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Here are the pieces I did for an LGBT art show! I wanted to portray famous drag mothers from Paris is Burning as patron saints of the queer community since they’ve done so much to help said community progress and develop. I also feel that gay men and trans women of color tend to be pushed to the wayside in terms of LGBT history, so this was my way of honoring them. Happy Pride, everyone!

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, Nov. 17, 2016


Paris is Burning (1990) 

Paris is burning is a documentary about the New York Ball scene of the mid-eighties and the communities involved.

The film openly and honestly deals with the realities of poverty, racism, homophobia and the hate driven violence the subjects face. Despite this the lasting impression Paris is Burning gives is one of community and creativity where drag is a complex mix of creative passion, fashion, performance and social commentary.