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Ok but full offence, how is there not a Clexa parent trap AU. Aden has a twin brother that get separated after Clarke and Lexa break up. One moves to Napa Valley to live on a vineyard. The other lives with Clarke in New York where she has her own art gallery. They haven’t seen or heard of each other in years. Until their boys meet each other at camp and switch places.

Aden ends up telling Lexa that they switched places and Lexa faces Clarke for the first time in years. Lexa’s arrival changes everything for Clarke who is about to marry Finn.

Raven is Clarke’s best friend (taking the place of Martin) and Anya is Lexa’s sister (taking the place of Chessy) and the two fall in love in the process of helping the boys get Clarke and Lexa back together

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▪when he gets really cold, sometimes he sweats??
▪so if your hands are sweaty he won’t bat an eye
▪he just kinda lets you sweat all over him
▪his hands are always naturally dry though, he goes through lotion like Mr Han goes through girlfriends
▪he absolutely will insult anyone who makes a comment about your hands being sweaty
▪like one day some guy was trying to hit on you at one of V’s photography showings
▪”Nice weather we’re having today,” he observes, glancing over at you
▪”Since we’re in a building, I can’t tell.”
▪”Yeah,” he laughs awkwardly. “Buildings will do that to you.” 
▪once he realizes that you aren’t interested, he quickly introduces himself as an art curator from Manhattan, New York
▪he explains that he had seen some of V’s pieces in a friend’s house a few years back and now never misses a single showing
▪he introduced himself to you and V, shaking both of your hands
▪he grimaced and pulled away from you quickly, making a slightly big show of wiping his hands off and muttering “ew”
▪V was NOT having it. He recognized the man as someone who was constantly hitting on any woman who’d talk to him, despite the fact that he was already taken
▪"You’ve never sweat before? Let me go get your girlfriend. I guarantee when she finds out you’ve been cheating on her all this time you’ll be sweating then"

▪he never sweats unless it’s really hot outside or useless he’s extremely nervous
▪but he lost an eye for you and thinks you hung the moon, do u think a lil hand sweat is gonna freak him out
▪nah babe you’re good
▪your first date consisted of you guys were playing a game on his old VVii and when you went to switch controllers, you realized there were literally puddles of sweat on the controller???? Oh my god????
▪you tried to wipe the controller casually on your hands, but it just smeared the sweat and you were panicking
▪but then you grabbed his controller and it was wet too wtf
▪Yoosung is crying inside bc he sees your look of confusion when you touch the controller
▪“oh my god mc i’m so sorry it’s sweaty”
▪he just wants to crawl under a rock and never speak to you again until he sees your controller
▪ you two bust out laughing because you were both so nervous about something that turned out to be nothing

▪he does joke about it frequently, but it’s not anything malicious
▪he doesn’t mean to actually hurt you by it!
▪when your hands get really sweaty, he just pulls you close and wipes them on his hoodie sleeve
▪he’s pretty indifferent so it’s safe to say that Saeyoung’s not really the kind of person who would be weirded out by it
▪especially since he’s either freezing cold or drenched in sweat
▪there’s no in between
▪he will always hold your sweaty hands no matter what

▪Jumin Han does not sweat
▪what is this concept???
▪like, he could be out in 100 degree heat in his dumb 3 piece suit and wouldn’t sweat one drop Jumin I’m sorry I love you but it’s just not weather conscious
▪however, he knows it’s a natural body function and doesn’t bat an eye to your sweaty hands
▪he always keeps a handkerchief in his breast pocket but he’ll start carrying another one just to wipe your hands with
▪your hands could be dripping and he still wouldn’t care
▪he just loves you so much

▪the first time he held your hand, he kinda started chuckling
▪"Nervous? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“
▪no just excreting bodily fluids from my pores wby mate
▪he sweats an insane amount when he exercises, which is daily, so he’s honestly pretty used to it

▪she is always holding your hands at least 5 hours a day
▪during those 5 hours every day she constantly asks you if you’d like her to turn the air conditioning on
▪eventually you just have to tell her that you have sweaty palms and it’s Just A Thing
▪"oh okay”
▪she’s pretty nonchalant about it, I mean you’ve seen her in worse shape so why should she make a big deal out of it
▪she always carries Wet Wipes and a pack of tissues in her purse now for you though!!

▪he honestly was a bit grossed out at first, mostly because he didn’t know any better/didn’t think it through
▪"Why are your hands sweaty MC ew"
▪Saeyoung has to give him The Talk™ (no not that one) and explain that yes!!! sweating is a natural body function!!! but there are certain things you shouldn’t point out about someone, and that’s one of them
▪Saeran feels really bad when Saeyoung mentions that you may be insecure about it & commenting on it could make things worse
▪"MC I just want you to know that I don’t…mind if you have sweaty hands….I’ll still hold them"
▪Aw thanks babe
▪it’s also “”“”“totally a coincidence”“”“” that he just “”“”“magically”“”“” has extra tissues in his back pocket

The Girl I Met in the Louvre

Michiru is an art student, Haruka studies architecture. The two have chosen Paris, France as their study abroad destination for their spring semester of their junior year of college. American schooling/college au, written for @docholligay‘s same prompt party. The prompt this month was “Haruka and Michiru go to Europe” 

Harumichi (duh), rated M, 3,425 words, read here on AO3

Tagging: @thatgirlwiththedeepblueeyes @rocketonthemoon @haru-michis

Note: I only used school names that had their majors, I didn’t do too much research for them, just for namesake. I also didn’t do as much research on how studying abroad works, but just this is fiction take it as that. 

Also another note, in French tu and vous both mean “you”, with tu being more friendly and vous being more formal. This will make sense during one part, thought I would just clear it up now.

Michiru Kaioh had been studying art for her entire life. She attended NYU for art history in New York City. She had seen all the museums they had to offer her. The Met and MOMA were basically her second homes. But she wanted a broader taste of the world. Juniors were able to study abroad, and Michiru could think of one museum she’d dreamed of seeing since she was a little girl. The Louvre, located in Paris, France. That was just one of them, there were hundreds for her to see and discover. It was quite easy to pick where she wanted to study.

Haruka Tenoh attended a nearby school, Virginia Tech for architecture. She loved the idea of buildings and designing. She didn’t think she was going to be able to study abroad, but for her outstanding grade point average, she was offered a scholarship to study architecture in Paris, France. So with a large smile, she packed her suitcase and was off.

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841–1919)

La Grenouillère

Date: 1869
Medium:  oil on canvas
Current location:  Nationalmuseum
Accession number: NM 2425
Credit line: Gift 1924 by an unknown donor, through Nationalmusei Vänner

Image and Description from Wiki:  "La Grenouillère, the frog pond, was a popular place for bathing and recreation among Paris’ workers and middle class. It is situated in Bougival, just west of the capital. In September 1869 Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet spent a few days here together. They painted the same subject several times from different perspectives. One of Monet’s painting can be seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York"


For me drawing from life is a way of saying with no words that I acknowledge you and the uniqueness of your features and the drawing is a collaboration that documents that we both experienced this same moment in time. This drawing made in the Hungarian Pastry Shop in New York City over a decade ago has nearly 160,000 notes on Tumblr and the woman I didn’t know who sat at this table is long gone and yet that moment is still being seen.