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Jen don't publish this until louis is publicly seen in LA but my friend who i no from school delivered pizza 2 louis in new york city yesterday around 3pm. he recognized louis but doesn't like 1D so he didn't care. told me today evening as he's visiting philadelphia. said pizza was in the name of oliver but he didn't see anyone else dere, but maybe they were inside the home. he said, maybe its louis fake name (i think he uses oli's card). he ordered ham, jalapenoes and double cheese :) love u

Guess I can post this now! (Got it on 4/14)

Anything For A Good Story(Fem!Reader x Matt Murdock)

Word Count: 1768

Summary: The reader is badass and stubborn and doesn’t need no man. But that’s exactly what gets her in trouble. 

A/N: FINALLY!! THE MOMENT WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!! So excited to finally be posting this!! Ugh, it was so much fun to write. You guys know how much I love me some Daredevil!!

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Dancing bears, painted wings…

As a child I remember watching the Disney adaption of Anastasia. A beautiful princess, an adventurous journey, and so many sparkles dresses, I was in awe! As I got older, I appreciated the music more, the actors and actresses, the things I never thought of before. Now, seeing this story brought to life before my eyes I realize that this was a true legend and the story of what happened to Anastasia’s family actually happened in Russia…even if it is embellished a little bit now. Either way, the music was just as captivating as ever and the costumes and characters perfectly executed in this Broadway edition!

Time square brought a little magic to my life once again on this layover! It’s incredible to be able to stand in New York on a Friday night, grab a slice of pizza, and see a play, all while working. I know I am living a dream💜

XF Fic: New York City Serenade

Author: @soft-thrills

Rating: PG

Summary: Scully ponders her mortality in New York City.

Notes: Post-episode for Tithonus.  Written for the X-Files Writing Challenge prompt: city. A million thanks to @agoldenpalace for her wonderful beta read and for punching this up for me from several time zones away. 3,000 words.

Dana Scully’s abdomen should hurt.

That’s the first coherent thought she has, after getting over the panic of waking up in a strange place and realizing that strange place is a hospital. She remembers, then, the old ramshackle apartment in Brooklyn where she’d talked about life and death with Alfred Fellig, and where she’d been struck by a bullet meant only for him but which had hit them both.

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Here’s a pizza we were just goofin’ around with after we’d wrapped up with one of our monthly pizza pop-ups at our host restaurant, EMILY. It’s got pickled jalapeños and banana peppers along with a swirl of ranch dressing. This eventually morphed into our Ranchero pie, which omits the banana peppers.