new york city quote

How crazy is it that we work in giant buildings in the sky and we eat meat from trucks on street corners and we go underground and swipe a card and board a fast train and come out in ten minutes on the other end of the city. And we’ll proudly sell our beloved cars when we get here to overpay for a box with no closet space and we’ll gladly work 70 hours a week and eat lunch at our desks so we can buy $16 cocktails and do cocaine with strangers on the weekends in clubs we wait a half hour to get into.

NYC is magical and heartbreaking and random and infinite and I hate it but I also fucking love it at the same time. And I sometimes so badly need to leave but I know I can’t or it will kill me. Because I can’t put it into words but once you know what’s here, you always want to be a part of it, even when you don’t.

“I’m always curious about the presentation of a character’s external persona versus the interior. What remains private, hidden, concealed, protected, and what does the character allow to be seen? We all have a very complex internal world, and not all of that is on display in our external reality.”

Tom Hiddleston can tick off the ways that various characters of his conceal what’s inside:


- Excerpt from The New York Times Article: Tom Hiddleston on ‘Betrayal’ and the Art of Self-Protection (August 21, 2019).

(But here’s a sneak peak at what’s to come)

Dear N,
You make me happy. I wish, more than anything, that it was enough. But if I’ve learned anything recently, it’s that I am full of fear. I’m afraid that like those I loved before you, I will move on in search of something else, without really knowing why. I am always and forever looking beyond what I have, even if that is someone as gentle, patient, and loving as you. I am too afraid to end something with such potential to be so beautiful, but I know it is the kinder thing to do, for your sake. You deserve so much more than my indecisiveness and fear. I don’t have the courage to tell you this yet. It breaks my heart.

Dear Stranger,

Yes, you. Has anyone ever told you everything will be okay?
It may not be like we planned or hoped it would turn out but it’ll still be okay.
We might as well make it into an adventure. Come on, take a little detour today, see a different part of your city.
Ask your waitress how she’s actually doing.
Do anything to get a smile for someone else.
I don’t care what you do, just make today different. 
You may not remember what you actually do today but you’ll remember how you felt.
How it felt to just do something different.
Life is short - make the memories count.

Live a little,

LA is warmer, the Midwest is beautiful, the south is cheaper and my heart is in Charleston, and pretty much anywhere in the world is gentler, but NYC is magic. It’s either too cold or too hot and it always smells bad and it’s crowded yet somehow also lonely, but it’s magic. You don’t always feel it, but it’s always there to be felt by someone. Maybe when you’re alone at 3am or with all the people you’ve ever cared about or with just the one person you love. In August, at Christmas time, in a park, on a sidewalk, at an empty bar. It’s unexplainable but it’s there to be felt and it’s magic.