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Rob folded his newspaper in half and threw it onto the table with a scoff. He’d gotten into the habit of having The Salem Times delivered while he stayed with Bertie and his family to keep up to date about the happenings back home. The owls had the tendency to arrive a day or two late, stopping in Iceland for a rest but apart from that it was a working system. 

The particular headline of today “CHICAGO WIZARD SENTENCED FOR SCANDELOUS AFFAIR WITH MALE NO-MAJ” had Rob loose all interest in reading any further. “Great. That’s just great,” he muttered to himself and picked up a piece of toast to give it to the waiting barn owl who was already making impatient noises with its beak, wanting to be rewarded for a job well done. 

Wilkkomen and bienvenue, darling followers! The name’s Harmony Pearce and in case you haven’t had the pleasure of pulling a Michael Bublé and just meeting me yet, let me take this opportunity to say an official hello. I hail from the capital of the Great White Way, New York City and I’m absolutely thrilled to be making my Tumblr debut. But don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that my New York hiatus won’t be for too long.

Normally I’d begin my introduction on a social media site by filling out a survey to tell you all about me, but right now, I want to hear all about you. How are you? How is your night going? What is your dream role? What is the value of a triple timestep versus a shuffle-flap-ball-change? What is your Hamilton dream cast? How many times have you said Macbeth in a theatrical setting? These kinds of first-impression questions can make or break our relationship, you know.


60 days Klaine hiatus challenge->Day 39: Klaine moment that made me cry the most.

I have to say “Come what may.” This was absolutely the most romantic, beautiful and passionate performance ever and they were not even together. 

All of those flashbacks along with the words and the music of one of the greatest love song ever just killed me.

That hug, that dancing, the touch of their fingers and those looks. Explosive mix.

I will cry forever watching this.

“Never knew I could feel like this…Like I’ve never seen the sky before..”