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The Spider’s Web

New York City, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge is easily recognizable by its double-arched brick towers and its massive webbing of steel cables and mesh. If you’re in New York City and can find the time, take the subway over to Brooklyn Heights and walk the bridge back to Manhattan. The views of the skyline of the city are well worth the effect.


Malcolm X with his daughter Qubilah Shabazz in Harlem on February 20, 1965.  

He was assassinated the next day at the Audubon Ballroom in front of his wife and children.

(Photos by Duilio Pallottelli)

I moved out of my house on really bad terms. My mom didn’t want me to meet my girl that I met on Tumblr who just happened to live in of all places Nebraska. I asked her once in February and told me if I went to meet her, I’d be kicked out of the house.

I ain’t have no money to live on my own so I stayed and didn’t fly to Nebraska. I saved for months, got my 401k contributions high, increased and improved my credit and asked my mom one last time in September. She said the same thing. Two days later, in the middle of the night, I snuck out, my homegirl drove me to the airport and with all my clothes, I flew from NYC to Omaha.

The two of us finally met after a year and I got an apartment and a job within 2 weeks. My entire family was distraught and pissed. They finally realized that I’m out here as long as my girl is in college and left it. They’re still hurt but they know they can’t change it.

Then in February, I got fired from my job. For 4 full months, I’ve been looking for a job, paying rent with my credit card, 401k money and my tax return money. I literally was (and still am) in the negative with all my accounts. I haven’t bought food for myself in almost a full month. I was sleeping at my girl’s mom’s house for almost weeks straight cause I ain’t have food in my place. If I didn’t start a job this week, I’d have to move back to NY into my mom and grandparents’ house.

Last weekend my mom actually came to Omaha to see my first apartment. She met my girlfriend, her family and I took her around the city of Omaha a little bit. When she first opened my fridge, there was old butter, jelly, an almost empty jar of minced garlic and some raspberry lemonade. She told me she almost cried seeing I had no food. When she left I had a full fridge of food. I started a job Monday. I just sent her a picture, one of the first meals I’ve been able to cook from my own fridge since May.

I just wanted to thank her for helping me when she really ain’t need to.