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Have You Ever Seen a Heart Shatter

Request: can you write an imagine with newt scamander where the reader compares herself so much to tina??? angst angst angst please!! your writing is astounding btw ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,156

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 2

Requested by Anonymous

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“Tina Goldstein, resident goddess.” You mutter as you storm through the front door and down the long staircase rife with splinters and creaky spots. Not to mention the unkind tenants that live on the third and fourth floors. Their shouts follow you down as your boots crash against the steps.

Tina this, Tina that, Tina the infallible. You skip three steps when you jump down onto the landing and yank open the front door. Tina can do no wrong, even when she’s unemployed and obsessive.

The wind slams into your side, trying to knock you off-balance. You shiver but stride forward, no real destination in mind other than to be far away from her.
No one had even looked up when you shoved your chair back from the kitchen table, too busy hanging on every word of some story about capturing some man that used a spell in front of some muggle to care about you. They love Tina’s stories about her adventures.

It’s not like you’re exactly employed. You’d met Newt on a research trip years before. The chemistry between the two of you had been obvious to everyone and it hadn’t taken long for the two of you to pair up for the study. Soon enough, Newt asked you to help him observe some mooncalves under the starry sky and, after some laughing and held hands, a new relationship began. The two of you agreed to work together and alternate research trips. This trip to release Frank was one of Newt’s ideas, meaning that you’re really nothing more than a magizoologist’s assistant.

Still, it’s more fascinating than just running after people and bringing them into MACUSA, right? You meet some of the rarest beasts on your journeys. Tina does nothing but arrest people and memorize the ridiculous laws on magic that Americans put into place. Every auror has stories just as mesmerizing as Tina’s, though the others disagree. Even Newt seems to think they’re interesting enough to warrant ignoring you.

You scowl and wrap your arms around yourself as you continue forward. If Newt wants to spend all of his time with some other girl with perfect hair let him.

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Title: Five Times IV (Reader x Matt Murdock) 

Summary: Five times you almost told Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did.

Word Count: 1916

Warnings: Violence, angst

A/N: Okay this one was super fun to write, I love action-packed lil imagines lol. I hope you enjoy this!!! Happy Wednesday :) 






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The Alleyway Rescue

Request: FBAWTFT Credence request please and thank you? Reader sees Credence being harassed and steps in to protect him?“

Word Count: 1,701

Pairing: None

Requested by Anonymous

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New York’s alleys house the nastiest of people in the big city. The very kind of people that will sneer at you with their toothy grin as you walk past, spitting at your feet when you turn your gaze away, and occasionally follow you until you dip into a shop and hide among the crowd. Some shout vulgar words at women. Others beckon you forward into the dark path and to whatever harm awaits. Alleys never contain any good, which is why you decided within the first week of moving to New York to never look in the creeping shadows.

You stick true to this vow today as you walk to your grocery store. The sidewalk is surprisingly full today, but you don’t have to shove anyone to the side the entire way. Unusual but nice.

The door to the grocery store swings open and a wave of various smells – from fresh lettuce to the bread the bakers makes every morning. – wash over you. You step inside with a smile and pick up everything on your list.

By the time you’re walking back outside the door and into the stench that is New York, your small bag is bursting with loaves of bread, herbs, snacks, drink mixes, and other ingredients. Satisfied with the price and pleased with the cloudless sky, you decide to wander around the city and explore the area.

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