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Markjae please! With youngjae as a cute innocent vampire :3

warnings: pile on dem clicheeeees ;A; 

word count: 5k

author: angel

so I really really I promise I really tried to stay away from this but the prompt just gOT me and throttled me and I was forced to write this ;A; roles were (quite obviously) inspired by this rather gorgeous fic and yj as vampire was just yj actually sobs. I hope you don’t mind that I took a couple of creative liberties with the rest of the members anon ;A; (or that I’m still sitting on that yugyeom centric fic ahaHAHA) uhm. hope you enjoy cries, i really indulged in a lot for this one /whimpers

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“This has been a very bad week and you just grabbed the last box of my favorite comfort food at the supermarket” AU

A/N: Lenfaz gave me this prompt, and I had a lot of fun writing it, so thank you! I decided (based on my own fantasies) that Emma’s comfort food should be chocolate ice cream.

Emma was having a bad night. Heck, she was having a bad week, and tonight’s misfortunes were just the cherry on top of the shit sundae.

Stomping through the grocery store towards the frozen foods section, she could hear the click of her heels echoing throughout the mostly empty store, contrasting sharply with the low murmur of light rock music playing. She didn’t usually find a need to grocery shop this late at night, but the only thing she wanted right now was a pint of her favorite ice cream and a bottle of wine.

It was the best remedy for a particularly rough night on the job. Her perp had not only spilled his drink on her dress - her favorite sexy red one - she had slipped on said drink as she tried to go after him and taken a nasty fall in the middle of the restaurant. Needless to say, he managed to get away, a fact that was still gnawing at her insides.

Rounding the corner of the freezer cases, she saw someone’s ass sticking out of one of the open doors. And what a shapely ass it was too, she couldn’t help but notice. He was wearing tight black jeans which curved over it, high and tight, before clinging to an equally impressive set of muscular thighs.

Smirking to herself, Emma looked down at her phone which had just chimed with a text message.  It was Ruby, responding to her earlier text about what a shit night she was having. She wanted to know if Emma was going to join up with her at the bar. Not likely. Although the promise of alcohol was tempting, she was in no mood to make small talk, not even with her friends.

Peering through the glass doors, she searched for the ice cream section, moving slowly down the aisle while she began typing out a reply on her phone. Before she knew it, she found herself standing right next to Mr. Sweetcheeks, who also happened to be shopping for ice cream at 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night.

She had just hit the send button when he stood up, revealing one of the most attractive faces she’d ever seen - dark hair and eyebrows framed sky-blue eyes, and his cut jaw was covered in the right amount of stubble. He was wearing a black leather jacket and a navy blue shirt, and damn if he didn’t look like he walked right out of a menswear catalogue (if they made catalogues with incredibly hot men with just a hint of danger in their eyes).

“Sorry, love, am I in your way?”

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Preference/Imagine First time you meet HIM and the rest of the Magcon Boys Part 1 of 3-4


Jack G:
You were covering your shift at Ben & Jerry’s when the Magcon boys walked in. Initially you did not know who they were but they caught your eye.
“Excuse me waitress were ready to order."Nash called
"Sure what do u want”
“I’ll have a New York Super Fudge Chunk."Nash smiled with his blue eyes you were hypnotised for a minute.
"Me too” Hayes called after his brother
“And I’ll have a Cherry Garcia."Jack J said he was so sweet in real life.
Shawn then said"Hmm I want Phish food"he seemed really cool.
"Mmmhm I replied there struggling to keep up since your mind was on Taylor’s arms.”
“Err and I’ll have Butter Pecan thank you."Taylor awkwardly smiled.For a minute you panicked because you realise he had caught you staring at his muscles.
"Who’s next."I smiled back finally getting on top of these orders.
"Me” Matt shouted “I’ll have two tubs of Chunky Monkey thank you very much.”
The boys laughed at him
“What come on chunky monkey is my Bæ”
“Who else” you hysterically laughed showing of your insanely cute laugh.
“I’m gonna have Half Bake."Carter said smiling at your laugh.
"Oh yh I want Caramel Hat Trick.”
Cameron said while playing with his gorgeous hair.
“Can I get a Chocolate Therapy."Aaron smiled.His smile was so cute you giggled a bit.
"Is that it?” You asked
“No I haven’t ordered."Jack G said with a smirk on his face.Oh my lord he was so hot you thought you were going to faint.
"I would like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with your number on the side."He bit his lip.
OMG you thought to yourself I’ve got to play it cool.So you laughed and said "Coming right up as you walked away."But really you were internally screaming.

You first saw Cameron in the lobby of the hotel your dad owned and the Magcon boys were staying in. As punishment for something bad you did your dad was making you work in the hotel."Hello welcome to the Tipton."you smiled at him
"Well thank you I would also like to welcome you to my phone contacts, so what’s your number.” You laughed at his good humour. You then typed your fake number into his phone.
“Ok so your number is 0123456890, This isn’t your real number is it."He laughed "Well ok now you owe me a kiss as well as your real number.”
This time you gave him your real number and a kiss on the cheek.While the Magcon boys wooed in the background.It turns out your dad left his office because of all the noise and saw you now your grounded as well.

You and Taylor have known each other for years since you were three, you are so close you share each others bandanas. You and Taylor are actually family friends as well as Best Friends.Taylors family were having a BBQ and invited you and the Magcon boys.So you dressed up in your white vans, skater dress, leather jacket,Red bandana with matching Red lipstick.
When you get there the boys are already there so you go and hug Taylor
“Guys this is Y/N, Y/N this is Cameron, Nash, Matt, Carter, Shawn, Aaron, Hayes, Jack J and Jack G.”

You are so freakin happy the hottest boys on vine are standing right in front of you offering to shake your hand.

You and the boys get along really well like best friends . Taylor is so happy that the boys like you he hugs you tightly.
You playfully pull of Taylor’s bandana so he squirts ketchup sauce on your nose while you squirted mustard in his hair.

On Vine you are really famous with 1m followers so have received a lot of recognition for it.Before that you were a famous youtuber.You receive a tweet from Nash

@Nashgrier:@Y/T/N I’m literally dying to meet you ah your last vine video was on point😂😭.I heard you live around here if so maybe we should meet up😏.

The tweet literally blew up twitter with the Magcon fandom literally screaming.

You and him eventually meet up the very same week and you instantly fall in love with his eyes and hair.The Magcon boys and you make a video about your first impressions of each other and when it’s Nash’s turn he says and I quote “When I first saw Y/N I thought she was insanely pretty and her laugh was cute too.”

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