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The Girl I Met in the Louvre

Michiru is an art student, Haruka studies architecture. The two have chosen Paris, France as their study abroad destination for their spring semester of their junior year of college. American schooling/college au, written for @docholligay‘s same prompt party. The prompt this month was “Haruka and Michiru go to Europe” 

Harumichi (duh), rated M, 3,425 words, read here on AO3

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Note: I only used school names that had their majors, I didn’t do too much research for them, just for namesake. I also didn’t do as much research on how studying abroad works, but just this is fiction take it as that. 

Also another note, in French tu and vous both mean “you”, with tu being more friendly and vous being more formal. This will make sense during one part, thought I would just clear it up now.

Michiru Kaioh had been studying art for her entire life. She attended NYU for art history in New York City. She had seen all the museums they had to offer her. The Met and MOMA were basically her second homes. But she wanted a broader taste of the world. Juniors were able to study abroad, and Michiru could think of one museum she’d dreamed of seeing since she was a little girl. The Louvre, located in Paris, France. That was just one of them, there were hundreds for her to see and discover. It was quite easy to pick where she wanted to study.

Haruka Tenoh attended a nearby school, Virginia Tech for architecture. She loved the idea of buildings and designing. She didn’t think she was going to be able to study abroad, but for her outstanding grade point average, she was offered a scholarship to study architecture in Paris, France. So with a large smile, she packed her suitcase and was off.

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In the Shadows (Boy Meets Man)
by Noah Buchanan

Oil on linen

Noah Buchanan undertook a BA at the University of California Santa Cruz and an MA at New York Academy of Art. His work has been seen in numerous exhibitions in the United States and he was awarded the Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2012. He was previously selected for the BP Portrait Award in 2002 and 2016.

The portrait is of Kai, the son of Buchanan’s girlfriend. Their relationship is close, as Buchanan met Kai’s mother following the death of her husband, Kai’s father. The portrait was painted at the coastal cliffs of Santa Cruz. Buchanan waited for the sun to set, so that the light would provide dark shadows. He says: ‘It was cold and I think the discomfort is apparent in Kai’s pose.’

I went the BP Bortrait Award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery this week, and this is the portrait that stuck with me. Something about the precariousness of the footing, the rich, high contrast of the landscape behind and the expression, somewhere between seeking and defiance really just grabbed me. Get the the exhibition if you can, it’s free.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841–1919)

La Grenouillère

Date: 1869
Medium:  oil on canvas
Current location:  Nationalmuseum
Accession number: NM 2425
Credit line: Gift 1924 by an unknown donor, through Nationalmusei Vänner

Image and Description from Wiki:  "La Grenouillère, the frog pond, was a popular place for bathing and recreation among Paris’ workers and middle class. It is situated in Bougival, just west of the capital. In September 1869 Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet spent a few days here together. They painted the same subject several times from different perspectives. One of Monet’s painting can be seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York"


For me drawing from life is a way of saying with no words that I acknowledge you and the uniqueness of your features and the drawing is a collaboration that documents that we both experienced this same moment in time. This drawing made in the Hungarian Pastry Shop in New York City over a decade ago has nearly 160,000 notes on Tumblr and the woman I didn’t know who sat at this table is long gone and yet that moment is still being seen.