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What the last Swanqueen scene should look like

*make sure you read till the end!!!*

You… You saved me.

Did you ever doubt I would?

Truthfully… The coffin gave me a pause.

Well you never have to worry about that again, Miss Swan. I will always save you.

You promise?

I do.

SWITCH to a LONG SHOT with Emma and Regina staring at each other. And FINALLY in a moment of despair both women embrace into a hug as a beam of light takes over and


FADE into the streets of New York. CLOSE UP to a young man running down the streets, through some stairs as he enters a church. Henry in a FUCKING HURRY. And we SWITCH through a couple of scenes until he finds a white door. And we find Emma in a bride’s dress.

Did you find them kid?


Oh good! I can’t believe we left the rings at home.

There is a knock on the door and David walks in with a radiant smile on his face as he sees his daughter.

Oh Emma… You look beautiful.

Where’s mom?

She’s with Regina.

Is she ready?

They are. Everyone is waiting.

CUT to Regina standing in front of a mirror, as she admires her long white dress.

You’ve never looked more beautiful than today.

Thank you. For everything.

SWITCH to David and Emma beginning to walk through a hallway, SWITCH to Regina and Mary Margaret also walking through a hallway. Both woman walking. wearing beautiful white bride dresses. CUT to everyone waiting at the altar. CLOSE UP to some of our favorite characters, THEN we CLOSE UP to Robin and Hook dressed in tuxedos. The doors open and Emma walks in first with David by her side as he is walking her down the aisle, as her and Hook exchange looks and a small smile. SWITCH to Regina walking in with Henry next and also exchange looks with Robin. It’s obvious it looks like a double when SUDDENLY Robin and Hook step aside AND Regina and Emma turn to face each other knowing they finally found their happy ending. And slowly the image transitions into a drawing and we realize we are looking at a picture. In Henrys book.

A man sits next to a young girl (8-10 years of age) and we realize this is Henry reading to what will possibly be his daughter.

“‘I do’ said the savior and the evil queen. And so what started as a battle between good and evil turned into the most unique tale of all fairy tales. The story of how the savior and the evil queen fell in love. And they lived happily ever after.”

Again daddy, again.

Again? Oh no, it’s time for you to go to bed my little princess.


How about we visit your grandmother’s tomorrow and they can tell you how it all happened?

Henry smiles and turns the light off. SWITCH to the young girl who is sitting in her bed, still staring at the drawing of Emma and Regina as she finds something oddly familiar. CLOSE UP to a picture of Emma and Regina and she smiles and its clear she realizes who the evil queen and the savior are. She closes the book and settles it next to her bed. CLOSE UP to the tittle “Once Upon a Time” as a beam of light shadows the tittle.


Only Us (Part 1/2), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader owns a bookstore that Lin often frequents.

Words: 1,301

Author’s Note: I’m about…¼ of the way into my next fic (An Alex Lacamoire fic! What? Turns out I can write something that isn’t Lin!). This came from me having ‘Only Us’ from Dear Evan Hansen on repeat for the past few weeks.

Warnings: Cursing, obviously.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 2

The look your employee gave you as she walked by said one thing.

He’s back.

You rolled your eyes at the ideas that must have been going through her head.

She had this little fantasy built up. He was a regular customer whose name you never were able to catch because his head was always tucked too deeply into a book. You were a little bookshop owner. It all made sense to her.

“Why would he pick this bookshop out of all the ones in New York? It’s fate.” She’d whisper the last word ominously, disappearing behind a shelf.

You’d huff in response, barely catching the flash of grey that was his jacket as he retreated out the door.

He never spoke unless spoken to (something you weren’t exactly inclined to do), he was always helped by whoever was working with you. You severely wanted to save yourself from the embarrassment that was your co-worker’s intense questioning about relationship statuses and whether or not he believed in fate.

You’d peek at the register through stacks of books, never getting a good look at his face from the angle you picked. He’d be gone in another flash, no trace left behind.

“He’s very cute!” Your co-worker would promise as you sheepishly continued with work, ashamed to be pining off a man you’ve never even seen.

One slow afternoon found you alone in the store, having sent home your co-worker so she could get ready for a date. You considered closing a little early; the sun had already set and the streets were no longer littered with tourists looking to score authentic New York knick-knacks.

Just as you settled on closing up shop, the familiar bell above the door rang happily - cutting you off from turning down the lights.

“Welcome in!” You immediately greeted, your customer service grin already spreading across your face.

Oh, shit.” The customer said, making you whip around. “You talk!” He grinned, brushing the snow that had collected on his shoulders off.

“It’s you.” You bit the inside of your cheek, wincing at the tone you had used, “Sorry! I just wasn’t really expecting anyone else to come in tonight.” Your eyes shot to the light blizzard outside, fighting the instinct to investigate the stranger you saw on a daily basis.

“Right, well. I have some specific requests. I feel like you of all places should have it.” He reached into his jacket to fish out a little torn up notebook. He started listing off a few books - flipping through his notes as he went off about the respective authors.

As he babbled away, you finally found it in yourself to take him in. He held a slight grin as his eyes stayed trained on the notebook in his hands. His brow was strong as he concentrated, eyes dark - especially in the dim lights of your store.

You connected the pieces in your mind - right down to that all familiar voice.

Do I know you?” You blurted, cutting off the little tangent he had gone on.

“I don’t think so.” He brushed you off, suddenly nervous. “Anyways-”

“No, you look really familiar to me.” You insisted, taking a step closer in order to investigate further.

“Well, I come here almost everyday-”

Lin?” Your face brightened as it dawned on you. “Lin from Mr. Wallace’s English class?”

“Yeah.” He grunted, “How do you-” He took you in for a moment, the first time he had really inspected your face closely, “Y/N?” He gasped, moving to embrace you tightly.

It had been years, but you could identify his babbling from anywhere. He was just as lanky as he was then, but taller. His face was rounder and he now sported a little goatee that complimented his long hair well.

“You look good.” You told him honestly, breathing in his scent as he tucked you close.

“And you-” He pulled you back to an arm’s length, “-wow.” He breathed, “I can’t believe it’s you - I’ve been coming to this place for what? A year now?”

You nodded, still remembering the rainstorm that forced him in the door. He was soaked from head to toe without a coat on. Your co-worker had made quick work or getting him something warm to drink and a towel as you sorted books in the back, oblivious that your high school crush had stormed in.

You sprang into action, flipping the sign on the door and starting a fresh pot of coffee in the back. Tugging on his arm, you ushered him to two armchairs in the back. He shed his jacket and slung it across the back. His shirt read ‘Mr. Write’, and you found yourself grinning.

He was still as passionate about writing as he was back then. You remembered overhearing talks about the next one act he had written, what the musical was going to be that year.

So-” You started, “Interesting selection you’ve got here.” You pointed to his list, a mixture of musically driven books, historical biographies, and - for some reason - a book on the Polynesian islands.

“Some projects.” He shrugged. “You own this place?”

You blushed as he looked around, taking in the worn and mismatching shelves.

“That’s pretty fucking awesome.” He admitted, laughing just to laugh.

You hadn’t really seen each other since high school, sharing a few classes but never making the trek past ‘we know each other’s names’ when it comes to the path of friendship.

Lin was certainly a memorable high school student. He was loud, he was opinionated, he had friends everywhere but he still wanted to partner with you when it came to projects in English.

“You’re the smartest.” He’d say, “Besides me, obviously.”

You both passed the class, leaning on each other for support against the inevitable senioritis that struck both of you midway through the semester.

He was always a very infectious person, someone who made you laugh when you wanted to do anything but. Deeply philosophical at the ripe age of seventeen, asking questions that made your teachers roll their eyes.

As you sat across from him for the first time in nearly twenty years, every silly hope that he would ask you to prom rushed back.

What was the adult equivalent to prom?

He avoided the topic of his career like a champ, overly bashful and deflective which had you slightly on edge. You couldn’t - even with your extensive brain - imagine him at an office desk. He had to be out there, creating something amazing.

His phone buzzed, and he jumped at the time.

“Holy shit, it is very late.”

You had been talking for four hours, and you wanted nothing more than to continue.

“I really need to go.” He slung his jacket back on, zipping it to brace himself against the cold, “But-” He quickly tore a page from his notebook, scribbling away. “Here is my number, I really want to keep talking to you.”

He rushed a goodbye and was gone in a flurry, leaving you dumbstruck with a scrap of paper in the middle of your store. You turned the paper over in your hand to see that, yes, it was a legitimate number.

You floated home in a cloud that can only be described as a contact high from Lin’s presence. After a quick shower, you slipped into bed to review orders and to edit your employee’s schedule for the next month. Your fingers lingered as you opened a new tab.

Before you could stop yourself, you were typing Lin Manuel Miranda into the search bar.

Expecting nothing but a few Facebook pages, you were surprised to see article upon article containing his name somewhere. You settled on a random article by the New York Times.

Hamilton to Extend Run at Public Theater.



I find peace in the rain.

Natasha x Reader

Word count: 2,645

“It came in a blur of shadows.”


1)You’re getting slow, darling.

2) Darling.

Credit to owner of the gifs, they aren’t mine!

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Natasha ran down the hall trying to escape it, whatever it was. She knew she shouldn’t have stayed in the mainframe room as long as she did, but she wanted to get all of the information to prove Tony wrong. Skidding to a halt in front of the rendezvous point she had set up with Steve, it blocked her way.

Pulling out her pistol she shot at it, it dodged with the grace of a ballerina, something Nat hasn’t seen someone else do in years. After emptying her pistol she dropped it on the ground and tried using her widow cuffs. Every attempt was a failure, no matter how hard she tried. Nat finally went in for hand-to-hand combat. It pulled out two staves and threw one at Natasha’s head. It charged her as she ducked and sent her flying to the ground.

Nat jumped back up and onto her attacker, throwing her legs around its neck and face while hammering blows onto its head. Her attacker threw itself to the floor, dazing Nat, but not before she ripped the hood off her attacker.  "(Y/N)?“ Natasha stated in disbelief, she hasn’t seen you since you disappeared from the world 15 years ago. She never forgave you for what you did, she never forgot your face as you ran away from her, because of herself. She wasn’t able to stop you this time, you already got everything you needed.

"What’s wrong Tasha? Seen a ghost?” You hissed, as you planted your foot on her chest and kept her pinned down to the floor. “Вы получаете медленный, дорогой.” You whispered in her ear as you knocked her unconscious. It was a couple days after the mission, before anyone saw Natasha leave her room. She walked down the hall towards the briefing room, when she arrived she hesitated before opening it.

She sat down in her normal spot between Steve and Clint and crossed her arms across her chest. “Okay, so anyone know what this thing is?” Tony asked exasperated. “I don’t think its a what, I think its a who. But whoever it is, they came in a blur of shadows. They bore no insignia, no markings we’ve seen before so we don’t know who it is.” Clint said nonchalantly and shrugged his shoulders. Tony laid his head down on the table and sighed loudly, while Steve stared straight at Natasha before speaking.

“Yes we do.”

Tony sat up and cocked his head to the side, Clint just looked at him quizzically tilting his head as a go on signal, Natasha avoided his gaze. “She knows.” Steve nodded his head to Natasha. “Natasha knows exactly who our mystery person is.” Tony and Clint turned to look at her.

Natasha uncrossed her arms and stood up.   “Her name is (Y/n), we trained in the Red Room together. She-uh, is one of the many other Black Widows besides me.” With that Natasha left the briefing room and went to her own room. Upon entering she doesn’t bother with turning the lights on. “Ya know Tasha, sometimes memories are the worst form of torture.” You say, setting the picture back into the drawer of her dresser. Natasha turned towards you and stared at you. “You here to finish me off sweetheart?” She said halfheartedly with a smirk. “And do what? Everything I could possibly do to you, you’re already doing to your self Tasha or you’re planning to do it. I just came here simply to check up on you.”

Natasha was taken aback with shock, the last time you were this sympathetic with her was right before you walked out on her. Before she could speak, you spoke again. “I know you missed me Tasha. Yeah, that’s right, I saw you go to visit my grave every day, or when you couldn’t you had some one take a picture of it for you. Just so you would know that I was okay, or at least my grave was. You know Tasha, out of the people in the world, I never would’ve thought you would’ve fell for my little stunt.”  You said with a hint of venom in your tone.  Natasha swallowed hard and stared you straight in the eyes. “I trusted you (Y/n). You left me alone for 15 years, 15 God forsaken years. You left when I needed you the most and then out of no where, you show up again and walk back into my life. I trusted you.” She seethed, clenching her fist. You shrugged, “ Well then, you can’t exactly blame me, can you? It was your mistake.” You stated bluntly. You walked over towards her balcony, getting ready to leave. “Why did you leave? You could’ve came with me, joined S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers, and fought on the side of the good guys. The side with me.” She said, but muttering the last part.

“To do what.” You spat. “Work for some one or some group who would watch and dictate my every move out in the field and off of it? Tch. Been there done that, don’t ever want to go back.” You walked away from the balcony and towards her door. As you brushed pass her you whispered, “Some times its not the ghost that haunts us. Remember Tasha, some times memories are the worst form of torture.” You walked out of her room and calmly down the hall and into the elevator. Natasha ran your words through her head as she walked over to her dresser to look at the picture you had held. It was a collage of pictures that had you and her in them around the words “Together, Forever.”  Laying next to where she picked it up from was a note. “Don’t you ever think that I forgot you Tasha. ~(Y/N)” She sighed and sat the picture down,  then walked over to her bed and lay down. She laid there thinking that when she next ran into you would it end nicely, or would she regret everything.

It was a few weeks before the team was sent back out, weeks before you saw any of them, but they saw you or at least what you had been up to. Destroying Hydra warehouses, taking hired jobs all the norms of an assassin who wanted revenge for her past. “Heads up.” Tony said laying down a tablet in front of the team, “We’ve finally got another mission.”  Steve reached for the tablet, “In upstate New York. Hydra base, collect the intel and destroy the base. Just a normal one for us.” Steve shrugged setting down the tablet, Tony shook his head and looked at Natasha. “It would be normal, if miss sunshine’s old friend wasn’t going to be there.” Natasha shook her head and muttered to herself. “Why are we even going if what'sherfa-"Clint started. ”(Y/n).“ Natasha corrected him. "OK. Fine then. Why are we even going if (Y/n) is going to be there?” Clint asked, “ I mean, she’s part of the reason we haven’t had to go on a mission in a while, anything we do, she does on her own.” Steve cleared his throat slightly, “Because it’s a capture or kill mission, the target besides the base and its intel, is (Y/n).” Clint just gave an “Oh” expression, Natasha shook her head. “If (Y/n) is still like she used to be, she won’t come easy if capture her, that’s even if we come close to capturing her.” Natasha stood up and asked, “When do we leave?” “Tomorrow at noon.” Tony replied. Natasha nodded at him and left to go back to her room. Finding you in her room a few weeks ago has messed her up more than anything. As soon as she entered her room and closed the door she looked around to see if you were there, or if any trace of you was.

“Damn it (Y/n)! Why are doing this to me. I don’t want to have to kill you.” Natasha muttered dejectedly to the picture of the two you. She shook her head and let out a frustrated groan. “Out of all the times she’s pulled a stupid stunt, this has to be the worst.” Natasha set the picture down and finished packing her go-bag, she walked over and put the bag down by the door and then walked out onto her balcony. She looked up at the cloudy New York sky and closed her eyes, preparing herself for tomorrow.

At noon Natasha was the last one on the quinjet, she brushed pass Clint and Steve and sat down in the co-pilots seat and strapped herself in. “Come on boy’s, let’s get this over with.” Natasha said coldly checking over the controls and getting them ready. Tony, Steve and Clint just looked at each other with concerned looks. Clint sat down in the pilots seat and strapped in and looked over at Natasha. “You okay Tash?” Natasha looked over at Clint and nodded her head. Clint sighed internally and started the quinjet. The team took off and arrived at their location 30 minutes later seeing a plume of smoke start to rise. Clint looked over his shoulder and spoke out loud. “Uh, you guys might want to come and see this.” Steve and Tony walked up and looked out the  windshield. “Well, fuck. (Y/n) beat us to it.” Tony said impressed with Steve glaring at him.  In the middle of all the chaos and destruction was where you stood with your arm around someones neck and a pistol to their temple, waiting for the quinjet to land.

“It’s about damn time you guys got here!” You said to the team that got off the quinjet. “(Y/n), why don’t you let that man go.” Steve said trying to coerce you into not hurting the man that you had at gunpoint. You removed the gun from his temple and spoke. “Who, this guy?” You said gesturing towards him with your gun. “I never planned on killing him, if I did you guys wouldn’t be getting your information that you needed. So, here!” You said shoving the man at them, the man had his hands bound behind him causing him to fall on his face. Clint went over and got him cautiously and then whispered something to Cap and headed to the quinjet talking to the prisoner. “Boy did you get lucky, she usually never leaves survivors.”

Steve looked over at Natasha, “You know what to do Nat, and remember what our other option is if it doesn’t work.” He said sternly and turned back to look at you. You crossed your arms and stared back at him, while Natasha slowly walked towards you. “(Y/n). Please put your arms out in front of you so I can get this over with.” She said as she produced the handcuffs from her belt. You stared at her and shook your head. “I’m not going with you Tash. You know damn well I will never go with you.” You whispered as Natasha stood right in front of you. “I’m gonna give you one more chance (Y/n). Let me see your hands in front of you. I don’t want to have to do this, but you’ve given me no choice.” You looked Natasha in the eyes and noticed tears were starting to form. “Damn it Tash! You know I won’t ever go with you!” You said angrily, tears of your own starting to form. Natasha lowered her head. “That’s what I was exactly afraid of (Y/n).” Natasha said as she grabbed your arm and threw you to the ground. “Don’t make me do this.” She muttered, standing above you. You rose to your feet and raised your fist, preparing yourself.

“This is what it’s going to be, дорогой.”

You swung one of your legs at her’s and knocked her to the ground as she was readying herself. She jumped up and swung at you, attempting to use her widowcuffs on you. You ducked and punched her in the side and blocked one of her next attempts. “Want to play dirty? Fine, we can play dirty.” You huffed as you pulled out a knife and swung at her. Natasha jumped back, then jumped onto you and swung her thighs around your neck and attempted to choke you out.

“Not. Gonna. Work.” You said as you gritted your teeth, and threw yourself backwards onto the ground. Natasha had her breath knocked out of her and didn’t move for a few seconds, giving you enough time to pin her down and press your blade into her neck. “I’m sorry Tasha, but this is it.” You said with a steely resolve and as you were about the press the blade further into her neck, you felt a sharp pain in your chest and when you looked down you felt two more burst of sharp pain from your chest. You watched as scarlet ebbed out of your chest in three different places, one at each lung, and another just above your stomach.  Natasha scrambled backwards as you sunk to the ground gasping for breath. Natasha sat on the ground and pulled you into her lap, and cradled you. “Nonononono! N-no! This wasn’t supposed to happen!” She yelled and looked up and saw Steve with his pistol at his side and his head down.

Natasha looked back down at you at wiped the blood that started to trickle out of your mouth. “T-tasha.” You gasped and coughed, blood spurting from your mouth, covering your chin and part of Natasha. Natasha tried to shush you but you shook your head weakly. You coughed again and spat some more blood out, this time it was a darker color than last.

“I n-never stood a chance. D-did I?” You asked her weakly with tears in your eyes. Natasha stared at you, tears of her own falling onto your cheeks. “That’s the sad part. You did. Once.” Natasha cried quietly to you. You raised a bloody hand weakly to try and wipe her tears. “Don’t cry Tasha. Please, not for me.” You gurgled as the blood in your throat started to rise faster. Natasha started to cry harder. “I didn’t mean for it to end this way (Y/n).” You squeezed her hand with as much strength you could muster. “Together. F-forever. Remember Natasha.  T-together for-” You gurgled as the blood had risen to the point where it flowed out of your mouth almost freely. Natasha sobbed as your body went slack in her arms. “Ever. Together, forever.” She whimpered pulling your body flush against hers and buried her face into your neck and sobbed more.

“I’m sorry, (Y/n).”

It was a week later at your private funeral when Natasha had finally came out of her room. Dressed in a long black gown, she stooped, placing flowers at your headstone in front of the entire team. Everyone placed a hand on Natasha’s shoulder and walked away, giving her time. Natasha stooped in the rain and thought before she spoke.

 Natasha stood up and looked at your headstone and read it, and sighed. She never thought she’d see your phrase ever engraved into stone. “Together, Forever.” Was carved right above your name.  

“I always thought it would be me who would die first (Y/n). Never thought it’d be you. You used to always love playing in the rain and laughing as you’d get soaked like I am now. God you’d be laughing at me cause you know I used to hate standing out in the rain. But since you’re gone now, it’s different. It feels different. Now I know what you felt in it.” Natasha placed a hand on your headstone and closed her eyes.

                                     "I find peace in the rain.“


“My Two Favorite Places” - 18x24" watercolor illustration 

Hellllo! This was an illustration I’ve been waiting to post up for a long time ahh. (It’s been up on my instagram for awhile. I prefer to put my art there, so please follow me there if you want more frequent updates!)  I had fun doing this illustration back in January because I had gotten back from Japan two months before and I was really missing it and I fell in love with the country, so I combined my two favorite places, Japan and NYC as places I wish I could visit back and forth easily. I also put capybaras because Japan was the first place where I got to pet capybaras. There’s some silly happenings and iconic structures from both places in this illustration so I hope you can spot them! (I put close-ups for you guys anyway ;))