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Cardi talks about how hard it is to get a job.


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“I have the cliche “struggling actor” story. I was waiting tables in New York, went out to L.A. soon after graduation to get some jobs, but it didn’t work out. I wanted to cut my teeth in professional theater, so I came back to New York. It made my journey a longer one, but I really wanted to excel in the theater.“


“actually i was kinda killing acid betty off. it was just hard to get jobs in new york. since rupaul’s drag race, there’s a lot of drag queens and the field is basically saturated. so i decided that i was gonna move myself into the art world and start doing art gallery shows and do more photography work and so i started to stop doing the acid betty stuff. so she technically was dead… but she’s baaaaaack”

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Tell me more about Kiki! (Life story, job, hobbies, education, how she met Sam and Max, etc.!!)

*deep inhale* WELL

I think I might have already talked about her life story in a post way back?? or something?? hell I can’t remember. But basically what the gist is that after getting an education up in Washington in the west in literature and journalism, she basically moved herself all the way to new york after getting a job offering for becoming a news reporter, having not many regrets in moving so far off. Emotional familial pressure sucks my guys

However, upon arriving her job is kinda stolen off by someone with a more longer quota of experience, so she’s basically laid off and kinda stuck. But being the stubborn bastard that she is she sets up a tiny apartment for herself in brooklyn and from then on becomes an independent journalist; going after various mishaps and weirdness from newspaper articles, try to get more experience, maybe get a REAL job in the process.

Her and her landlord at least get along with how much they’re fucking tired of systematic oppression at least lmao.

But in terms of education it was pretty fucking good. Over four years of multiple writing programs (Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing Degree, various other degrees), she works fuckign and lives off of nothing but caffeine for a reason my guy she works h a r d.

Kiki’s hobbies include practicing writing other various forms of literature; poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction, keeping notes, that sort of thing. But she also very much enjoys baking and cooking, and had been through her younger years considering taking up a pastry maker position, but it never really stuck. She also likes just gathering little knick knacks of whatever she can find, some of which probably should not be moved or messed with but whatever its fine she’s tired give her the possessed whatever.

She also very much enjoys collecting various coffee cups and mugs! Her favorite one is a pretty, glazed blue mug that has the face of an owl on it!

Tbh I’m pretty sure her coming across Sam and Max had happened a bit after Hit The Road takes place. Likely on one of their own cases; they either found her snooping around the fucking place for clues and shit, or just passed out on the ground there. She definitely got off to a slightly rough start, being half awake and likely still in a drowsy state. Then again that’s how she is always half the time but whatever.

Kiki definitely has a lot of issues; Experiencing multiple sugar crashes and being more than a bit scatterbrained, you can probably find her passed out or just looking around for inspiration a case anywhere; TV Studios, in the middle of the woods, Hell, and if you just ask her about what she’s doing she’ll probably say something about being on a trail before fucking wandering off again.

But otherwise if she’s in a bit more of a peppier mood she’s a real sweet gal; has a soft spot for flowly and frilly clothes despite always being cold, loves talking about various murder novels or any kind of mystery quip, and is just overall trying her best.

Holy fuck this is long i’m so sorry ok bye


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  • Caleb: Gets job in New York because it's Hanna's fucking dream. He's actually going to pay for her college and a place to live. They're going to be rich af and have a bunch of mini Hanna's and Caleb's running around and they're going to live in a penthouse while Hanna is like a top fashion designer and Caleb works for the CIA or some shit like that.
  • Me: Nope, still not over it.

my mom thought it was so weird when i said i would go to illinois for grad school even though my boyfriend will be in iowa for med school and that i would move to new york or la if i could get a job at buzzfeed even though he would have a job in iowa city. like, i’m sorry, i love my boyfriend but i’m not going to give up my dream job or graduate school for someone else. i don’t want to be a waitress in buttfuck nowhere iowa for the rest of my life.