new york city fire escapes

Fire escapes on the Grand Concourse, the Bronx.

Windows and a fire escape in Morningside Heights, Manhattan.

Into the Fire

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

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Two weeks passed. Marinette spent her free time eating out with coworkers, having Skype chats with friends and family back home, researching caterers for her wedding, sightseeing with Lila, and watching American television to improve her English. 

But what she liked to do best was suit up and explore the city after sundown. New York was a forest of lights, fire escapes, alleys, and nooks to hide in. She stumbled upon rooftop gardens not unlike her own back home. People hanging out on balconies greeted her as she swung past. When all her restless energy had been expelled, she lay on her back on some secluded rooftop, listened to the chilly wind and the soundtrack of the city, and allowed herself to miss Chat.

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