new york cyclist

So this morning I went for a run in Prospect Park. Got my earmuffs on over my headphones because it’s cold as hell, and I’m on one of those wide roads that’s blocked off to cars and marked just for cyclists and pedestrians.

Anyway, I’m jogging along and suddenly a car zooms by me in the cycle lane, with a cyclist riding right beside it. I’m not really awake so it doesn’t strike me how weird that is until I see that the driver’s side window is down and a woman is leaning out of it, screaming at the cyclist. I can’t hear anything but I assume he did something to piss her off on the main road, he diverted down to this car-free road, and she was mad enough to follow.

They’re about 30 feet ahead of me when I see the most beautiful thing I’ve witnessed since I moved to New York: without stopping, the cyclist unscrews the cap from his water bottle and with a flick of his wrist, flings water directly into the window and onto the woman’s face.

She veers off the road and stops, he keeps going, and then, because humans are not cats and don’t take getting sprayed with water as a learning experience, she started up again. He veered off onto a side street - a narrower one that is very clearly just for cyclists and pedestrians - and damn it if she didn’t follow him down it in her little Toyota sedan.

By this time people are starting to notice. A couple of other cyclists that were riding by stop and turn around to follow them. I tried to look after them to see what happened but I lost them. Damn their wheels.

Anyway, New York, lol.

SHE DRANK HER ALE AT THE BAR (or, “There’s literally nothing about this that isn’t absolutely delightful”)

(thanks to HorribleSanity over on Twitter, who posted this up ages ago!)



Yesterday i was showing my sister some nice places where one can go hiking, cycling or where she can just go hangout with her friends when ever she’s back from grad shcool, Unfortunately i couldn’t show her everything do to some construction going on but we ended making the best of it tho. We finished the day by walking across the GWB(George Washington Bridge) and I ended up taking some pictures of a few cyclist riding back and forward from New Jersey to New York.