new york citt

The most apt thing I can think of to describe how I feel about Parks is that it is my soulmate show. Fandoms have come and gone, but nothing has meant this much to me for this long before. Parks followed me through the scariest and most challenging years of my life - transferring colleges, moving to New York Citt, battling depression and anxiety. Leslie won City Council and I graduated college the next month. It’s just always been there, informing me of what kind of writer and person I wanted to be. Leslie Knope is the character I needed. Will I ever be as positive, caring, and hardworking as her? Probably not. But she will always be there to look to for guidance and inspiration. And I’ll always remember the kinship I felt with April Ludgate this season - being changed because of the exposure to a wonderful person for a long time.

I’m gonna keep it simple for now. Parks will always be my soulmate show, even when we say goodbye.