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The Melbourne-born actor Chris Hemsworth, 33, will tell you that there is no better place in the world than his native Australia, and he wants everyone else to know this, too: Mr. Hemsworth, who is most famous for playing the Marvel Comics superhero Thor in the 2011 eponymous movie and who is reprising the role in this fall’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” is on a mission to promote his homeland through his role as global ambassador for Tourism Australia, the country’s official tourism organization.

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Can I just say

Maybe taking a boot of the proshot in theatres isn’t a good idea?? The point of the proshot is to eliminate the need for bootlegs. Also, it’s going to be on tv on pbs in a few months so why would you want a shitty boot from a theatre when you can wait to watch it on tv or wait for someone to pirate it from tv?

I’ve seen people specifically ask for a boot from the movie theatre, and I don’t think they understand. It’s going to be easier to pirate a version from PBS than it is to sneakily film a video in a movie theatre.

The proshot of falsettos should eliminate the need for a boot. We should encourage more proshots bc they’re good for people who can’t see live theatre. How do we encourage it? Don’t film from a movie theatre! It’s not flawless because there’s still non-American fans that can’t access PBS. And that sucks. But it’s Broadway–American theatre. Broadway is a very American thing that plays a big role in tourism and reviving New York City after 9/11. It should be more accessible to non-American fans. But things aren’t going to happen overnight. Make your non-American voices heard. Make sure Broadway knows that they have a market overseas. Make sure they know you’re willing to spend money on Broadway if you could.

Once it’s on PBS, I can almost guarantee that it’ll be online somewhere, pirated. Don’t ask for boots from a movie theatre. Don’t try to take a boot. Enjoy the advanced showing. How unejoyable do you think it’d be to get caught for filming a movie? Also, speaking as someone who has been in a Broadway theatre and an average movie theatre–it seems a lot easier to get caught in a movie theatre than a Broadway theatre.

Honest Titles of OneRepublic Music Videos

 Apologize: The Everyday Life of An Introvert

Stop And Stare: Man Clones Himself to Run Himself Over

Say (All I Need): The Kind of Artsy Video People on Tumblr Like

Mercy: The Tree on the Flag THE TREE ON THE FLAG

All The Right Moves: I Would Give More Than Spare Change If OneRepublic Played a Gig at My Party

Secrets: The Napkin™

Marchin On: Low Key Beats Headphones Product Placement

Good Life: The Grainy Quality I Can’t Do This Anymore

Feel Again: The Kind of Artsy Video People on Tumblr Like, Part 2

If I Lose Myself: I Don’t Like Graffiti Except If It’s Native Graffiti

Counting Stars: How Did This Reach One Billion Views

Something I Need: *Band’s Name Spelled “One Republic” in the Opening Shot* *Dies Dramatically*

Love Runs Out: Is That Betty White? ft. Garbage Bags

I Lived: *Sniffles* I’m Not Crying No You Do Not See Me Crying What Are You Talking About

Wherever I Go: A Speculative Fiction About What Happens When the Teacher Leaves the Classroom

Kids: Logistically There Is No Way This Was Filmed In One Shot

Let’s Hurt Tonight: New York City Tourism Company Is Not A Sponsor™