new york illustrators


Different types of location drawing from around the Upper West Side. 

Central Park, and making dumplings at the back of the new Jing Fong.

Springtime’s Not-So-Peaceable Kingdom ,
Illustration for the New York Times Sunday Review about an article of Margaret Renkl.
Art Director : Alexandra Zsigmond

Article here:

“Books Can Take You Places Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Go” , illustration of Hisham Matar article in the New York Times Opinion Pages.
Article here

And dear followers, if you are in New York this days , the wonderful art director I worked with for this illustration Alexandra Zsigmond @zsigmonda  curated a double exhibition called “Fit To Print” , the opening event is 29th march at NewYork Times gallery space and 30th march at the Society of Illustrator . The exhibition is focused on french illustrators from Strasbourg as me, Marion Fayolle, Simon Roussin,icinori ,Lucie Larousse, Juliette Etrivert and many more! We ’ll be there , so see you may be!