new york city economic development corporation

Fashion Campus NYC

Fashion Campus NYC is an event lined with a panel discussion, socializing, seminars, and networking with fashion interns and professions in the City. It’s hosted by the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Parsons The New School for Design this weekend. It was an amazing weekend as I met many great people, learning about what they did in different fields of fashion and networking with professionals, also increasing my knowledge about this industry. The weekend started with a panel discussion of people in various fields such as buying, product development and even a CFDA programs associate with the CFDA FASHION INCUBATOR. Their experiences really allowed me to understand the different positions in fashion and help me focus my interests.

After was the informal intern social. And meeting the different interns from designers to PR to production was simply eye-opening. What was even more amazing was the energy that everyone had and just thinking about how everyone else is working hard to make it in this world is inspiring and motivating. 

Saturday started with seminars in specific fields. I attended the product development seminar. Although there were different seminars for different fields, there was very minimal talk about the field. It was mainly a resume and interview information session, mainly helping people prepare their resumes and for interviews. The tips were helpful nonetheless.

Networking. Was great. Met many professionals and really helped me learn about different departments within different companies, and how each company ran. 

And finally the Derek Lam Keynote Interview. Derek was an extremely relaxed and easygoing person. He talked a lot about his experience from building his own company. He interned at Michael Kors for 12 years before finally starting his own line. And he mentioned at Michael Kors, when the economy was bad and many people were debating whether to put on a show or not, or just to do it quietly, Kors simply said “No, we must put on a show. We need to have a presence.” And I can just totally hear Michael Kors say that! Part of having a business succeed is to have a presence in society and to have an audience; it’s something that is so important to a business whether it be fashion related or not, but fashion especially. 

Regarding fashion and the future, Lam said something very important. For the future of a fashion brand to exist, we must “marry concept and creativity with technology”. Technology is so essential in today’s society that it will be a necessity in tomorrow’s society. E-commerce, social networks, blogs, etc. are all ways that companies can market themselves and grow that we can’t just ignore them anymore. If I got anything out of the weekend, it was that technology is quickly playing a part in the process of everything in fashion. 

Overall the weekend was a great experience as I met new amazing and interesting people. I not only learned more about the different industries in fashion, I also networked with many professionals, learning from a first person perspective. And Derek Lam’s interview showed how passionate he is about fashion design and the future of fashion. He’s not only designing and designing but also growing a business, something so essential to designers. All I can say is that he’s truly inspiring and really ready for the future.