new york horse racing

some lil physical contact hcs for yall


-this boy he will touch anyone and everything

- “good morning dave” “jack i can’t move do you mind”

-his hugs are really tight ? there’s no escape

-basically always touching someone because if he goes for a while without contact he feels like he’s kinda closing in on himself

-really reassuring hence him being the Father Figure

-if he knows anyone’s feeling bad he’ll go do The Shoulder Thing and be a Good Dad


-isn’t that big on full body contact but if anyone has a bad day he’ll pull them into his lap and gently wrap his arms around them like the Supporting Mom he is

-it’s actually kinda magic if anyone gets frustrated with anything he appears in the doorway saying “hey” in a gentle mom voice

-but otherwise the only contact you’re gonna get from him is an Affirming Shoulder Pat 

-unless it’s les he just runs up to les and bear hugs him / picks him up

- “davey put me down” “les we won the fucking strike if i want to pick you up i can”


-lowkey was touch starved at one point

-he’ll throw his arm around anyone

-he will Also randomly pull people into hugs if he gets really excited 

-think what he and albo did right before king of new york in newsies live

- “race please bro i can’t breathe” “MY HORSE WON ALBERT”

-kinda like jack but less dad and more weird cousin who may or may not be high



-he just doesn’t like touching people he doesn’t trust 100% but he doesn’t really trust anyone 100%

-seriously if anyone touches him he’ll visibly tense/flinch

-onetime race got really excited and hugged him so he tensed a fuck ton bc not only was that Way Too Much but it was also really sudden

-race let go of him thinking he Fucked Up but eventually spot starts to trust him more so then it became Okay as long as it wasn’t too long or sudden

-serious trust issues ? touch starved ? sounds like me help this boy


-not that big on constant hugging but if anyone’s sitting on a couch and there’s an open space he’ll sit down and just. plop. his leg over them

-he’ll also lean into people if they sit next to him and fall asleep

-Whatever You Do Don’t Pick Him Up Or Carry Him When He’s Tired

-he hit jack in the dick with his crutch once when jack tried to carry him to his bed

-it was Not A Pleasant Situation for anyone involved

-except for race and spot . they were sitting in the corner laughing their asses off

New York wants to ban horse racing. Instead of looking for other solutions, like get rid of the whips, raise the age higher, and focus more on the drugs, change the weight limit.