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Gaga’s top 10 moments of 2016
- Lady Gaga performs during 3 shows of ‘The Dive Bar Tour’. Sponsored by Bud Light, The Dive Bar tour was a promotional tour by American singer Lady Gaga, in support of her fifth studio album Joanne (2016). The 3-date tour, which visited dive bars in the United States, had dates on October 5 (Nashville), 20 (New York City) and 27 (Los Angeles). All performances were live streamed on Bud Light’s Facebook page, as well as Gaga’s. 


“Having a fine time - Will probably join with the crowd in welcoming the king and queen here to morrow. The old whistle is working fine - all set for next week. Everett”
Washington, DC
Postmarked 1939

dating joji would include            (non hoe shit version)

-chilling smoking on the roof of his building and just LIVING LIFE BOI

-countless dates of going to art museums in new york city

-he loves how your body looks and appreciates that shit HELLA

-dealing with his sensitive ass

-waking up to him every morning and just realizing how fucking great he is

-he may act all big and bad but he’s lowkey a lil baby and you always have to take care of him whenever he drinks too much

-cute lil cuddles

-roasting him constantly

-getting to travel with him and see the world w him

-him trying to teach you some Japanese but it always fails because you just pay attention to how cute he is

-everytime he uses the fucking ff voice it just pisses you off because he’s so ANNOYING

-sappy conversations about how much he loves you and appreciates you BOY IMAGINE HOW CUTE THAT SHIT WOULD BE

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It will be loosely based off of one of my fav chick-flicks “Sweet Home Alabama”

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Name: Sweet Home Sioux Falls  (very creative, I know)

Summary: You had a good life. You were one of the top hunters of The Soul Society in New York City, dating the president of said society, and even were finally able to get rid of your old, midwestern habits and become the sophisticated woman New York wanted you to be. Everything was perfect…that is until your now-fiance decided it was time to meet your father, Bobby Singer, which unfortunately avalanched into him meeting all your friends, family, and your not-so-ex-husband Dean Winchester.


“Answer my question!” Dean demanded, referencing the very thing that made you run out of your father’s house in the first place.

“No!” You responded.

“No, you won’t answer the question? Or no, you won’t marry me?” Dean pushed, catching up to you and grabbing your wrist to pull you to a stop.

You reeled around and stared him in the eye as you argued, “I’m 10-years-old! I got too much to live for!”

Lightening struck a car next to you causing you both to scream. You shook him from your wrist and began to run off, but felt him grab the hood of your jacket and pull you back.

“Not that way, you dope!” He reprimanded. “Come on!”

He dragged you back towards the car that was struck. The windshield had shattered, the hood had pitch black burn marks scattered across it, and pieces of its metal bent in every which way. Your eyes widened in awe at the destruction.

“Wow, cool…” You said in wonderment as you reached out to touch the melted metal. Dean grabbed your hand before you made contact.

“It’s hot! Don’t touch it!” He ordered, being overprotective as usual. You gave him an annoyed glare but he ignored it and directed his eyes up to the threatening clouds above. He stated, “We’ll be safe here.”

“Says who?” You snapped, pulling your hand from his grasp. You suddenly felt yourself becoming fearful of the lightening as you snuck a second glance at the destroyed vehicle.

He gave you his classic big-brother-know-it-all smirk and answered, “Everybody. Lightening never strikes the same place twice.”

You both stood up and you turned to face him. The question he had asked that lead you both outside in the rain began to replay in your mind. You put your hands on your hips in defiance and stood on your tip-toes in an attempt to reach his eye-level.

“Why would you wanna marry me for anyhow?” You asked, cocking your head to the side and smirking at the floppy-haired Winchester. He looked down at you and for the first time in your youthful life, you felt your heart stop as you saw the way he was staring at you.

“So I can kiss you anytime I want,” He stated with a smile. 

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February 2017 Aurelio Voltaire Nooseletter is up and you can check out who is the lucky winner of last month’s contest of “Who is going to win a date with Voltaire” Lucky lady! :)