen to the bustling New York traffic.  

The waitresses at the restaurant, at this point, knew Jughead and (Y/N) as regulars.  They didn’t even bother giving them menus, knowing exactly what each of them would order.

“You two are my favorites,” the waitress whispered as she set their burgers in front of them.

“Thank you,” (Y/N) grinned. “I’m sorry to say, but it’s our last day here.”

“Oh,” the waitress sighed. “Well, you two better visit.  I don’t know what I’ll do without my favorite regulars.”  She walked away, leaving (Y/N) and Jughead to enjoy their burgers.

“You know,” Jughead noted through a mouth full of burger, “I don’t know how you’ve tried almost every restaurant in New York City while becoming a regular here.”

“Talent, Jug,” she told him, wiping her mouth on a napkin.  “It takes a hell of a lot of talent.”

They finished dinner and went to their favorite bakery to get cupcakes.  On their walk back to the hotel, they fell into silence once again. It wasn’t broken until they entered Jughead’s hotel room.  By now, almost all of (Y/N)’s stuff ended up in here.  They found it easier, rather than constantly having to switch back and forth between rooms to grab their stuff.

“So that was our last day,” (Y/N) claimed, flopping onto the bed.  Jughead stood by the bedside, crossing his arms with an amused smile.

“Unfortunately, it was,” he nodded.  He jumped next to her on the bed, earning a shriek from (Y/N).  He swallowed as he stared at her, knowing what he had to tell her. “Do you remember what you said to me on the first day we met?”

“That I know where to go for whatever you’re craving,” she answered with a grin.  Jughead laughed and shook his head.

“No, the other thing.”

“I hope you’re not an asshole because we’re gonna be stuck together all summer?” she offered.  He shook his head again.


“I called you quick-witted?”


“What is it?” (Y/N) demanded, sitting up so that she was hovering over Jughead as he remained laying down.

“You told me that if we were together any longer than just the summer, I might fall in love with you,” he explained, sitting up so that they were face-to-face.  (Y/N)’s grin slightly faded.

“Oh,” she murmured.  “Yeah, I did say that.”

“You were wrong,” Jughead said, trying to keep his voice steady.  He slowly grabbed her right hand.

“Really?” she asked as her eyes followed Jughead’s hand.

“Betty told me to be careful,” he explained, “because we’re not gonna be together that long.  And she was right.  I mean, why would we risk an immense amount of heartbreak just for the sake of a blissful few weeks together?”  When (Y/N) said nothing, he continued.  “So I figured I could just suck it up and get through the rest of our time together and not say anything.  It was a good plan, but you… you ruined it.”

“Sorry,” she quipped with a small smirk.  Jughead lovingly rolled his eyes.

“No you’re not,” he laughed. “You’re not sorry, and you shouldn’t be. Within the three months we’ve spent together, I’ve grown closer to you than I ever have with anyone else.  Hell, my ex-girlfriend said that we were great together.”

“She did?”

“Yeah,” he responded, grabbing her hands.  “Jesus, (Y/N), I’m in love with you.  I’m fucking in love with you, and it sucks.  It sucks because I don’t know if I’m ever gonna see you again.  And this is gonna cause so much heartbreak, for me at least, and maybe you too.  I just… I can’t keep it from you anymore.  But I also think, deep down, you already knew how I felt.”  Tears clouded (Y/N)’s eyes, and her lips quivered as she quickly enveloped Jughead in a hug.

“Fuck,” she whispered into his neck.  “Fuck, of course I love you, Jughead.”  He pulled himself out of her grip and stared at her, stroking his hand across her cheek. They both leaned in, pressing their foreheads against each other.  Their lips ghosted over each other, only millimeters apart.

“If I kiss you-”

“If you kiss me, everything is gonna go to shit, Jug,” she interrupted him.  He nodded but didn’t pull away.  They sat there like that on his bed on a minute, (Y/N) sitting on Jughead’s lap with her arms around his neck, foreheads touching and lips barely brushing.

The tension grew unbearable, so (Y/N) closed the gap and pressed her lips against his, trying to express what she had been feeling for the past three months.  

Jughead, too, attempted to convey every pent up confession he had, wishing that kisses could speak. He wanted his hands, which were encircling her waist, to tell her how she charmed him with her wit.  He wanted his eyes, which were closed with pleasure, to tell her how beautiful she was, especially when she trudged into his hotel room at three in the morning.  He wanted his lips, which were pressed against hers, to tell her how much he loved her.  He loved her, he loved her, and he wanted to keep saying it for the rest of his life.

For the sake of oxygen, the two pulled apart.  They kept their foreheads resting against each other.  

“Everything’s gone to shit,” (Y/N) whispered, and Jughead burst out into laughter.  (Y/N) followed suit by giggling, and their still-entangled limbs caused them to fall onto the bed so that (Y/N) was laying on top of Jughead. This only caused the pair to laugh harder.  

When their chuckles finally died down, (Y/N) climbed off from on top of Jughead and laid next to him, resting her head on his chest.  She combed her hand through his raven locks.

“I’m sorry that I fell in love with you,” Jughead apologized, kissing the top of her head. They were slowly falling asleep.

“Thank you for falling in love with me,” (Y/N) whispered, eyes fluttering shut.  “It may have all gone to shit, but it was worth it.”

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

Jughead stepped off the plane and saw his dad and friends standing at the gate, excitedly waiting for him.  He didn’t say anything, he didn’t even bother smiling.  Immediately, everyone understood.  

While they were awaiting Jughead’s plane’s arrival, Betty, Veronica, and Archie explained to the rest of the group about (Y/N).  They told them about how Jughead spent three months falling in love with this girl, and they explained that they had never seen Jughead look so smitten before.  

“How was New York, Jug?” FP asked, taking Jughead’s suitcase from him.  Jughead shrugged.

“It was nice.”

“Good food?” he questioned, trying to get his son to open up.  Jughead nodded tiredly.

“Yeah, food was great,” he replied monotonously.

“And the internship?”

“Helpful,” Jughead responded.  “I think it’ll help me improve as a writer.”

“That’s good,” FP said, raking a hand through his hair.  “You had another person with you, right?”  FP noticed Jughead tense up at this.

“Yeah,” he answered quietly. “Yeah, I had a counterpart.”

“What was she like?” Jughead looked up at his dad.

“You already know who it is,” he replied, shaking his head.  “Who told you, Betty?”  FP pursed his lips.

“Yeah, her and Archie and Veronica.  But listen, Jug, you’re going to have your heart broken countless other times.  You’ll get over this girl,” he attempted to comfort Jughead.

“Dad, she wasn’t just a girl,” he protested.  “She was amazing and quick-witted, and I fell in love with her and then everything went to shit.  But the worst part is that it’s okay, because she loved me too.  She fucking loved me, and I kissed her, and now I may never see her again.”

“Well if you loved her that much, you may see her again,” FP shrugged.  “Fate is a tricky thing, son, but the universe seems to cooperate better if you love someone.”

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first dance

requested: by yours truly

warnings: i don’t think there are any! there’s a mention of a nude pic, but there’s no description of it

pairings: tom holland x reader

summary: you and tom have gotten incredibly close, and he eventually asks you to visit him in los angeles for a special night.

a/n: this one is REALLLLY long, but i liked it. this is a gender neutral one as well, except there is a mention of the reader wearing a gown. clothes are gender neutral, but i just thought i’d let you all know!!

thank you for reading it!!! i love you all so much

  • your first year of college is over, and it is now time to go out and live your life the way you’d like to! for a month or two anyway
  • you were finally able to expand your career choice!!
  • you were accepted into an internship which took place in new york. the internship lasted the summer, and it was all expenses paid. apartment and all.
  • you were in new york for awhile, and one day you matched with a famous actor on tinder
    • you were a little cautious of the profile, because let’s be honest, there are sooo many fakes out there these days
    • either way, you messaged him.
    • “jesus, are you really tom holland?”
    • he would respond a couple of hours later with “Yup! It’s me in the flesh. Or on the screen lol”
    • you were still skeptical, because this was just confirmation over text
    • while you were deciding what to message him, he sent another message, “You probably don’t believe me, though. Do you live in New York?”
    • you would reply with “no, i’m here for an internship.”
    • he would say “Same here! Kinda. I’m here for a movie. How long are you here for?”
    • which would get a response of “i’ve been here for about a month and three weeks. i leave next wednesday.”
    • “Ah, I better make my move quickly then, huh? 😉”
    • “listen, you’re cute and all, but i’m not looking for a hookup.”
    • “Oh, me either. I was leading up to ask you if you wanted to go out to dinner with me or something before you go.”
    • “OH!! god i’m so sorry, that’s all i’ve gotten on on this app lmao”
    • “It’s fine! All I’ve ever gotten is “OMMMMMGGGG YOURE TOM HOLLAND I LOOOOOVE YOUR LAST MOVIE” and when I ask which one, they always say Homecoming.”
    • “well, that is a huge movie.”
    • “Yeah, but like-” which was interrupted with a response from you
    • “plus i personally haven’t seen a huge movie with you in it since.”
    • “So you’re not my number 1 fan?”
    • “…do you want me to be…”
    • “…Can u pretend to be…”
  • with this new introduction, you took a chance and agreed to go to dinner with tom the following day
    • you told him you didn’t want to go to an outrageously expensive restaurant just in case things didn’t work out
      • more importantly, just in case this wasn’t actually tom, you could bail and not make whoever it is have to pay a huge bill
      • or if they bailed, you wouldn’t be stuck with a huge bill
    • you both agreed to go to a little diner not too far from where you were staying
    • he was a little late, and you started to get worried
    • but eventually, he rushed through the doors, and started to search around until he finally seen you waving at him
      • you were a little shocked because it was actually him wtf
    • he introduced himself, and started talking about how he tried to be fashionably late, but ended up getting caught in traffic for a really long time
    • you said it was all alright, and that you hadn’t even ordered yet
  • that being said, you both ordered together, and started talking about yourselves.
    • he started the conversation off with something random, like “so how many cats do you have”
    • “where i’m in college, i have no animals of my own.”
    • “perfect.”
    • “don’t you mean purrfect?”
    • “NO.”
    • “do you dislike cats or something, tom?”
    • “i’m allergic. so yes.”
    • “ah. good to know for future birthday presents”
  • the rest of the night went on with little conversations like that, and it eventually lead up to the classic talk about high school
    • “so, let me get this straight,” you would start, “you’re like the physical embodiment of peter parker in school?”
    • he’d nod with a mouthful of spaghetti and mumble, “yup. what about you?”
    • you’d copy him and scoop a forkful of your meal into your mouth and say “personally, i would be (your favorite fictional character)”
    • he would laugh and start saying that the only thing that didn’t fit into place, was the dances/proms they had, “i would always ask someone, or someone would ask me. i guess that’s a good thing!”
    • you would be taking a sip of your drink to wash down your food, and you’d kind of give a soft ‘ah’ type of laugh, and you would speak out while you sat your cup down, “that’s nice. i never really got asked to any dances, or anything. i haven’t really even had a proper first dance, if that tells you anything.” you’d be playing with your food the entire time you spoke, and tom would be watching your fork while listening.
    • he’d gently reply with, “really? someone as charming as you didn’t get asked?”
    • you shrugged, “yeah, i don’t know. people were asking their partners, and i was practically the only one without a date. but, lets not get sad.”
    • you would change the conversation, and ask about something that had a happy connotation
  • after the date, you and tom walked out of the restaurant to be greeted by the city lights, and traffic.
    • “so, did you drive here?” tom would say while you two walked a little ways away from the diner.
    • “nah, i walked. like i said, i’m only about ten minutes from here.”
    • “ohh, yeah. that’s right. you walked here alone?”
    • “no? did you not see the guy sitting beside us in the diner?”
    • he’d be like “NO what the fuck where?”
    • and you’d joke around like “i’m kidding. i can handle myself, tom. plus i got me some pepper spray.”
    • he’d chuckle out, “i believe you. but do you want me to walk you home? it is getting a bit dark.”
    • you would shrug with a smug smile, and say “if you want. you don’t have to though.”
    • boy would literally insist, so on you two went
      • the walk was filled with little laughs, and some banter.
    • once you reached the doors of your apartment building, you turned to tom and said thank you for the night.
    • he returned the favor, and asked if he could get your number.
    • he handed you his phone, you typed in your number, and name with a little emoji beside of it, and handed it back to him.
    • you two said goodnight to each other, and before you even got through the door, tom texted you saying “Nice to be on a phone nuber basis”
    • you turned to him after reading the text and said, “nuber?”
    • which he made a disappointed look and said “it was supposed to say number. i was in a rush.”
    • you’d giggle and say, “okay nuber,” and walk through the doors, leaving tom in the city evening.
      • p.s. nuber was an on going joke for years

  • you and tom had known each other for a couple of months now
  • you two haven’t officially started dating yet, but you were more of a couple than anything
  • you two also didn’t get to see each other as much, because you both left new york, and were back in your original places.
  • word had spread at your college that you and tom had a thing going on, mainly because of the pictures the paparazzi took of you two in new york.
  • so when you finally went back to college, some people would just stare, others would ask you how it felt like to date a celebrity, and others couldn’t care less.
  • a week into classes, you video chatted tom and talked about all of these people trying to befriend you all of a sudden, and how it kind of got on your nerves.
    • “that’s how being famous is, baby doll.”
    • “you’re the famous one in this relationship, thomas.”
    • “relationship? oooo are you asking me out?”
    • “no, thomas.”
    • “C’MOOOOOON Y/N”
    • “NO TOM”
    • “Y/N”
    • “TOM”
    • “ASK ME OUT”
    • “NOoOOooOOOoOO”
      • he would pout the rest of the time on video chat
  • regardless of whether or not you two were actually dating or not, you still missed each other like you were.
  • when november came around, tom asked about your plans for thanksgiving.
    • “i don’t support the mass genocide of the real founders of this country, and the ‘celebratory’ dinner that comes after. why?”
    • “not the answer i expected. so you don’t eat a feast, or anything?”
    • “my family doesn’t know about my hatred, so i have to.”
    • “ohh.”
    • “yeahh. do you want to come up or something? stay a few days?”
    • “sure. i think the directer is calling for a few days off for thanksgiving anyway.”
    • “nice. it’ll be nice to see you again.”
    • “don’t sound too thrilled, love.”
  • tom actually came and picked you up when it was thanksgiving break
    • but he stayed in the car so no one would see him LOL
  • this would be the first time you brought tom home to your family, so he went balls to the wall
    • he even stopped at a rest stop in order to change into more ‘suitable’ clothes
      • “tom, what you’re wearing is fine-”
      • “it’s not giving me a ‘my potential lover, aka your child, has a hatred for this holiday but i want you to know that i loved the meatloaf’ feel.”
      • “…can you not attack me”
    • he had driven in the states before, but it had been awhile, so he definitely brushed up on the technique before picking you up. that didn’t stop you from critiquing, though.
      • “tom, you turn off right up - thomas, get over to the other lane. TOM!!”
      • a few moments of silence interrupted by him saying “did i miss the ramp”
      • “yup. third one within an hour.”
      • “do you still love me”
      • “TOM”
  • while the ride home was filled with his sub-par driving, the actual arrival was pretty good.
    • your family came out to help you with your stuff, and when they seen tom, they were like “!!!!!!!!!!!! Y/N BROUGHT HOME A BOY”
    • they knew about tom coming up, but they came to a realization when he actually stepped out of the car
  • we’ll skip the actual holiday, but the days before and after thanksgiving were so lovely
    • lots of cuddling with tommy
    • he would insist on having hot chocolate or apple cider when it was getting a little chilly
    • he would also insist on sleeping in your bed on cold nights (which he thought every night was “waaaayyyy too cold to be sleeping on a cold couch all alone” so he’d weasel his way under the covers and fake shiver so you’d turn over and cuddle into him to ‘keep him warm’)
  • all in all, tom really impressed your family. especially your aunt who always asks about your love life.
  • after the holiday way over, you and tom left at the same time. he took you back to your dorm, and he headed to the airport to catch his flight.
    • the car ride was a little better as well.
    • it also consisted of tom reciting every kind word he got from your family with this huge smile wiped on his face
    • “your aunt called me your boyfriend”
    • “add a space in the middle, babe”
    • “ugh, can you- dID YOU JUST CALL ME BABE”
    • “oh god-”
    • “babebabebabebabebabebabebabe”

  • so, time elapsed, and it is now april
    • for your entertainment, you and tom had gotten closer and closer. you two still weren’t dating yet, and tom had let up on asking you whether or not you’d ask him out yet.
      • which did freak you the hell out a little, because he would always tease about that, but you didn’t jump to conclusions just yet
    • you two didn’t spend christmas together, as he went home to his family, and you went home to yours.
    • he couldn’t make it for new years either, due to bad weather
      • but that did give him an idea
      • two virtual new years eve kisses
      • since he was several hours before you, new years happened before yours did
      • while you two were video chatting before it hit midnight for him, he suggested a virtual kiss. meaning you both would kiss the camera when the clock struck midnight.
      • when he got you to agree, he was so ecstatic. he was also sooooo ecstatic because not only did he get one virtual kiss, but he’d get two!!!!
    • valentines day wasn’t spent together either, since it was the twins birthday, but you did send them your happy birthday wishes.
      • and u may or may not have sent tom a couple of nudes to make up for it
  • so, back to april!!
  • it is the season of prom!!!
  • that’s all that you seen being advertised tbh
    • “win your dream prom dress! be the fifteenth caller!”
    • “need a corsage? come on down to the flower shack!”
  • reminded you of those glorious times when you were stressed out about who you would tag along and three wheel with
    • but jokes on them because you now have a pretend web slinging almost bf
  • speaking of your almost bf!!
    • it was getting very close to spring break, and he rang you up one day
    • he’d say something like “SO, i was thinking. i have a few days to myself, your spring break is about to start, and i was wondering if you’d like to come up and visit me for a little surprise?”
    • “you mean me fly to you, right?”
    • “i mean unless you plan to walk to la.”
    • “watch it, holland.”
    • “i will be watching it. it being you walking down the driveway of my rented los angeles home and having five days worth of sweat dipping off of you.”
    • “i’m hanging up”
    • “fine, but be packed and ready to go to the airport next week, pretty baby!!”
  • with that conversation, you hung up and started packing for your trip to california!!
    • tom had literally prepared everything in advanced
    • he called your family and made sure it was okay, and since it was him, they said it would be okay.
    • he bought your plane ticket right after they agreed to letting you go LOL
  • a week had flown by, and you had packed most of your dorm to go with you. with a few more adjustments, you were ready to go!
    • once outside of your dorm, you were instructed by tom to find the uber that he sent for you
    • the ride wasn’t too bad, but the airport was about an hour and a half away, so it was a little boring. aside from little side conversations from the driver
  • once you were at the airport, you said thank you to the uber driver, and headed to your gate with your belongings.
    • you quickly made your way over to the desk and were soon admitted entrance!!
  • skipping the plane ride, and you landing, but now you’re in the uber wooooooyeea
    • the entire time you were very excited, but also nervous
    • partially for the surprise, but also because you hadn’t physically seen tom in five months, give or take
    • you hadn’t really changed, and neither had he, but you still had that little voice in the back of your mind
  • he’d text you when you were about five minutes away, and he would say something like “U didn’t bail did u”
    • which would get a sassy “yea, the uber is coming to give you my resignation letter.”
    • and he would reply with “At least you were nice about it :)”
  • you would leave him on read since you were a couple of seconds away from coming up his driveway
  • oh my god seeing him would literally give you so many butterflies
    • you would be grabbing your bags from the trunk of the car, and you’d hear rushed footsteps, and then you’d collide with tom; who would literally hold onto you so tightly that you thought he would break a rib
    • you two would literally be standing there holding each other for a good two minutes before you said you needed to close the trunk and let the driver go on their merry way
    • tom still wouldn’t let go of you lmao so you had to shut the trunk and take out your phone with what little room you had to move so you could pay the driver so he could leave
    • but after you paid the driver, you and tom waddled out of the road and up onto his porch where you two could resume the hug because he still hadn’t let go of you
    • after a couple of minutes of swaying each other, he would cup your cheeks and kiss literally every inch of your face, and you’d be blushing SO HARD
    • but you’d be like “tommyyyy, stooop” while you’d have your hands resting on his wrists
    • and he wold just shake his head and breathe out through his nose while his lips were pressed against your cheek
    • he’d pull away with a huge grin and you could literally see the love in his eyes (wtF i need me a tom holland)
  • while you two would be soaking in each others presence, harrison, whom you briefly met while you were in new york, came over and took your bag inside
    • he knew tom wouldn’t let you go for awhile so he just kind of assumed to take it
  • when tom let go of you, you finally got to go inside and be properly introduced to harrison, and harry.
  • after that, the rest of the night was really calm
    • you were exhausted, and tom could tell, so he didn’t plan to do anything extravagant
    • so instead, you guys just kind of chilled in the living room for the evening
    • u know, watched some movies in your pajamas
      • you and tom definitely cuddled so close together on the couch that a piece of hair couldn’t even fit between you
    • you ended up falling asleep on tom’s shoulder
    • he would just pick you up and hoist you to his room while saying goodnight to the guys
    • you’d wake up mid carry
    • “tommy? where are we going?”
    • “shh, baby. we’re going to bed.”
    • “mm, okay.”
    • he would pull down the covers with his foot, and would slide your feet in along with your body, until your head was situated at the pillows.
    • he’d hop in on the other side, and pull you close to him and just softly whisper “tomorrows a big day” before going to sleep as well
  • wooooo its mornin’ time
    • you two slept in until about noon
    • you were the first to wake up, and you gently shook tom awake, who just held you closer
    • “mmmmmmm, what….”
    • “c’mon, it’s like, noon. we’ve slept in awhile.”
    • he’d slowly raise up and stretch while pressing a kiss to your temple
    • “we’ve got a big day ahead of us!”
    • “we, do?”
    • he’d nod, “yup. get up sleepy head”
    • “…i woke you up”
  • tom would hop out of bed and drag you out with him while telling you the plan for the day
    • “i thought i’d show you around a little, you know?”
    • “do you even know this city that well”
    • “yes, thank you. sorta. we might need a gps”
  • it would take roughly an hour to get ready before you and tom were ready to go out and explore
  • little did you know, harry and harrison stayed behind for a reason
  • while you and tom went out, the two boys started to set up for a night you would never forget.
    • ever since you two had ‘kissed’ on new years, tom had a vision in mind
    • he remembered the first night you two met, and he remembered you telling him you were never invited to prom, or never had a decent first dance
    • so he planed to give you just that.
    • he planned it to happen in prom season too just so it could be a little more special
    • he had harrison and harry set up the backyard with tons of fairy lights, and set out some speakers so he could hook his phone up to play music
    • weeks prior to you coming up, he ordered a dress for you to wear, and a tux with a tie matching the color of your dress for himself to wear.
  • you and tom would be exploring the city for a long while, until he got a notification from harrison
    • he was driving to dinner at the time, so you glanced down to see what it said, which read “Everything’s up and running. Harry and I are gonna leave in about thirty.”
    • tom asked you what the notification was, and you repeated the text to him
    • he gripped the steering wheel, and just said something like “oh yeah, i ordered a uh, cotton candy machine for you since you love cotton candy!”
    • you’d just cock your head, and shrug. but in reality, your mind was going EVERYWHERE
      • like was he about to propose???
      • but no you two hadn’t even started dating
  • before you could think of anything else, you two pulled up to the restaurant.
    • the entire time, tom seemed a little weird
    • he would try to hide a smile
    • texting under the table
    • not even eating most of his meal and taking it in a to go box
  • now you were more curious than freaked out
    • because why would a cotton candy machine make this boy this excited
  • the drive home was rather speedy, and consisted of him holding your hand and stroking your knuckles with his thumb
  • once you two finally arrived back, he ushered you inside.
    • he said he had to use the bathroom, but that he would be right back to ‘show you the cotton candy machine’
    • he also said to go up and change
    • you hesitantly obliged, and headed up the stairs while he disappeared
      • boy literally waited until you were out of sight to jet to the bathroom and throw on his tux so he could run outside to the backyard to wait for you
    • once in his room, you seen a beautiful gown laid across the bed
    • once you got closer to it, you noticed that it had a note attached: “Slip this on and meet me in the backyard.”
    • you smiled to yourself as you took the fabric into your fingers, and eagerly slipped it over your head
    • you turned your phone on to see the dress and to check to see if you looked alright, which you did.
    • you began to walk down the steps, and through the little hallway to get to the back door, which was covered.
    • you twisted the knob, and stepped out to see this flurry of lights, and low music playing.
  • tom would be standing in the middle of the yard in a fitted suit with a matching tie
    • “hey, beautiful.”
    • “??? TOM? what IS this?”
    • he’d take your hands in his and say “remember when we first met?”
    • “yeah, you got caught in traffic-”
    • “yeah, but do you remember what you said?”
    • you stood in front of him, trying to recall what was said, but nothing came to.
    • “you told me you never had a proper first dance. or date to a dance for one. so, would you like to be my date to this dance?”
    • by the end of his sentence, you were tearing up, but you nodded, and off you two went.
  • photograph by ed sheeran started to play, and you both eased your way into a dancing position: his arms wrapped around your waist, and yours around his neck
    • the night was filled with light swaying, and some tears
    • until tom dropped his head to press his forehead to yours
  • tom looked into your eyes for a couple of minutes before speaking out really softly
    • “can i ask you a question?”
    • “you aren’t going to ask me to marry you, are you?”
    • “noo. that’s the next step. i was wondering if you would do me a solid by being my love, officially.”
    • “…did you just ask me out by asking me to do you a solid”
    • “yeah…”
    • you’d just say “in that case: yes, i’ll do you a huge solid. if, you do me a solid.”
    • “what’s that?”
    • “kiss me, i’ve waited almost a year for this.”
    • “i’d be happy to, lover.”



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A Cocktail of Emotion (Part 1)

Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader (first person POV, ‘I’ pronoun)

Genre : Soulmate!AU

Warning : in this chapter, Peter Parker is not going to make an appearance yet

Word Count : 1569

A/N : You guys need to read @buckyslion ‘s and @tomhollands ‘s soulmate series (Strings of Fate and Pulse, respectively to each author) dude I was overwhelmed with the feeling and this story is inspired by their series. I love their writings so much and I had always been a Soulmate!AU junkie and I can’t believe I’m writing this. I hope you guys enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoy writing it, tags are still open so dm me if you want to be tagged, don’t forget to read my other stories I have 2 series lining up and frankly I want to make this story a series too. Comments are totally welcomed, your feedbacks helps me become better and my motivation runs on it lol.

Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

My great grandmother used to tell me stories about soulmates.

How we meet them.

At what age do we get to find out who our soulmate is.

How it felt to connect with our soulmate.

And also how devastating it is if we lose our soulmate.

There was one a particular story I love about a certain soulmate, though it was sad, the story proved how significant a soulmate is to their other halves.

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Met’s Game

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2237

Author’s Note: An anon has requested this and I thought it was super cute, because I’m a huge sap! Thanks to the lovely @rememberstilinski for proofreading this for me. Enjoy!

Originally posted by dylanobrienonline

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Ever Since New York Masterlist

Here is a masterlist for all of the fics that are/will be in the “Ever Since New York” series

  • Ever Since New York - The first part of the series where Jughead goes to New York for a writing internship and meets (Y/N), and over the course of three months, they fall in love.
  • Kiwi - A drabble in which (Y/N) and Jughead visit a club with shitty security.
  • Meet Me in the Hallway - A wholesome mix of angst and fluff in which (Y/N) is acting strange, and Jughead investigates.
  • Sweet Creature - A look at Jughead and (Y/N)’s first late-night talk.
  • Woman - A moment where Jughead realizes that it isn’t just a crush.
  • Carolina - A glance at (Y/N)’s role in Jughead’s love-hate relationship with subways.
  • Only Angel - A more detailed look at when (Y/N) and Jughead first meet.
  • Sign of the Times - An imagine of pure angst where (Y/N) and Jughead go to the airport and fully realize that it could be their final goodbye.
  • Two Ghosts - The final part of the series in which Archie, upon noticing how miserable Jughead is after leaving New York, desperately tries to reunite Jughead and (Y/N).
  • Some extra headcanons - If you want to know what happens to Jughead and (Y/N) after the end of the series, here is six pages of headcanons

dean and cas are boyfriends and cas temporarily moves to new york for an internship over the summer. they have daily skype sessions, but it gets to the point where cas one day smiles and fondly says “you know dean, you don’t have to yell ‘LIVE, FROM NEW YORK!’ every time we skype” 

The College Years  - Sophomore Year (Chapter 39) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Abu”

Characters: Stilies Stilinski, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Allison Argent, Liam Dunbar, Hayden Romero, Ethan, Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Malia Tate, Melissa McCall, Noah Stilinski, Cora Hale, Alan Deaton, Mason Hewitt, Theo Raeken, Zachary Pillit, Coach Bobby Finstock, Corey Bryant, Jordan Parrish, Chris Argent, Lydia Martin & Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: This is not the end of Sophomore Year but it is the end of this storyline. Phew. Thanks for sticking it out with me through it. Bet you never wanna see the word ‘rabisu’ again in your life. 

Summary: The Pack go head-to-head in the epic conclusion to the rabisu issue. or something… it’s not that epic. There is a nice cliffhanger though. Enjoy that.

Chapter Thirty-Eight - Chapter Thirty-Nine - Chapter Forty

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“Just to clarify, Sylvie, you don’t think that reciting the Maqlû will kill her?” Stiles asked into the speaker of your phone, which was resting in his hand between the two of you as you both sat up in your bed, the night before the ritual was supposed to take place.

“No. I read what you sent me. Frankly, it sounds more like an offensive coven charm, than anything else.” Sylvie Reneé Ducette, the coven witch from Louisiana who brought Allison back to life only a few months before, said through the speaker.

“It offended you?” Stiles was confused.

“No, an offensive charm.. like an attack spell.” You explained quietly, rubbing your bottom lip between your thumb and index finger.

“Oui, mon chéri. It reads as if the conjuror were still alive, then the incantation would both kill him and his demons. I don’t think it will backfire and kill you… But if it does, Mieczysław knows where to find me.”

You glanced over at Stiles, and exhaled from your nose, licking your lips and shaking your head. Stiles rubbed his right hand over his face, pushing his fingertips against his temple, and glanced back at his girlfriend. The concern over your safety in performing the Maqlû did not need to be verbalized. You were both feeling it.

“Thank you, Sylvie. I appreciate your insight.” You said as you rested your chin against your hand, your elbow connected with your knee.

“De rien, Y/f/n Y/m/n. Fais attention.” Sylvie spoke in her French-creole drawl.

“Je vais.” You replied back in French.

“À bientôt.” Sylvie said before she hung up.

Stiles clicked the button on the top of your phone, locking the screen. “I hate when she says that. It always sounds like a threat.” You raised your eyebrows in agreement, and chewed on your bottom lip. “What were you guys saying at the end there? I only made out ‘you’re welcome’.” He asked.

“She told me to 'be safe’ and I said I would.”  Stiles sighed, shook his head, and wiped his thumb against your black screen. “I can see the wheels turning in your head. What are you thinking?” You asked.

“When she brought Allison back, she said that the only reason she was doing it was because it meant Gerard was dying.” You nodded, and Stiles continued, glancing over at you with his eyebrows furrowed. “So then why did she basically just offer to bring you back if something happens to you on Tuesday? Why are you important to her?”

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Harry Imagine: Back To London, Part One

Harry Styles UNI AU in which Harry signs a record deal and becomes an overnight music sensation; leaving behind his friends, the girl in love with him, UNI, and London behind to chase his dreams and a model that was up to no good without noticing the mess he left behind.


“Wait so you’re sure he’s actually coming back to London?” my flat mate Maisy asked. 

“Yeah, he is. Niall said he claimed he left some stuff at their flat he wants to take back to LA with him.”

“He didn’t leave anything there. He hasn’t lived here in ages. How long has it been exactly?”

“He hasn’t lived here in a year. I know for a fact that he didn’t leave anything behind because I helped him pack up and I helped the lads pack all their stuff up last week so they could be completely moved out by the time their new place is available.”

“So, Harry is flying from Los Angeles to London on a red eye flight to  collect belongings he did not leave behind in a flat he has not lived in for over a year that he once shared with his best mates all of who he bailed on to follow a record deal and a model to the states?”

“Correct,” I responded. Just the mention of his abrupt departure and the girl who he’d followed across the world made my stomach feel as if it was desperately trying to burn a hole in itself. Him leaving his city, him leaving his friends, him leaving me behind for his dreams would have been one thing but the fact that she was a part of it was what really made the hurt linger. “That’s exactly what he’s doing.”

“You know I never took you to be a complete and total idiot.”

“What?” my head snapped up.

“For someone who got into King’s College you really can be so absolutely thick.”

“Oh get fucked,” I huffed. I made a point of making the pout of my lips and the roll of my eyes exaggerated so she knew I was only playing. “If I’m so ‘thick’” I made an abysmal attempt to copy her accent and it was quite abysmal enough to make her grimace at me, “what exactly am I not putting together that you are?”

“You silly, love sick, love blinded girl. He’s coming for you.”

“I’m not love sick.”

“You’re love sick and clearly, he’s love sick.”

“No one is love sick.”

“He’s coming to see you.”

“He is absolutely not coming to see me. Harry is not flying from LA to come see me,” I said resolutely, doing my best to convince myself that in this situation I was right when I hoped more than anything that I was wrong. Maisy flopped down on the sofa opposite me and began to count people off on her fingers.

“Niall and Louis are in Ibiza, Zayn is in New York doing that summer internship at the MET, Lou is visiting her mum while Lux is in summer camp, I’m leaving to go home for the rest of break tomorrow, and Liam is off doing whatever he does with that girl he’s so secretive about-”

“I’m telling you it has to be one of his professors. It’s Liam, he wouldn’t hide a relationship or anything that makes him happy from us unless there was a secret that had to be protected,” I interrupted. Maisy rolled her eyes in response to my theory because she, just like the boys, had heard it a million times.

“At this time, we still do not know whether or not your theory is correct or not, and please for the love of god stop trying to change the topic of the conversation.”

“It’s a solid theory you have to give it that,” I said indignantly. In the months since Harry had signed his record deal, moved and become a record setting breakout star, my theory as to who exact Liam’s illicit trist was with had become an obsession. I wasn’t use to not knowing what Liam was doing, or rather who he was doing, since he’d always been so open with me about everything. 

“We can come back to your conspiracy theory later so stop interrupting me and shut the hell up.”

“Fine, let’s get back to your conspiracy theory then,”  I said, putting extra emphasis on “your” just hoping to get a rise out of her. When she bristled at my words I smiled slyly knowing it had worked. 

“It’s not a conspiracy theory because it’s not as far fetched as yours is! Harry is coming back and it has to be to see you because no one else will be in town and we all know anything he left behind either got taken back to Anne’s house by Gemma or was burned by you the night after you found out he wasn’t coming back and Louis was stupid enough to let you near liquor and a lighter.” I didn’t even bother to try to look sheepish about that night. To this day I still felt it was a well deserved consequence. 

“Just because no one is in town doesn’t mean he’s coming to see me. Maybe he doesn’t know everyone’s not in town!” I said, earning a pointed glare from Maisy.

“How could he not know? He would have had to ask one of the boys to leave a spare key for him.”

“Maybe he still had his key.”

“He was renting his room out to Liam so I doubt he left Liam keyless.” I just shrugged at her words.

“Fine but who knows with him.”

“You know,” she said.

“I don’t know anything. He makes as much sense to me as one of Niall’s stories he tells while drunk.”

“So you’re telling me you haven’t been talking to Harry every day for the past three months?” she asked. I blushed so deeply I felt my cheeks flare up. How could she have possibly known? I’d done everything possible to hide the texts and snapchats I’d been getting from Harry. She just gave me a self satisfied smile. “Don’t bother lying to me, you know you’re shit liar.”


“He’s so coming to see you, isn’t he?” Maisy asked, leaning towards me. I cleared my throat, knowing I’d finally have to admit what I’d been thinking and hoping for from the second he had mentioned coming to London to get his things.

“Maybe he is coming to see me. So what if he is?”

“So what? So what?” she laughed, “so this changes… well this changes everything.”


I’m considering writing a part two but only if people are actually interested in reading it! Please, please, please let me know! Thank you xx.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I want to do an internship in NYC (you said you live in NY right?) but not until at least next summer but of course right now I'm starting to look up information and such. The one I'm specifically looking at is unpaid and requires me to work at least 3 days a week. I've driven into to NY a few times and it's a 4 hour drive from Boston, where I live. My main concern is housing. I would have to provide it but I'm not sure where I would stay. Would it be crazy to commute via the Greyhound?

I wouldn’t subject yourself to that kind of commute!! Way, way too much time and stress.

Many places offer sublets; that is where you stay in someone’s apartment for a shorter period of time. It’s usually furnished and you pay by the month. This is really common for students, so look in neighborhoods where students live! Near Columbia, NYU, etc. Look on apartment websites and filter for sublets or furnished rooms. I’m not sure what the prices are on things like AirBnB, but maybe you could find a situation there that would work for you, if it’s only a few days a week?

NYC is full of people moving in and out all the time, and there are tons of students, so you should have no trouble finding a place!


Our Top 10 Fashion Colleges 

Ever heard the saying “You know when you know?” Usually it pertains to love or finding ‘the one.’ Well, the same is with college, you have to find the one after so many choices but you will know when you know! 

1. Parsons, The New School of Design 

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion studies, Fashion Marketing

Students: undergrads, 4,191; graduate, 555

Tuition: $38,510

Alumni: Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Narisco Rodriguez, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Jenna Lyons of J.Crew, Anna Sui, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung (only to name a few.)

Fun Fact: Parsons is an aspiring fashion designer’s dream! I’m sure you know of Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan and their amazing collections. Well, how would you like it if they were your teacher for a couple days? These events are common in the New York City’s best design school. They have collaborations with the fashion house LVMH. 

2. Fashion Institute of Technology

Programs: anything from fashion merchandising to media arts

Students: 10,386

Tuition: $5,168 for NYC residents, $13,550 out-of-state

Alumni: Reem Acra, Nina Garcia, Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Nanette Lepore

Fun Fact: I visited FIT in the Fall and it was an extremely impressive school. Your career after FIT is pretty much set up for you after you graduate. You will definitely leave will a job. 

3. Pratt

Programs: Fashion design

Students: 2,100

Tuition: $37,500

Alumni: Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson

Fun Fact: It is an up-and-coming design school located in Brooklyn, New York. It is part of a larger art school and is one of the few design programs that offer fashion editorializing and magazine publishing. 

4. Kent State University

Programs: Design and Merchandising 

Students: 18,000; 800 are fashion students

Tuition: Ohio resident: $9,030, for out-of-state, $16,900

Fun Fact: They have a garment center in NYC and is starting to become quite famous. They have a huge endowment, study abroad programs in Paris and Milan. You will be able to study fashion and get a full college experience. 

5. Academy of Art 

Programs: Fashion Design, Knitwear Design, Textile Design, Fashion Journalism and Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

Students: 17,000; 2,700 are fashion

Tuition: $17,760

Fun Fact: Located in sunny San Francisco and have a show in New York Fashion Week. 

6. The Savannah College of Art and Design 

Programs: Fashion design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Accessories Design

Students: 9,800; 940 fashion students

Tuition: $30,510

Fun Fact: Only school to have Luxury and Fashion Management program. And it’s not only a fashion school but, an excellent art college. Located in Savannah, Georgia.

7. Drexel Univeristy

Programs: Fashion Design, Design and Merchandising 

Students: 2,800 art and design students, 120 fashion students, 260 Design and Merchandising

Tuition: $39,700

Fun Fact: Philadelphia’s university also offers a sophomore year opportunity when you can study abroad in London School of Fashion, and many alumni have gotten successful jobs in France in their field. 

8. Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising 

Programs: Fashion Design, Footwear Design, Costume Design, Jewelry Design, Textile Design, Merchandising (Fashion & Beauty Programs)

Students: 8,000

Tuition: $27,000-$36,000 depending on area of study

Alumni: Monique Lhuillier, Pamela Skaist-Levy

Fun Fact: Los Angeles’s has beauty programs and is in the heart of the city of angels. 

9. California College of the Arts 

Programs: Fashion Design, Textiles, Jewelry Design 

Students: 1,640; 65 fashion students 

Tuition: $36,960

Fun Fact: This college has two locations; one in San Francisco and one in Oakland, California. This is a CFDA affiliated school and is known for their prestigious awards and the fashion world’s favoritism. 

10. Labratory Institute of Merchandising

Programs: International Business, Fashion Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Marketing and Management 

Students: 1,508

Tuition: $23,070

Almuni: Rea Laccone, CEO of Vince 

Fun Fact: New York City’s college requires internships three out of the four years. Freshman and sophomore years required 300 hours of retail. They have several concentrations of many jobs that will be helpful in many fields. 

Dej’s Christmas Writings!

For the month of December, I’ll be posting a different Christmas AU each week! One with each of the Holland boys, Harrison, and Peter. Below are the fics I plan on posting during this time period. They will be posted each Friday.

It’s Different This Time (Peter Parker)

-In which Peter and the reader decorate the tree together, something that used to be shared with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, leaving Peter bummed; because, frankly, it’s different this time around.

(December 1st)

Mistle-No! (probably gonna be changed lol) (Harrison Osterfield)

-In which Harrison saves the reader from an unfortunate mistle toe situation with a pushy person.

(December 8th)

Warm Me Up (Tom Holland)

-In which Tom and the reader plan on building a snowman outside, but Tom, being the child he is, starts a snowball war. This results in the two freezing their asses off, cold and wet.

(December 15th)

Stuck On You (Sam Holland)

-In which Sam and the reader, two best friends, get stuck with each other during a bad snowstorm. They watch Christmas movies, scented candles and junk food all around them. When the Sam wakes up to the reader pressed up against him, her breaths hitting his neck, unresolved feelings come up.

(December 22nd)

Christmas In New York (Harry Holland)

-In which Harry is away from his family this Christmas due to being in New York for a photography internship. Struck with homesickness, all it takes is one girl, with different Christmas sweaters for every day of the month, to brighten up his holidays.

(December 29th)

No but imagine Harley moving to New York, or getting an internship of a sort at Stark Industries. Imagine him meeting Peter and them hitting it off because they are probably not too far apart in age. They hang out and have their own inside jokes and tell funny stories about their interactions with their dad Tony. I just…I kind of need this in my life…