new york 1945

Eisenstaedt (Tenth Doctor x Reader)

a/n: hellooo! im in a very write-y mood, and this kinda came to me when i was scrolling through an old pictures blog and this little drabble came along. enjoy, lovelies! 

 WORD COUNT: 1, 243 


The TARDIS doors squeaked as Y/N pushed them open, her head popping out to check their surroundings. 

Y/N turned back inside, shouting to Donna and the Doctor. She was beaming as she spoke. 

“We made it! V-Day, New York! 1945!" 

The Doctor stepped out after Y/N, grabbing her hand as he went. Donna followed behind them, smirking triumphantly. 

"Her first go driving and she hits her mark spot on. What about you alien boy? How many years have you been driving her?" 

The Doctor turned and pulled a face at Donna as Y/N laughed. He looked down at her after a few moments, proud but still pouting. "Nice job, love. Although, I will still be doing the driving." 

Y/N rolled her eyes, smirking. "Gender roles. Even in space." 

Donna laughed at the two, always amused to hear them banter. "Well I don’t know about you, Y/N, but I’m gonna pop inside and change to fit the era. Care to join me?” Y/N smiled and grabbed her friends hand. “Let’s." 

The Doctor leaned on the outside of the TARDIS for 10 minutes, beginning to grow impatient, before they came out again. He smiled at sight of the two. 

Y/N gave a twirl, her white dress fanning around her. 

"What d'ya think? I went for the girl in that Eisenstaedt photo.” She said, referring to the famous picture of the sailor kissing a young woman as the V-Day festivities went on around them. 

Before the Doctor could respond, Donna twirled too. “I went for more of a Marilyn. Tried to get Y/N to join me but she says it’s the wrong decade." 

The Doctor shrugged though he nodded approvingly. "As much as I’d love to see Y/N dressed like that, you’re about 6 years off." 

 At Donna’s glare, he backtracked immediately. "You look great, though! Really, really great." 

Donna narrowed her eyes, hands on her hips. Y/N rolled her own and grabbed their hands, pulling them away from the TARDIS. 

"C'mon, you two. Let’s go look around, enjoy history!" 

Donna snorted, allowing herself to be pulled off by the younger girl. "God, you sound like him,” she said, nodding toward the Doctor.


Donna stood, looking around Times Square as confetti rained around the trio and crowds cheered for the country’s victory over the Axis Powers. 

“This is…this is fantastic! This is right out of one of those old black and white photographs! The old billboards! And the clothes!" 

Y/N was beaming, her fingers entwined with the Doctor’s. She looked up at him, raising her eyebrow slyly. "Pretty good for my first time driving, don’t you think?”

The Doctor rolled his eyes, fighting the smile threatening to consume his feigned annoyance. 

“Don’t let it go to your head, love. It was one time." 

Before Y/N’s snarky comment could leave her lips, Donna grabbed her hand, pulling her away from the Doctor to go look into a shop window. 

The Doctor stood a few feet away, observing his two companions. The woman he loved and one of the people he trusted most. He was constantly thankful to have these two in his life, and Y/N had never not been loyal to him. Despite all that he had lost, he had gained just as much when Y/N joined him. 

The Doctor was so caught up in his thoughts he didn’t notice when a young man in a sailors uniform grabbed Y/N hand or when he began pulling her away from Donna when the woman’s back was turned. 

Donna turned, looking around for Y/N in a panic. When she spotted her in the arms of the handsome sailor, she hurriedly made her way back to the Doctor, her heels clicking on the pavement. 

"Er…Doctor?” She pointed in Y/N’s direction. “Should we do something about…all that?" 

The Doctor snapped out of his reverie, his thoughtful smile dropping and his eyes widening in both shock and anger as the sailor dipped Y/N and kissed her full on the lips. 

A camera flashed as a photographer snapped a picture of the two in their lip lock, startling the pair out of their moment. 

The sailor lifted Y/N back up, smiling at her wide eyes and shocked face.

"Thanks, doll." 

Y/N’s face contorted from one of shock to one of anger. Who did this guy think he was?! ‘Thanks, doll’?! 

Before Y/N could regain her composure and most likely hit this man for forcing himself on her, the sailor had walked away, disappearing into the celebrating crowds. Y/N took a moment to look around and realize what the sailor was wearing and where exactly she was standing. She looked down at he own outfit and her mouth dropped open in an 'o’ shape. 

Y/N hurriedly looked around before spotting who she needed to, running to catch up with the photographer. Y/N grabbed his elbow gently as he packed up his camera. 

"Excuse me, sir? Could I get your name?" 

The photographer looked at her curiously before answering. "Alfred. Alfred Eisenstaedt.” He said. He fished around in his pockets and handed Y/N a business card before walking off into the crowds. 

Y/N was standing in the middle of the street, her shocked expression giving way to a delighted smile and her anger slowly dissipating when the Doctor and Donna caught up to her.

“What the hell was that?!” The Doctor asked incredulously. He looked to Y/N, his voice raising another octave. “And why are you smiling?!" 

That man had just…just jumped her! 

His Y/N! 

He just grabbed her waist and dipped her and kissed her! 

And Y/N looked happy about it! 

Donna took the card from Y/N’s had, smiling brightly as she read the name that Y/N had spoken earlier and realized what had just happened. Seeing that the Doctor was too consumed by his childish jealousy to recognize what had happened, still sputtering and waving his arms about, Donna explained as one would to a child. 

"Lover boy, remember that picture she said she modeled her outfit after?” Donna handed him the business card. 

The Doctors face broke into one of realization as he looked down at Y/N, who up until this point, had been silent and practically shaking with excitement. 

“Y-you don’t mean…" 

Y/N nodded excitedly, almost bouncing. "That was the picture! I’m the girl in the picture! I modeled my outfit after myself!" 

The Doctor looked unsure of how to respond. 

It was a historical moment Y/N had been involved in, and she looked so happy…but that sailor had just run up and made out with her! His Y/N! In the middle of the street! 

The Doctor stood there for a moment, his face thoughtful, before grabbing Y/N’s hand, twirling her toward him, and then proceeding to dip her and capture her lips just as the sailor had. 

Donna rolled her eyes at his antics, muttering under her breath. 

"So dramatic.”

The Doctor pulled away and Y/N quirked an amused eyebrow, smirking questioningly. He cleared his throat. “Just…no more kissing sailors…” he said, straightening back up. 

Y/N just rolled her eyes at her Doctor’s jealousy and Donna smirked at the bemused expression on the young woman’s face. 

The Doctor straightened his coat as he walked back toward the TARDIS, ready for this trip to be over. He turned and looked over his shoulder, his face still flushed. “And I’m driving!" 

Donna and Y/N stood, lips pursed and eyebrows raised, watching him go.

Donna spoke first: "Men.”  

Y/N’s lips lifted in a smirk as she corrected her friend.