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The Ceramic Cat

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: ‘Course babe! Thanks for requesting!!

[Y/Fa/N] = Your Fake Name, aka your disguise

Prompt: “Can I request a shy reader x Raph?” @samaxraph99

Word count: 1111

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It was your first ‘undercover mission’ with the ninjas, April and Casey, and you were terrified. What if you screwed up? What if one of your friends got hurt? It would be your fault.

The reason you were picked for the task of breaking into a secret service; was because your father owned the place, and you knew it like the back of your hand.

It was a grand estate, and you had been working with your dad in a tiny filing cupboard, and hardly anybody noticed you.

You mainly filed his taxes and reports, but one caught your eye. It was all about the masked vigilante terrapins that roamed New York City. No one batted an eyelid when you excused yourself for the day.

Why? Because you were as shy as a mouse.

Even around your friends, you hardly spoke a word, and when you did it was usual drowned out by the others’ yelling.

But because the brother’s worried about you so much, they insisted you wore a disguise, and the disguise was to dress like a sophisticated secretary for the new opening for the assistant manager. The same assistant manager who picked on you and made you feel like shit most of the time.

You got the job that morning, and a new access-all-areas badge. This was new. You thought you had a badge exactly like this, but the more Richard (the assistant manager) told you, the more you realized your darling father kept his fair share of secrets from you. And the more you realized you hated the ceramic bobble-head cat on Richard’s desk.

The guys assured you that you would be safe, and they were never far behind. It was around 11PM, and you were still dressed in the same outfit as before. But this time, you were a lot more on edge. Why? Because the brothers, April and Casey were watching you from the security room on the cameras.

All you had to do was get to Richard’s office on the 19th floor and input the memory stick Donnie had given you containing a virus that would scan and delete all files to do with him and his brothers. 

Raphael was very protective of you, and disagreed with you going into this by yourself, insisting that April would be better suited. From the look you gave him, he realized that he just completely insulted you and your acting skills, but he wasn’t about to let his best friend walk into a supposed face of danger.

You persisted that you go ahead with it; you wanted to show your worth to the team. As you entered the room, Raph watched on the cameras your whole personality switch.

Gone was the shy and timid character, replaced with someone of charm and grace and strength.

You were the embodiment of who you’d always wanted to be, and he couldn’t be more proud of you.

He watched with anticipation as you scanned your card freely, your heels clicking against the tiled floor of the quiet room. It was all going smoothly, only a few security guards looking at you (but mainly to check out how amazing you looked in that black pencil skirt), but then who decided to show up? Richard. Heading straight out of his office and towards you.

You tried to move out of the way, press against the wall to sort of camouflage yourself against the bright red wall. Surprisingly, it didn’t work, and he grinned widely at you, making a beeline towards your now deflated posture.

“Good evening, Mr. Bold.” Your smile was tight as you looked from Richard’s face to the camera and back again.

“Evenin’, [Y/Fa/N], beautiful night, right?” he rested his hand against the wall next to your head, motioning to the skylight above.

“Yeah, real pretty. Hey, I think I left some stuff in your office I’m just going to go-”

“I’ll come with,” he held his arm out, pointing towards the way as you nodded, eyebrows risen.

Raph was watching with a frown on his face, yelling to Leo about how they couldn’t let you go with that slimy jerk. Leo told him to pipe down, whilst Raph clenched his fists tightly, pacing whilst stepping over the knocked out guards on the floor.

He should be protecting you, not letting you walk into jeopardy. And that was exactly what was happening when he turned back to look at the screen and Richard had a gun to your head. 

You didn’t know how you got into this situation, but you had walked in first, and when you turned back around, the cold metal of a pistol was against you’re forehead and your body against the desk, there was no where to go.

“I knew there were somethin’ fishy about you, [Y/Fa/N], when you got here this mornin’. Did some diggin’ and apparently your persona dint exist until last night. Wanna explain that?” swallowing, you lined your fingers against the desk top before hitting the ceramic cat. Your fingers curled around it, trying to come up with words to stall him, but after your shyness creeped back in, you couldn’t.

But you could slam the ceramic cat against his temple, and you did. Next thing you know, his body was on the floor and the memory stick was in the slot. Breathing heavily, you collapsed on the giant black office chair. 

Back at the lair, the team and you were celebrating a great victory, with pizza and Mikey’s secret stash of orange soda.

By the time you were done, it was coming to 3AM and you decided you had to get back home, so naturally one of the turtles escorted you back to the surface, tonight it was Raph’s turn. You walked in complete silence on the rooftops, latching on to him occasionally as he jumped across between two buildings. When you got to the roof of your apartment, he stopped you, holding your arm.

“What ya did, it was really brave. I’m-I’m proud of ya.” You blushed at his words, looking away from him and over the view of New York City.

“Thank you, Raph.” You smiled politely, your voice next to a whisper. “I-I should get going. I’ll see you tomorrow?” he nodded lightly, smiling back at you. Tucking a strand of hair behind you ear, letting go of you as he watched you climb down the fire escape to your window.

instead of dying, Dallas takes the boys to New York

- right off the bat, he’s telling the boys to stay behind him and not touch anything
- “alright you idiots. you think you can handle these streets but you can’t. Socs are nothing compared to the Mafia and the things I’ve seen. do as I say and don’t do anything unless I tell you to do it”
- Ponyboy and Two-Bit take it upon themselves to take this as seriously as they can
- for example, if Dallas doesn’t tell them to continue walking, they’ll stop

- he takes them to all the important spots
- his favorite pizza place, Benny’s, Patty’s house, the bowling alley

- Ponyboy has always noticed how Dallas is always thinking about New York
- so when they’re in the Bronx, he sees how at home Dallas feels
- he’s relaxed and he feels secure
- even when he’s being an asshat, Dallas is the purest form of himself

- when he hears the news about the Motorcycle Boy, he’s devastated
- but y'know Dal. gotta be tough, gotta be smart cause you won’t get hurt
- so he gets angry and starts throwing everything
- and it’s an anger the Tulsa boys don’t even know what to do with
- and then Patty or BJ swoops in and doesn’t fix it but like…handles it

- “who is this Patty and how do we get our own”
- Patty practically adopts the entire gang
- she falls in love with Soda like *that*
- but wants to take Ponyboy and Johnny home and keep them
- she compares the gangs too like “wow Steve is just like Pony and Johnny. and BJ is just like Two-Bit and Steve”

- the entire time, he’s looking for Rusty-James
- and RJ is hungover and moody and irritable
- but then he sees Dallas, he shoots up and hugs him
- “I thought you were gone for good, man” “I told you I’d come back”
- and before long, they’re bickering like brothers

- not gonna lie, the gang feels kinda weird
- they see how he acts with his old friends and know that he isn’t that way in Tulsa
- he’s at home in the Bronx

- Dallas stays longer than the rest of the gang
- “I’ll be back in a week”
- it wasn’t a week
- it was two months
- “….I’ve learned from the best”

So there was a bat between my windows last night. My dog attempted to eat said bat, broke my window. Had to call my brother in law to help get the bat that at that point was flying around my bathroom. No way that fucker was gonna live here rent free.

Google search history is infinitely more interesting now; “attacked by bat” “bat transmitted diseases” “am I batwoman now”

SH - Recap/Episode Highlights: Hail and Farewell

-Magnus, Luke, and Raphael! 

-Downworld Council/Downworlders not taking any shit from Shadowhunters

-Clary actually acknowledging Luke for being the amazing man he is and hugging him

-New York Wolf Pack ft. Bat Velazquez

-Maia being a leader ft. Simon having her back

-Simon acknowledging the fact that none of these college-aged characters are in college

-Alan van Sprang as Valentine serving villainy for days/Amazing acting from the whole cast


-MADZIE, CATARINA LOSS, Sarah Hyland as the Seelie Queen! 

-Lightwood siblings helping each other

 -Shadowhunters doing actual shadowhunting for once 

-Clary and Jace getting stuff done instead of pining over each other

 -Clizzy and Jalec fighting the Forsaken together

 -Jace and Sebastian’s fight ft. Izzy hitting that whip!

 -Ave atque, vale Sebastian (even tho your bitch ass doesn’t deserve it and idk if the show will go the route of the books regarding you)

Did you know that in NYC, without a lease, you are basically your landlord’s bitch? Neither did I. BUT HERE I AM, and here I intend to stay, and no landlord is getting my family out of our dirty, overpriced, falling apart apartment.

Subway spike/screw from Brooklyn

Red Thread

House Key

Broken Mirror

Nickel and Dime (get it…)

Water Caltrop pods from the Hudson River

(please don’t delete my text or the origin of this image)

anonymous asked:

Young man falls under New York, befriends giant bats and roaches, and develops PTSD in a war.

Almost sounds like Magnus Chase … but it’s not. Maybe I haven’t read this one? 


Happy Selfy Wednesday! - Flowerchild version

I’m a flower child, or you can call me as a flower kitty ;p On the 25th of April, I spent my 23rd anniversary of living in the US working as a flower designer. Yes, that’s my dream job, my destiny. I’ve been walking on my flowery path since 1994. I dig it, I really do. I know I’ll stay on my path all the way for sure. After all these years of being in the flower world, I’ve found a tiny seed of a new dream sprouting in my heart. I have to nurture it, and make it grow. I am a gardener of my dream. I cultivate my life with smile.

Celebrate today for everyone’s happiness. Every moment is a bliss. Good and bad…All is a bliss. Share it, live it up.

Much love & gratitude,


NYCC has an unfair prop policy

I was going to wear my Sailor Pluto to NYCC but I was very afraid of getting my prop confiscated and THROWN AWAY. I saw so many people with very nice props being turned away or told to toss their props. This isn’t fair and NYCC needs to have a proper prop policy that is simple to understand.. not one that seems to be based on the screeners mood.

The truth is in the pictures. None of the props in these trash cans were dangerous.


Also note: for those of you who said the item is tagged and returned to you - that depends on who your screener is. I know some people went home because they were given the option of trash or go home with the prop.

Can anyone confirm that their item was tagged and they were able to bring it home?