new years reolution

Dear 2013:

I’m drunk.  I might not get to say hello to you face-to-face.  I might be drunk, passed out on the floor and covered in a film of my own crustal vomit.  I may be awake yet be inexorably drunk beyond my limit of tolerance.  Whatever.  I have notes.  Notes, and resolutions.  They are:

  • don’t die
  • drink more
  • don’t kill
  • keep drinking
  • stay alive
  • drink more
  • don’t kill
  • be alive
  • be drunk
  • don’t kill
  • don’t kill
My New Years Resolution
  • To not be sad all the time and try to makes myself happy without other peoples help 
  • To find a girl that likes the same stuff/is cool to chill with
  • To not always think people are mad at me or upset with me 
  • To no give a fuck about what some people think of me 
  • Be myself
  • Quit smoking 
  • Lose at least 30 to 40 pounds this year 
  • To get more tattoos
  • Save up money for tour and other things that i want to buy 
  • Last but not least to make 2012 my year 

thats really about it i think its starting to get time to grow up